Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Yes, Tahlia. You don't see many of those around. I have to admit that they had pictures on the web site that made her look white and when I got her I was disappointed that she was so pink. I think DoD would have sold more dolls if they offered white and normal. But I loved her all the same. Here's another pic.

    2. She's beautiful, @dollhausen! And that photo is fantastic! *A*
    3. I've missed you guys! I realized I don't get notifications like I used to with the old website. It's annoying. So here's a pic just to say Allo!

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    4. Ahhh so much love for everyone's dolls~! :D I love DODs so much! T_T

      And I'm just devastated that no one's heard anything from DOD cause I want my U-i really badly and I can finally afford her now and I pretty much never see her on the marketplace. Plus I kinda wanted the goth face-up and clothing from them too. *le sigh*
    5. @Nightmareally Nice! Love the outfit too.

      @Lyn Yep this is starting to feel like when Angelheim went under. A web site that sits there with nothing but pretty pictures until it's gone. I was hoping they were coming back so I could get Lilth (Lilith I think). But the longer they sit in radio silence...
    6. I'm starting to worry about DoD too. I had been thinking about maybe getting a girl from them at some point but now.... :(

      (p.s I have two Angelheim msd's and love them to bits. I'll forever be sad I did not get the other ones I wanted before the company went poof)
    7. I've been waiting to get another pair of those long PVC gloves they sell... :sweat: They make such nice clothes, as well as lovely dolls, so I sure hope they're not going under too!
    8. So no one's heard anything at all then? I looked up South Korean holidays too <_> there hadn't been any in the time span of when I sent emails. Sent multiple ones really. Last time I actually got a reply was either one in May or early July.

      I still have the 2015 event doll head that I was planning on getting a new male body 2nd version to go with it.... Guess the head won't have a body for a while... Not sure how often those body versions come up secondhand. I really really hope they open up again... I remember when Elfdoll shut down for... Quite a while, it just wasn't the same. I just hope if/when they do re-open... That they still sell original dolls too
    9. Oh god I was part of that Angelheim fiasco too. They went under when I was getting my Jin from them. So I really hope that doesn't happen to DOD too or else I'll feel like I'm cursed. T_T That and DOD was my first doll company and is what got me into BJDs really and I can't imagine a world without them!
    10. Tried to go onto DOD's website and all I get now is an error message.........

      .....does this mean they truly are gone???!!!

    11. O_o I just checked on my end. The website still loads the page like usual for me. Really wish they'd post another announcement.

      Went back and checked their Question & Answer Board... The last one I see that has an actual reply to it... Was on June 15th, which is about around the last time I had an email reply from them . For some reason I've never been able to read the posts on the Question & Answer page or post on it even though I have an account
    12. The site seems the same for me, too. I just wish they would announce something, but maybe they really will just fade into memory without a word. :(
    13. Yeah sorry about the worry there! Its back for me too but it was definitely down for quite a while last night. It scared me bad with the whole lack of anything from them. But maybe the fact that they got it back up is a good sign? I dunno, I'm trying to be optimistic here. lol I love this company too much and I have been planning my U-i out for years now so I'll be devastated if I can't get her. T_T
    14. Maybe they're finally getting the site back up and running? Hence the downtime? We can hope! :eusa_pray
    15. I hate to disappoint, but their site goes "offline", or has had that error message showing, from time to time, in the past too... But one should think they would have some sort of update to share by now.
    16. I hate to say it... But I truly think DOD is done.. I sent an email a while ago and nothing.. I really wanted a brand new A&D but it doesn't look like that is going to happen T__T
    17. Hello~
      Which email has everyone been contacting for questions and orders?
      I tried the [email protected] email and I got a "mailer daemon" email back in return and no answer from the "questions via email" button on their website. I'm getting really super sad about this.... :(
    18. Oh, this is awful! It's breaking my heart to see one of the first BJD companies I discovered as a kid shutting down. Sha has been on my wishlist for years. I'll be upset if I can't get him. :(
    19. @Selenae Yeah, I feel you... I need a body, I want a Tender Shall, Kiril and Ivan, possibly a Twin-B.... and my first want from DOD, ever, was a Lahoo. I ended up choosing Sha as my first boy, instead, because I changed my mind about Lahoo, but I decided that I want one again. Of course, it was way before DOD decided to do this. =_=