Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. omigosh!!! I would be right there with them cuddling up to Severin!!! that's so cool! ty for the pic

      and I jumped 3 feet when I read "41 dolls". I didn't realize that your sig was a link, derp. HOLY MOLY it's a doll haven. How do you keep track of everyone? :lol: I only have 4 dolls total, but that's probably because I also collect a lot of anime figures/goods and for awhile some dolls you find in any toy dept. (Your snow globe collection also sounds impressive.)
    2. My custom black elf Luke is here ~~~~ Omg , I'm so happy now ~~~ :XD:

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    3. Heheh, thanks! And, oh, my snowglobe disorder. I keep forgetting I actually admitted that in public here. Yes, well. :whee: Those Ikea condominium-shelves are what allow me to have that many dolls and that many snowglobes in a small apartment.

      As to how I keep track of everyone, well,.... I guess I just know them! I've been collecting for 10 years, you get to know a doll after awhile. ^^ I do have a spreadsheet with everyone's dates and details and prices and all that written down, but mostly I know them beause I stare at them a lot & take pictures of them. And do you know? Severin is still my only DOD doll! I have been loving almost every one of their willowy beautiful anime-dreamboat boys for the past decade-- but the stars were only ever right for just this one special guy. :chocoheart:

      *dies!* :love: [​IMG] :aheartbea Wow!! Awwww, he is SO stunning and perfect! Congratulations!
      How did you make him? His ears are beautiful; I like that shorter rounder shape.
    4. Thank you ~ :XD:

      About the mod , actually my friend did it , he used clay (maybe Ladoll clay) to mod the ear and airbrush to changed skin color .
    5. @ everyone and @JennyNemesis : ooh a spreadsheet is a good idea. I keep forgetting when I got mine, can't even recall the year without some serious head-scratching. So Severin was basically "the one" from DoD huh? I have hard time deciding when I look at all the sculpts on their site. Just when I think I'm sure, I change my mind again!

      But I think the one I want, and will end up getting, has always been Camine. I wasn't totally in love at first though, he just kind of weedled his way in since I bought a fullset Lahoo, somehow found a fullset Shall, and its like Camine is the third (missing) member. From the company photos anyway.

      Over time his face grew on me, and just this year I realized I actually have a character type I want to do that his face would work for. @[email protected] can't stop thinking about him lately.

      (btw I did keep my promise and posted some pic spam XD so did someone else <3 )

      @Kiroka :o WOW that pic is stunning! The dolls are lovely, I love the custom work on Luke!! Who is next to him?
    6. A day later and I am still goggling over that Luke. *_* He's just a wow. <3

      Severin is "the one" from DOD because he fell into my lap by a fabulous twist of fate. Since he was OOAK I assumed that noybody I knew would ever get him! But then his original winner auctioned him off, and then he ended up with my friend here in town... and then years later my friend decided to sell, & I was lucky to be the first one he thought of to adopt this magnificent creature. So it's almost like I don't want to jinx the Universe now by buying an 'ordinary' doll off the site. Or something. ^^

      Also I could never pick which face I'd want most. They're all so pretty, and, especially with those older sculpts, they all look so RIGHT together-- you'd want the whole bunch! I totally dig where you're going with getting that Camine to finish off the group with Lahoo & Shall. :D Camine is one of the classic cuties.

      If I had the shelf space, I would buy a whole gaggle of DOTs to be Severin's lackeys and stagehands and groupies and hangers-on. (And maybe Kalix or Orll to be the sinister road-manager. xD) I have a whole gaggle of Volks SD13s, and I love the stylistic harmony of having all those faces together. If only my apartment had room for a whole DOD wing.

      I have to go subscribe to that photosharing thread now!

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    7. @Lehst - Oh , the white one is my first boy , Kazuki . Both of them are Luke no.1 . :3nodding:

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    8. [​IMG]

      I finished him. He has the set of clothes he wears most of the time before he goes mad. I can post a picture of the coat all spread out too. It's longer. I tried really hard to make it match what I saw in my head; a mockery or a religious garment that has an older feel despite the wearer being young. Azriel is more himself now than he has ever been.

      @Kiroka I love the contrast of light and dark with your Lukes up there. I always forget how different mine looks.

      I ordered my Orrl, Gray. He's coming blank so you probably won't see him for a bit. I'm excited. I've been waiting to get him for nearly two years. It's hard to believe that it has been that long. His character has remained constant for just about 4 years now so... we'll see how this goes. Azriel came into being I think... 13 years ago, maybe more. I think I drew him for the first time about 11 years ago and I know his shell is pretty old, poor guy. Argh, rambling as always. Miss coming on here so I'm glad to see so many pretty new pictures. there was a Halloween one back there that I really liked quite a lot.
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    9. Oooh, Orrl. :aheartbea Congratulations! We'll wait patiently until you finish him enough to take photos. That is, I will TRY to be patient. Orrl is extremely dreamy and we don't see enough of them in the world.

      Also congratulations on getting your boy's One True Outfit brought to life! I'd love to see a spread of the whole coat-- I think the quasi-ecclesiastical look is always way sexy.
    10. Ohhh Azriel looks handsome. And please do post pictures of his lovely attire.
      Haven't seen much of him and waiting patiently for more photos. :D

      Keep the photos coming!
    11. @Myrretah - I like Azriel's style . He looks so cool in those clothes . :D

      And about your Orrl , Congratulations ~ :XD:
    12. I agree with everyone else, show us his full outfit! :)

      Oh man, I can't wait to see your Orrl, blank or faceupped! :D Show him anyway, I'd like to see what he looks like blank.

