Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Yeah, I did notice a distinct lack of DoD dolls when I came back from my hiatus last year. It seemed like most collectors have moved on to other companies around last 2014. Either that, or the lack of events and promotions have driven them away. I keep checking back on their website for new sculpts and products, but it seems like they've stopped updating as frequently too. :(
    2. izumiyavi, Thank you for the greetings! It's nice to know that someone from the other side of the planet glad you're here!))
      You have a very bright young man! And as the owner of the same mold, I can not help but admire the brilliance of his image !!! :D

      And this is my Tyron, and he, too, am glad to meet you! ;)


      And yet, today we have a special day, because for the past three years, as Michael with me! :dance

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    3. I didnt notice any yellowing on him but i grabbed him to check anyway xD He has yellowed a tiny bit but its still really close to what he was when he came. but wow... u've been in the hobby for 10 years ?! O_O I'm actually curious to see how DoD resins look like after 10 years... I heard that they mellow out into a nice cream colour but ive never had the chance to see any in person ^^" ..
    4. Haru! Rin! It's so lovely to see these guys again @xTempest & @izumiyavi . :fangirl: And congratulations to everyone on all these anniversaries... 3 years, 10 years. @Bzika looks like you have more than a few old boys at home... DOD dolls seem to like to hang around a household for awhile once they get here. Severin will be here 6 years come April (although I have known him for almost 10 ^^).

      I realize I forgot to follow up on my promise of new pics of Severin with a link to this thread! These have been up for awhile but I thought I should share them here.



      Re DOD popularity, it could be quieter these days because there's such a trend towards more western-style hyper-real-looking dolls, and the old-fashioned anime style dolls are less in fashion. Or just because there's so many other new companies-- and people like novelty. Well, who knows! But I suspect a lot of old DOD owners still happily have their old dolls at home and just don't share them here as often.
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    5. @Bzika : Oh wow! It's nice to meet yet another The-B~ We need more of them on DoA. Haha. Is that the default face up on Tyron too? It's really amazing how much of a difference a wig and clothes can make on dolls. :D

      @xTempest : Haha yeah, Yuki was my very first doll. I got him back in April of 2006. Time sure files without you noticing~ I took a quick picture of the hands of my DoT boys; the headcap on top is a Volks Pureskin Normal from last year.


      Yuki looks really yellow when he's placed beside Rin, but you can see he's only slightly yellower than a Volks Pureskin Normal. I did take him out for outdoor shoots quite frequently back then though, so he would probably be a little bit yellower than a DoD that have been kept away from the sun.

      But I'd say they really do mellow out quite nicely and naturally, it just takes a lot of time for the pink to fade. :)

      @JennyNemesis : Severin looks amazinggggg! :D I love your choice of backdrop; it suits him really well!

      And I agree on recent trends leaning towards the more realistic sculpts. It just that they have been really quiet lately and I've gotten a little worried... :'(
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    6. Hehe, thanks-- that 'backdrop' is just out back of my apartment building. ^^ I thought the refined black frills on Severin's outfit would clash nicely with the urban-decay background. He's just always such a cool demon.

      Wow, I had no idea that DOD resin could mellow out to be so close to Volks!.... I bought a pair of DOD claw-hands for one of my Volks boys, and they'll require plenty of blushing to get rid of the DOD pinkness and bring em closer to the Volks ivory color. Rin is absolutely pallid by comparison-- and he's NS and not white? Wow.
    7. Yup, Rin is a NS~ I didn't realized how natural the yellowing was until I got my first Volks doll last year too. :'D I have another Volks head from 2008, and they're even closer in color since it has yellowed a little.

