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DollZone mini 43cm Discussion Part 14

Jan 6, 2016

    1. Alpaca is thinner, straight and matte. But a goat wool (I did not correctly write to you first about a ewe! it's goat wool!) is more wavy and has harder fibers)
      But also suitable for wigs, it can also make a styling with of boiling water, or forceps for styling hair)
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    2. I see, thank you~! I've since made him a hat and the poofyness isn't really a problem any more haha, but thank you so much for the info~
    3. Hi! My Blueberry:kitty2
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    4. Oh, she's beautiful! I especially like her lips and her wig.
    5. Thanks so much:) (It's a boy but it's hard to understand ^^""")
    6. Piece of autumn ^_^
      (Scarecrow Hal)

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    7. Nice picture!
    8. Thanks:kitty2
    9. @Blueberries
      The Scarecrow is very topical before Halloween)) Especially so cute. Take a picture of him with a pumpkin! ^___^
    10. Does anyone have any resin comparisons to offer for Dollzone Pink (and Peach, although that's such a new color I don't know if anyone would have any examples).

      The hybrid (head) I'm trying to work with should be similar to:
      Resinsoul normal (very pale pink)
      DIM normal pink (supposed to match very well with Resinsoul normal)
      Dollshe Fresh (although Fresh is slightly more creamy/yellow).

      I would ask for Dollzone WS comparisons as well, but I think it is pretty stark white/creamy white.

      I'm going to ask in the Mini Dollzone thread, too, since I'm considering one of the 1/4 bodies, but I thought I would check here as well.

      Also, is DZ pretty consistent with colors? I'm planning on an Alice's Collections order and thought I might add some of the DZ 1/4 hands in normal pink and peach just to see an example of the colors before buying the body, but if the colors are likely to change a lot between batches, I'll save the money.

      Thank you!
    11. Hello all!

      I just had a question for those of you with a Dollzone Hal. I recently ordered him and on Alice's Collections, it says that his eyes are 14mm. My friend that owns one, says that 14mm is too big and that she uses 10mm because they fit perfectly in his head. Can someone please let me know what you use? I just want to be sure.

    12. [​IMG]

      Noah's getting into the Spirit part of Christmas.
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    13. Oops I did a naughty
      I bought an in stock Benjamin from DDE

      I want a second Ben head to make an alt. face for my current one and I need a DZ boy body for a head on order ... it works out perfectly. ;)
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    14. I forgot, the twins are back home & have a face up.

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    15. Why haven't I been receiving notifications for this thread!? Just had to play catch up :XD: I really need to take some new photos of Evelyn (my Raphael) to share here.

      @gaiboiozz Your twins look so great with their face ups. I love their style :3nodding:
    16. @Magical Rin Thank you very much. It makes me happy they came out the way I wanted them to
    17. Little boy and his new friend :3nodding:
      [​IMG]Parrot by Nadine, on Flickr
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    18. I am thinking of getting a Doreen, does anybody have a Doreen they could show me? I'm super interested in the shape of her lips especially, because I can imagine what I might do as a face-up if I decide to go for her. She doesn't seem to be such a popular choice though, I've hardly seen any pictures of her around!
    19. Hello everyone, it's been awhile. Most of you probably don't even know who I am but I like to stop by every once awhile and post some spam of my older DZ dolls. I used to be super active in here back in the day, but I slowly stopped as Doll Zone changed direction with their aesthetic and I lost interest. Anyways, that's the past. I just wanted to share a recent photo I took of Airi, my DZ Kimi who just turned 9! Way to make me feel old in this hobby Airi darling. :XD:

      [​IMG]IMGP7297 on Flickr
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