Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. *takes notes*

      Thanks so much, Embracing Sky! Once the holidays are over, I'm going to have to buy Orrell clothes and shoes/boots. The poor boy has two outfits, and both are very fancy. He needs everyday clothes.

      Oh, and for the record, Orrell has a pair of DollHeart boots, and they fit like a dream! I'm tempted to see if I can find him more. ;)

      Does anyone else know of any other company's clothes that fit the nDOT2 bodies? Is there a thread for this? If not, there should be.

    2. You're welcome! I'm more into spoiling my tinies right now, but I try to eye the SD-sized things (especially pants and shoes, since finding tops is less difficult) to see if I want to test them out. Much as I love Dollheart, I'd really like more casual clothes, too. There is this thread, but the last post with any info is from October 2010. All the more up to date info is probably scattered in the main DOT discussion threads. Like... the thread mentions Iplehouse pants as a fit, and I suppose they mean YID (which is kind of similarly sized to a DOT, I guess?), but maybe that's the old YID, because I know nYID pants don't fit (legs are okay, waist/hips/butt not so much).

      (For anyone with DOT girls, I also had this thread saved, but I don't know how good the info is.)

      I found out about Dollheart shoes via this year's fukubukuro! I've had shoes from them before that didn't fit, but when I compared the ones I got in my bags to my Sha's feet, they looked like they'd fit. And they did! \o/ The only other shoes I've found were from Tata's and Dollmore. I wish more shops would list the inner length and width of their shoes. I don't really like playing the Will It Fit?? game (with shoes or otherwise).
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    3. Maybe we should start a "what fits a nDOT2 body" thread. Hn...that actually isnt' a bad idea.

      That reminds me, I haven't tried Tohma's 2079 Realms shoes and boots on Orrie yet! :doh

      Edit: Thread started!
      What Fits DOD's nDOT2 Boy Body?

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    4. Hi guys,

      My two boys are currently in bits while I blush them. But here is Seraphine (U-i) all ready for Christmas. I doubt I'll have the boys ready for Christmas so she's going to be spoiled with attention.

      Christmas 2015
      on Flickr
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    5. Hello this isn't a Christmas pic but this is a very late pic for October ^-^;
      Hopefully I can whip up something for the Holidays/New Years.

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    6. @BlueyKiwi , I love your photo!! I see how its for October, but since it's Dec I kind of thought of "Gothic Christmas" lol! You know that classical piece "Christmas Chimes"? When I was young I always thought it sounded a bit scary or ominous. I can totally see it playing here, for some kind of dark holiday XDDD.

      I came by to find out more about boys newbody-2, and as luck would have it, it's the recent topic. Thanks for all the input.

      Has anyone seen a photo of the regular new body next to the newbody-2? I wish doll companies would post photos of their own dolls next to each other for comparison. : /
    7. Speaking of bodies... How well does changing male and female heads work for the bodies?
      As in if I wanted a male head on a female body, and vice-versa.
    8. Good question. I have a DOT boy and DOT girl, when I get home tomorrow I'll do something dastardly and swap them and take a pic. But their heads are close in size so I think it'd look fine, but I will see how different the neck hole might be.
    9. ok. I did the deed. Here's a base pic for reference, Shall and Lahoo:


      The heads are the same size, but the neck holes are different. In fact I forgot that the male doll Sha is the same sculpt as female Shall, just the neck hole is bigger.




      Please forgive me my dolls!!! It was all for SCIENCE!!

      So yeah, my heads are pretty obvious gender-wise, since Lahoo has big chin and nose, and Shall has girly make-up. The neck holes being the wrong size makes it so neither can pose properly. The neck hole being too big looks ok, but it doesn't move right. But with the right modding and paintwork you can use a boy sculpt on a girl and vise versa.
    10. Thank you so much, @Lehst! :)
    11. @Yumeiro no problem, it was an interesting experiment. mwa ha ha... XD
    12. St. James used to have a 70cm Lahoo girl, back in the day-- on an old Dollshe girl body. She was a big gangly cute tomboy with those big eyes. She looked great and I got awfully attached to her (alas, she got re-shelled).

