Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Ah... 2011 head on a brand new body is a no go for sure D: Even if its been kept out of the sunlight, there will be a colour difference, unless of course you dont mind it...
    2. I just found a D.O.T. body from January 2012... \o/ I'm guessing that will be a good match? I sure hope so!
    3. It might be, depending on how exposed it was to the sun/climate xD Lucky find tho!! If you decide on getting it, i hope the colour works out for u :D Werent you eyeing a DoI tho o.o ?
    4. Yes, but all the D.O.I. heads have options to be sold with D.O.T. bodies, so if it doesn't fit, I'm gonna have to ask D.O.D. a few questions! XD
    5. They do have the option to drop the size, so i guess the head are interchangeable xD I guess its a preference of if you want a 70cm doll, or a 60cm doll :P
    6. It's more 65cm vs 70cm from the measurements, so I don't think it will be that shocking, ultimately? I'll ask on Photo Reference
    7. Is anyone else worried about Dream of doll? For a few months now they were supposed to be changing their site. They always get back to you right away on their Q&A. I feel like no one is ordering from them anymore also and feared their end coming up.. They stopped answering on their Q&A.. I am worried this may be the end of them which greatly pains me.. There are still dolls I really wanted from them T__T
    8. When was the last time they even came out with a new doll?
    9. the notice board says 2015.05.04
    10. More recent then I was remembering, but still over a years time.
    11. Has anyone here ordered anything from them during the time period of their site maintenance? I saw that post about e-mailing them to make orders but I was hoping to wait til they got the site back up and running 'cause I'd rather use that for security sake but its odd that it's still like that? :( I really want to order my U-i now that I can finally afford her plus some outfits.
    12. I hope someone ordered from them T_T I also hope everything goes back in stock.. It will be very sad if not.
    13. They just added new outfits to the website, but I asked a few questions via email a few days ago and they didn't answer... It's not clear enough if/that you can still order, and not having the prices is a bit put off :/
    14. I hope they're just busy with site maintenance or something. My very first doll is from DoD and they are still my favorite company to date. They used to be really quick with email replies too, so this is really worrying. :(
    15. ..? They have..?

      They do not seem to have been answering anyone on their Q&A board for a month either. I assumed that they might be on a sort of summer break, but usually people do not all go at once, for that long.
      I still do not think there is any need to worry - they will be back!
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    16. Someone recently ordered from them through email and posted about it here, in a waiting room: https://denofangels.com/threads/dream-of-doll-waiting-room.712297/ She got her doll August 8.

      I had thought they had gone out of business too before finding that thread, as I haven't heard anything from or about them in ages. Still, I think I'll send them an email and see if they have a planned date for putting their website back in action.
    17. DOD Code02 Masamune
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    18. Oh god I love him <3
      By the way, maybe someone can help me with the eye size for D.O.I.? My guess was 16mm but I'm scared to order the perfect eyes and then they will be too small ;;
    19. @NessieChan Which sculpt are you purchasing the eyes for? If you scroll all the way down on the sculpt's listing on DoD's website, you'll be able to find their recommended eye sizes. But it's usually 14mm-16mm so I think you'll be fine!

      I do have a DOT Lahoo who's using 16mm (14mm just doesn't work on him), and a DOI The B who has 14mm eyes on. I can take a picture of the different sizes on them if you like. :)
    20. NessieChan,
      Thank you so much :aheartbea
      I think the 16mm with low Dome will be good for ducan.14mm is fine fo code02, but small for ducan (It can be seen some plasticine in eye*s orbit). So it all depends on the doll .
      what kind of doll you are looking eyes for?)))