Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Miuu and I took out my two boys Y/Josh and János for photos last Sunday :)


      You can find more pictures in the gallery, if you like ^-^
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    2. The Pictures are looking good!
      (Trying to ......post more but this new forum posting is a little bit confusing @[email protected])

      @Kazegoroshi Your dolls look so natural in that environment. Really awesome to see more of these dolls in a natural environment.

      @Embracing Sky Your guy is sooo cute. I was just curious but where is his eyes from? It looks familiar and apologies if this was already posted somewhere.

      @Buzzibee I simple love those 3 : D

      On a side note I have photos of Krow again but I am super lazy to post it because one it's from a photoshoot and two, I take multiple photos that end up more than 100. I would have to sit down and pick the best one which is usually 10/100 x D
    3. I know this might be a no-brainer question, but I honestly am not sure. :sweat

      Orrell (DoT Dream #13 boy/New body 2) is a SD13, right? What is the limits between SD13 and SD17?

      I've never really had to worry about this before, and I can't seem to find the answer. :doh

    4. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 If he is on the boys new body 2 then he should be SD13. My boy is on that body and he fits in SD13 clothes just fine. I was under the impression that SD17 is for 70cm boys but I am unsure, when I looked it up the height listed was 65cm. But for what you need the boys new body 2 wears SD13. Shoes are what are difficult on that body...
    5. I thought that Orrell would be SD13 since he's 64cm on the New Body 2, but I wasn't sure. :sweat I think that SD13 is from 61cm to 64cm and SD17 is 65cm to 69cm, with 70cm being anything from 70cm to 79cm, but don't quote me on that. Either way, I'm going to start looking for clothes for Orrie, he has exactly two outfits right now.

      I got Tohma (DoI Luke) shoes and boots from 2079 Realms, and I have yet to find him anything that DOESN'T fit from them! Here's an old pic of his 2079 swag from the last order I got him. :) (WOW! Was it really back in 2013 he got them?)


    6. Yes, SD17s are 65cm tall (some 66 or 67cm if they have bigger heads ^^). Depending on the clothing brand, Orrie could probably wear some SD17 sized items, but generally yes, he'd wear SD13.

      Actual SD13 dolls are 60-63cm, but with the way doll body trends have been changing around, I don't know whether today's clothing with an "SD13" label is sized more for a 60 or a 63. Old DOT used to be almost exactly SD13-shaped, but a bit longer-legged. Does New Body 2 have even longer legs than the old DOT? And are his butt/hips thinner?
    7. I have a question, I'm thinking of buying an outfit for my BJD friend in another country and she says she has a DOT old body, with the options for the outfit is New Body -2 and New Body (+0) which one would fit the old DOT body?
    8. I don't really know what the specs are for the oDOT body, but the nDOT2's are as follows:

      Outside of leg to bottom of foot: 34cm
      Inseam: 34cm
      Butt: 27cm
      Hips (If I measured them correctly): 24cm

      What are the specs for the oDOT boy body? Honestly, he looks thinner to me than the nDOT2's body. :? I also don't remember if I've ever seen a oDOT in person before, and if I did, it was before I got Orrie, so I've had no chance to compare the two yet.

      Peachy, hopefully this can help you with your questions to some degree. :)

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    9. Yeah it seems the new body 2 is a strange in between of SD13 and SD17. I haven't personally gotten Ezra anything SD17 but all of the SD13 clothes I've gotten him just fit. As in, if hes in a completely stiff stance. If his arms or legs are bent at all his wrists and ankles show a bit. It was recommended to me to not do SD17 on him because they would be a bit baggy but honesty I think they can wear either size without looking too ridiculous. Depends on what kind of fit you're looking for and what style of clothes. Capris and short sleeves are always good options too!
      These are the first clothes ive ever really bought him cause I make most of my own. They are both for SD13, the pants are really dramatic because of how he's sitting but his wrists are showing just from having his arms up. But it's not that bad really.
    10. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 here he is in SD13 clothes just standing normally (hes on a new body 2).
      Okay I'm done with my Ezra spam sorry about that~
    11. lolz! How cute is that big boy with that little tree. :hollyberry He does look thin, or maybe he only seems thinner because his clothing is young-looking.