      Honestly the faces don't have a helluva a lot of genderiffic signifiers in themselves, so once you get the neck-size sorted, they really swap pretty easily. @Lehst I think your two kids look adorable both ways! The girl looks older as a Lahoo because that head hasn't got so much little-girl makeup on; I actually think that the adult look suits her. ^^
    13. Soon... soon it will be tax season... I can't wait to get a tax return since that's usually the only time of the year I buy doll clothes! XD I saw some stuff I want to buy Lahoo (btw my dolls have several names but for ease of reference I use the default ones a lot too haha) . I feel a little bad the other kids at home are going to be neglected this time around.

      But actually... what I REALLY want is another DOT.
      Aaaugh but so expensive!! How will break the news to my significant other? You see, I promised myself (and him too I guess) that I wouldn't buy another resin doll until I replaced my old car.

      Well... I did technically pay off a new (used) car...

      @JennyNemesis well thanks, I think? Lol nah they do look kind of cute in these pictures. In real life, especially after seeing how they normally are, my friend and I couldn't get over how odd the switch was! Yeah if it had been a planned combination, pretty much any head on these dolls can be for a boy or a girl. Everyone I know that doesn't own dolls says my boys look like girls. XDD
    14. I agree, the girl does look older on the boy body, but the roundness of her head in general still makes her seem a bit young.

      Interesting experiment!

    15. ok so I just noticed that there are official "pic spam" threads on DoA. does anyone actually watch the one for dot/doi? besides Ryu lol. (btw I love the pics of Tohma. been a Tohma fangirl for awhile so I was thrilled to see he lives with you!)

      For the longest time I though ppl just kind of did some pic spam here (but tried not to)? @[email protected] where does the spam go?? its kind of pointless if the regulars of this thread don't even know about the other. link
    16. "Where does the spam go?" = Pics usually go in your own Gallery threads, or else in those Photo-Sharing threads, if you've got a lot.... but we're also allowed 1 pic per post in Discussion threads, so a lot of one-shot spam ends up in here too. Photo-sharing threads are usually quieter than discussions, but that's where you can cut loose with the spam when you want.
    17. XD ah~~ thank you. I'm guilty of rarely looking at gallery threads, unless I need to see pics of a sculpt. I went around some at random yesterday but... that was a once in a blue moon thing. but I have also never made a whole gallery worth of stuff XDD

      I'm liking the pic spam threads since its a quick way to see a bunch of pics of your favorite companies, but the ones I like are kind of dead! I want some DOD spam... guess I'll hunt down some galleries. (tries not to be lazy.) I like pic spam also cuz they are usually recent. Everyone! Go forth and spam! LOL (if you have time haha. I'll be posting some too a bit later :3 )
    18. Yeah, these days it's harder to get people to even come view the Gallery when you do put up a whole show-- I personally blame the wireless culture that has rendered people unable to focus on more than 1 bite of information at a time (nevermind 12 to 24 whole photos, with words! :lol:). Old DOA used to have a lot more lively Gallery activity, because the world wasn't yet totally saturated with pictures of eleventy million different kinds of dolls like it is now. Also, I think many folks have moved to Tumblr or Instagram or what-have-you, instead of a dedicated doll forum.

      And you're right, fewer people even know about the photo-sharing threads, which is sad, because those are a great way to view just the type/brand of doll you like all in one place.

      I have to get another free weekend, and then I have to get off my ass and change Severin's clothes, before I can provide more new spam! :XD: But I'll get to it eventually.... it's overdue...
    19. Yeah I guess its largely because of so many other image sharing sites, and people have their own accounts on blogs and FB and stuff. When my doll project (that's been being secretly built the last few years) is done, I'll be on here, but also on deviantart. I'm still not sure how to use tumblr and instagram... : /

      I look forward to your next shoot JennyN :3
      Do you have an old pic posted of all your dolls together? I don't think I've gotten mine in one pic together, since they are different scales.
    20. I don't have any one pic of the whole collection, since it's up to 41 dolls of all sizes, and the collection doesn't fit in pics anymore. ^^ But that link in my sig is a hideously-outdated tour (I haven't updated the Whole Collection thread in 5 years) that includes almost everybody.

      For short-term entertainment, here's Severin holding court with some of his friends. :fangirl:


      (Alternate caption: "One of these things is not like the others." ^^ He does stand out from his ivory-skinned Volks friends, and yet they still look similar enough that you just know they'd all go nightclubbing together.)
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