    13. :D oh my goodness you guys totally have made my day.I will post pictures of Gray once he arrives so that you can see him blank and see him once he is more himself as well. I've had his things for so long it seems surreal that he's actually coming home. I'm happy to share him if you want to see.

      @JennyNemesis Thank you so much! I can't wait for him to arrive. He's going too be such a smug little punk. Azriel actually picks him to be turned and makes Nichodemus take him. Gray is a young noble, a beautiful hedonist who will do anything for the pleasure of the experience... so long as it doesn't hurt. He won't mentally connect with a mind that is experiencing pain. He just can't stomach it. I thought you might enjoy learning a little bit about him so you would know why he had to have that cunning and sensuality that I saw in that sculpt.

      @BlueyKiwi I didn't realized that he'd been missed. I'm so glad you like how it's come out. I don't have the best pictures yet, I haven't gotten to the ones on my actual camera because the battery died, but I will post more once I get those sorted out.

      @Kiroka Thank you on all accounts. It was not the easiest outfit to make, though now I have patterns for the entire thing, so that's good. I wanted to make him something black as well. I hope it is a bit easier to create!

      @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 and you get to play with him in person! that will be fun, huh? I'm excited to show both of them to you and Erie.

      This is not the best of best shots. I got it with my cell after the big camera had died but I more or less liked how it came together. You can see the length of the coat in it and get an idea of how it all floats with him as he moves. He comes across as rather slinky under all that fluff and I'm really happy with how he behaves since I did the modification of his joints.


      Azriel with his lover Shydran. Ironically Shy would never see him wearing these clothes because the are so horrible and ratty by the time he finds Azriel in the barn, that they end up being thrown away.
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    14. It's beautiful! Very flowy and glam. Love the border, and love the rock-star shoes with it.

      Sometimes I fantasize about having an Orrl to be Severin's crooked road-manager or something. Would that I had the shelf-space for it! He does have that lazy sensual cunning air about him-- Severin has that too, which is the main reason I love him. <3
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    15. @JennyNemesis I'll tell you a secret... well maybe not so secret if we had met and chatted more but, the Ducan is the sculpt that got me into the hobby. I saw him and knew that I would be able to make the characters I had been writing about have a physical form. He's still kind of a grail because he's the one that got away; I almost had one once, and I still think that someday I will find the head and have a sweet little person for no good reason. Till then I will vicariously live through you, cause if your going to vicariously live through someone for a doll, you may as well have him be one thumper of a doll and not just settle for a few pictures on the website. I'll do my absolute best to make Gray amazing so that you can do the same. If we meet at another Dollism or something, you can check him out and see if you like how the bugger feels in person and flick Azriel in the forehead for being such a demanding jerk, lol.
    16. :) I would love to meet you and Azriel at whenever the next Dollism is! Unfortunately Severin doesn't travel though, so it'll just be me representing. Ducan is definitely one of the classic faces of BJD history, I think.... he set the mood for that lazy-sexy-cunning look that so many DOD dolls went on to have. Even his non-vampire-elf version has it, which is excellent. He may still come to your home someday; they have a way of doing that.

      Thank you! You have inspired me to go serve up more pictures of Severin.... I'm fallin' down on the job...
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    17. Hello everyone!
      Very glad I was able to register here and chat with the owners DOD from abroad !! ))
      I am myself a big fan of this company ... for the moment in the collection of dolls from 8 DOD and their presence very happy in my life!
      I hope that we will be here!
      And I apologize in advance, for mistakes! I do not speak in English, so using online translation... :whee:

      Well, to be diluted with a lot of text, a picture, as a second greeting:
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    18. omg! >.< I didnt notice there was a new DoD thread .. -facepalm- I've been wondering why i havent heard anything from u guys in awhile xD ....

      @Myrretah : Gratz on getting an Orrl!!! Please do post pictures of him, even if he is blank ^^ I've been looking for owner pictures of an Orrl for years now and i've never been able to find any... Im so excited for u!! :D

      Ducan is pretty much what got me into the hobby xD I saw a promo picture of him on social media and i just had to get one of them! Haru was my first and i cant believe its already been 3 years since then ... Haru's birthday marks another year of me being in the hobby. Heres a picture from his birthday shoot i had last month ^-^ 3 years and counting!! :thumbup

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    19. @Bzika : Welcome! I'm a huge fan of DoD myself. They're the ones who got me into this hobby in the first place. They truely have beautiful sculpts. <3 Taking pretty pictures of the dolls however, is a whole other matter. Especially when they arrive pale as ghosts... :'D

      @xTempest : Congratulations on the 3 year anniversary! :D Have Haru yellowed any since his arrival? I'm just curious about how susceptible to yellowing the newer batches of DoD resin are. It's so difficult to get the color balance right when I'm trying to take a picture of Rin (who arrived mid-2015) with my Lahoo of 10 years... orz

      That said, I was playing around with the idea of Rin with shorter hair today. (Mainly because the flyaway on his long wig is really starting to bother me.) Here's a new photo of him with short hair~ It makes him look less like the arrogant, cocky jerk he is I think. XD

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    20. I can second this. They were the ones who showed up first when I started to research BJDs and most seemed to have a DOD doll back then too! But now they seem to have died down, as a company.
      I have seen people asking questions on their Q&A board about events - I wish I knew what the replies were!