      I always think of Severin's oDOT body as having such a big bottom and wide hips... I put him in tight leather clothes a lot, so I guess his big assets are always on display. ^^ At any rate, he and my SD13s have the most junk in the trunk of all my ~60cm doll types. I haven't met a nDOT yet, but I have met DOIs, and those guys just seem so skinny and stringy compared to the old body-sculpting style.

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    12. Wow! It's been so long since I've checked in here that I didn't even realize there was a new DoT body. :sweat It's even more muscular than the DoI!

      Stringy? Only compared to your IpleHulks! He's massive compared to the rest of my SD17/SuperGem clan.
    13. Sinewy, y'know? Like, nothing subcutaneous. Stringy. Not much in the way of curves. 8-pack candybar abs and no junk in the trunk. ^^ Old body doesn't have a sinew or a sharp angle on it.
    14. Yeah the oDoT is super soft and bottom-heavy, much like a Volks SD13. Kinda too bad that a lot of the distinct bodies are being replaced by the new popular type, but that's how the biz works.
    15. Yeah, that's what I was saying above-- skinny butts and more-than-60cm height are the new standard, but oDOT is shaped pretty much just like SD13. Since clothing standards have changed to match, we were unsure if NewDOT would fit SD13 clothes, but he seems to get by OK.

      Check it out... DOI's waist is the same 20 cm as oDOT's, so that boy definitely needs a sandwich. :XD:

      And oh man, it does look like nDOT is built even heavier than both the oDOT and the DOI, after all. He's got way puffier muscles. However, nDOT still has smaller hips/bum, so I guess that's why he can still rock SD13 clothes. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 , I found the oDOT measurements btw:

      Welcome to Dream Of Doll

      Height : 64cm (head include)
      Girth of Head : 21.6 cm (around 8.5 inch)
      Girth of Neck : 9.5cm
      Girth of Chest : 24cm
      Width of Shoulder :13.5cm
      Girth of Waist : 20cm
      The length from shoulder to wrist : 19cm
      The length from neck point to waist (back length): 13cm
      Girth of Hip : 26cm
      The length from hip to knee : 17.5cm
      The length from knee to ankle : 19cm
      The length of foot : 7.5cm
      Width of Foot : 3.4cm
    16. Hmm, so they are keeping both body styles. That's good! :) The new guy is sort of a mashup of the DoI top half and the DoT bottom half.
      All I have is a mashup of old photos. I miss owning a DoT, but it wasn't the right silhouette after all.
    17. Well, the oDOT page says 'sold out'.... so I think they are just keeping the page up for reference. I haven't seen one of the old bods in a long time now.

      Aww, I miss our little old-style bootlicker St. James! :aheartbea But y'know, evolution must move forward.
    18. They've got two pages up for the old style body, though. The first one is sold out, but the revised one with the double-jointed elbows is still for sale.
    19. Well, since my DOI Luke is Seguchi Tohma from the series Gravitation, he's supposed to be tall and willowy. Orrell's nDOT2 body is definitely chunkier and more muscular than Tohma.

      Tohma and Orrell body comparison 1
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      Tohma and Orrell

      But don't get me wrong, Tohma definitely got a booty on him!

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    20. @BlueyKiwi I thought I got back to you! Sorry! Anyway, the eyes are Mako Eyes AM-010 in 16mm. I was going for grey (these have got a purple tint to them), but heck, they're pretty so he's keeping them until I grab him new ones.

      @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 My Sha is on a nDOT2 body and he's fit everything SD13 I've thrown on him so far. Tops-wise, anyway. Bottoms... eh. It's the waist/hips, I think. They're wider there than a lot of similar-sized bodies from other companies, at least according the the measurements listed on their websites. Mine fits (and sits!) comfortably in Dollheart SD13. And I'm pretty sure I have a pair of jeans or two from Tata's, but I haven't seen the DOT size option for a while so I dunno about now.