Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Thanks! The sculpt I'm getting is the Dream Head Ver. 4, the previous owner told me to get 18mm so now I'm more confused o.O I did try finding it on their page, but it's pretty confusing... >.< Not all the sculpts have information and they have different ones... I hope they really redo their website soon and correctly haha :P
      Btw this is the listing of the head in case you can find it... Welcome to Dream Of Doll
      And if you have some pictures at hand, I would really appreciate it! But no need to go out of your way to make some either ;3
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    2. Ok everybody... Let's see if this works. I haven't been able to really post since my computer died and i miss being able to share things and see everyone's lovely little ones. I made some promises before i disappeared and, if this works, i will have kept them. This is Gray. I'll post him with a face after but i know some of you had wanted to see the Oorl blank.
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    3. Oh! He's just beautiful. <3 I didn't think Orll would look that wonderful without a faceup, but he's got great features. His mouth is more interesting than I thought it'd be. And I just love that heavy nose. He's so tempting....
    4. Oh sure, we never see enough of that guy around here! The more the better.
    5. If it is a nose and mouth you want? A nose and mouth you'll get. He looks so... Stuck up, lol.

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    6. Myrretah,
      WOW! I did not think that is orrl so interesting doll . It looks awesome! :D
      Thank you for photos, they are informative. Your make-up is very cool, I would like to see more pictures of it )))
    7. Wow, he sure has a strong personality, even without a faceup! It's the first doll I actually like blank... He's gorgeous!
    8. @uncorn I posted a picture of just his face-up for you to check out on my Flickr so you could see him without hair and such. It is hard to capture the details of his face with his hair because of the shadows it makes. I thought you might like to see it more clearly but i didn't want to just post his bald self and then another picture of him clothed, lol. He's being an attention hog.

      @NessieChan He has a VERY strong personality. I made some clothes for a commission and had to make doubles for him because he insisted. Gray himself was always interested in doing things that pleased him. Everything he wears, feels good. Those whom he shares his time with only hold his attention so long as they are amusing. Even the minds he connects with, it's all about the feel, the perfect high, that moment of ever prescious euphoria, the peace before death where pain no longer exists. That's just how Gray rolls. What's the point if you can't enjoy yourself?

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    9. I just sent them another email as well asking when we would be able to place new orders. Not only do I want to get another doll or two, but my E-an from 2007 is in desperate need of restringing, and I'd only bought one cord before I found out she requires two.

      I'd sent an email back in June asking if current dolls would still be available after their site rearrangement, and about default wig availability... Default wig for Homme Ducan's no longer available, but they had said they'd provide nice random wig for it. That sounded like they were still planning on taking orders or were taking orders.

      On a previous email I'd sent on May 20th, they referred to their site maintenance as check-up time for their website.

      I just wish they'd post another official announcement. I'd been hoping for another re-release because that was at least happening once a year, but that hasn't happened since 2014 now I think. I hope they come back soon.
    10. Oh, shoot! I forgot to email them. I recently restrung my E-an with Dollmore 3.5mm elastic, I believe, and while better she's still not 100%. At least she's able to stand-ish, haha. Please post if they answer!
    11. I've been dreaming of having Tahlia home with me for what seems like forever. I finally have the money but the website seems to be down (though I see that email address in a higher post, so I'll try that). However, does anyone have any pictures of her to feed my fix? Thank you in advance!!
    12. Considering re-sending the email.... I know they don't reply on weekends, but normally when I've emailed on a Friday I get responses on Sunday night my time. It being Tuesday and still no word I'm getting a bit more concerned .....

      Just tried sending an email from my other email address. See what happens... <_< Girl's gotta try to get an answer somehow
    13. I sent a message a few weeks ago and I still didn't get any answers >.< But at least I'm getting my second hand body next week, so hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of my boy in here~

      I don't have her, but I recently saw one on Yahoo Auction for a pretty decent prize, if that could satisfy your craving?
    14. XD You just reminded me of the fact that I still have to get a body for the Event doll head I got when I purchased Calla beginning of last year. I was planning to get the body not long after then life got in the way >_<;; Hopefully they still have the same ones available when they reopen... I say when because I'm not considering the alternative <_< Elfdoll had closed down for a while and came back... If I remember right.
    15. Hi @WinterSong ! I believe Korea has a week-long holiday this week, so you might get response next week. At least we know now that they are not ignoring you on purpose ;)
    16. Did anyone get an answer to their emails, in the end? I doubt so :S

      But I'm happy, I finally got my boy! He's second hand, but still, my first BJD and I was able to get the one I really wanted from the start. Body and head come from different sellers and were made in different years, so the resins yellowed differently, but I don't care! He's so handsome. The clothes are only temporary ones I made for him while I wait for the ones I ordered online, but I couldn't wait to show him off! :D

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    17. Congrats on your handsome guy!
    18. He looks amazing already! I can't wait to see him in the clothes you ordered! >3<
    19. Here you go. My first doll.

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