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DollZone mini 43cm Discussion Part 14

Jan 6, 2016

    1. @equine-aurora, I certainly remember you! It’s so lovely to see your adorable Kimi once again...the older dollzone kids have such wonderful and unique charm. Seeing one of them in this thread is always a treat.:)
    2. Awww thanks, that actually means alot that someone remembers me after I disappeared off the face of the planet for such a long time. I remember you as well. I have new photos of my Male Shoyo and my Male Yan as well but I didn't want to post all my photos at once so I will post them later. I am slowly getting back into actually doing stuff with my dolls after a very long Hiatus of them just sitting on the self looking pretty. I am noticing they all need tightening :doh. That's gonna be a project.
    3. @equine-aurora Hey, and welcome back! I am getting back into this hobby too after a long break, though I was never on DoA prior to this. It is very lovely to see your Airi, since my first doll was Kimi and she is almost as old as yours. :whee:
    4. @Blueberries Ho my god! your doll is stunning :D The make up is perfect and the style is sooo nice:drool I just reconize the face up artist, you are so lucky to have it donne by Beloveda, they have such a perfect and original face up style!
    5. I’m just dropping by to show my Dollzone Tarot the Star hybrid. She’s on a temporarily borrowed Doll Chateau K-05 body from another of my dolls, while her own K-05 body is currently on order. The inspiration for this girl is the very funny book, “Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book”, and she is a dead fairy I’ve named Bellamorte.:)

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    6. Wow, I love everything about Bellamorte - her styling, the idea (I also got this book and love it!) and name <3
    7. I see the name Bellamorte and immediately think of the band:XD: @PoeticSoul your girl's aesthetic more or less matches the band's, so depending on how long the book has been out, it might have been inspiration for both
    8. [​IMG]

      Noah's being a little showoff today, she got a new shawl all to herself. Hm... Gonna have to make her a new outfit to go with it me thinks.
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    9. @Arashi Uchiha, what a sweet little shawl...so pretty...and your Noah looks so cute in it too! Did you by chance make it?:) And if your dolls are anything like mine, she’s going to demand a new outfit for sure!
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    10. Thank you kindly! I did make it myself, using a pattern off ravelry.
      Oh she's definitely demanding a new outfit, I'm thinking a fiery springy look. I got a bunch of gorgeous floral fabrics from a friend for Christmas I've been meaning to use.
    11. I remember you too, equine-aurora, though not from this thread. Welcome back!
    12. Hi all! I have a Dollzone Yui- and I hoping to get some advice. Her right hand tends to be loose if I rotate it certain directions because the hook that holds her hand to the elastic binds up a bit in her forearm. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if it would be better to just crimp the hook a bit, or use a small file to widen the channel in her forearm. She's my first doll, so I'm kind of treating her like a porcelain princess... :sweat
    13. [​IMG]

      "Anyone wanna have an all night movie marathon?"
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    14. Some brotherly love spam for you guys

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    15. @OtakuSquirrel congratulations on getting a Yui! I have one myself. I don’t remember a issue with the wrists. I’ll have to check my girl and get back to you. When yours comes, please let me know how she poses. Mine has... issues. Not to scare you, I’m just wondering if something has happened to mines elastic and needs re stringing as DZ msd are known for being stable and holding poses. I love my girl! I’m looking forward to seeing your girl!
    16. Thank you! She is my first ball jointed doll, so I don’t really have a base line to compare her ability to hold a pose to- and my second doll is only single-jointed, so no comparison. Her hips do tend to end up every which way if I'm not being careful with her- I've seen the term "kicky" used on some of the threads about various dolls, and I suspect that this would be an apt description for her.
      Here's a photo of her with her loose wrist (as soon as I rotate it a bit it's fine- and if I could find my needle-nose pliers, I would probably have her fixed by now)
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    17. @OtakuSquirrel what a cute girl! The hip issues sounds like my Yui. My girl is not kicky, but like a rag doll. That means I’ll have to re string. Not hard, just something I hate doing, lol. Yes, your girls wrist looks like the S hook is catching. Depending on the S hook, maybe just flipping it over might help if one end is more open than the other? I wonder if you just got a wonky S hook, or if that wrist has a flaw. I hope it’s an easy fix for you!
    18. Haha! I don't know what it is about Carters, but it seems it's hard to get just one, they are like Lay's Potato Chips! (I also have two.) :D
    19. @RabbidBunnies I love Carter. When they released the Yo-Carter I knew I had to get him. Would love to see your Carters
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