      I'll take another comparison photo tomorrow once I fish out the extra hands that came with Yuki. These have never seen the sun, so it'll be a more accurate comparison. :)
    8. izumiyavi,Oh, I am very glad that we have such a pleasant coincidence in life !!! :danceThe-B is very handsome guy! And you guessed it, face up his default !!!
      And, yes, because of different wigs, eye color, and clothing the same Moldavian very dramatically different from the same! Magic BJD! O_<

      , You guessed it, I live 6 boys and 2 girls from the DOD!)) And they like the Mafia! :wiggleYou take one on hand, so it follows from the cabinet, the rest being asked!
      Severin real miracle of the DOD! When I came here, and saw his photo, I could not believe my eyes! :aeyepop:After all, the only photo of the dark elf had seen only on the site at the company!
      I can not believe that he is already 10 years old! Stunned!! :o
      In general, it is very interesting to see how they change in color !!! My eldest boy by casting this year, 6 years, 5 second rest accordingly younger in this regard!
      Hah! I looked at the comparative photo izumiyavi, And in my head the idea to photograph compared for their experiment!))
      If anyone would be interested, I can post a photo later live))
      There is still a girl she really is not from DOD, but in 2008 cast in Normal pink, and it is possible to add for the company))
      And in the end I decided to introduce to you another guy))
      This DOI Kellan. Character name is Brandon and he was the eldest in our family!
      It should be noted that the nature of his harmful and often it is difficult to him than easy, but I still love him very much!
      And Brandon is very sociable and happy to attend the DOA!))

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    9. @JennyNemesis : Kyaaa!! Severin! :D Good to see that he is doing well xD I love how his eyes gleam even in low light. I can never get my boy's eyes to show up like that without shining a light source in his face lol ._. ...

      @izumiyavi : Thanks for the comparison picture! :D Im glad that the mellow out nicely. I was a tad worried since i didnt know what to expect as they age ^^" ... Did you keep the original face up ? Any idea if the faceup would stay ? or would they need a touch up at some point in time ?

      If DoDs mellow out into a nice cream colour, in 10 years... wouldnt other companies be alot more yellower ? D: ... The resin doesnt get more fragile as it age, does it ... ? >.<
    10. Your Brandon is so cute, he's very wholesome looking. Hee hee, I like that, Mafia collection. ^^

      Yes, we were lucky that Black Ducan's original winner sold him shortly after his Dollism event. He was then bought by a friend of mine, and lived with him for several years. Then my friend decided to sell him, and *I* was lucky to be there. :3 I am happy to share him with DOA.

      Some very old Volks gets really deep ivory-yellow.... but they don't turn brighter yellow, they just get mellower. Not like when you see some companies' resin looking like uncooked pasta (like poor Narindolls; that early French-resin formula yellowed when you looked at it). I've seen a lot of old DODs looking pretty good, a nice deep cream color-- never seen one that turned bright-yellow. But I guess it all depends on how the doll's been stored and what the light like is where you live. I don't think resin gets more fragile, but that's a good question.

      Faceups stay with age as long as they were well sealed & they don't get too much wear/touching. I find that tan dolls are sometimes susceptible to looking 'ashy' if the sealant gets weird with age, but NS/WS dolls don't have this problem (they just show the grubbiness where you handle them). Whether you touch it up depends on how attached you are to the original. I will never change or touch up Severin's face no matter what happens, because that's just how I operate when it comes to LEs. ^^

      Re metallic eyes, I find that they always flare the brightest when there's almost no light in the room...! They seem to gather the only few scraps of light in the room & reflect them back at you. But of course it does take a bit of head-positioning and tinkering to get it to flare just-right.
    11. Aw yay, I like the activity in this thread, seeing it come alive again.

      I must admit that I wish I could post pictures more often, but Flickr will only let me do it on a desktop so I don't get to it as much as I'd like.

      I too found my way to BJD land through DOD. I fell in love with Ducan, then E-an, then Code No.2 but my first after all that ended up being U-i. Code No.2 did join us a year later, but it took me 4 years to find the funds and commitment for my first bjd. And then I got a body for the dream head that came with Code.

      I must admit since DOD, in the last few years I've been looking at other companies. My main draw was different skin colours. For that reason I've been drawn to Iplehouse, Withdoll and recently Peakswood.

      But I will always be thankful to DOD for my dolls and for introducing me to this hobby. :)
    12. @Bzika : I love Brandon's eyes! Are those acrylic or glass? :D I would love to see a comparison photo for your boys too! It'll be nice to have a gauge on how much they would yellow over the years.

      @xTempest : Unfortunately, I had Yuki's face up removed after about a year. The default face up gave him white brows, and I preferred dark wigs on him so it looked really odd after a while. :sweat I agree with @JennyNemesis though. The face up should stay intact with proper care. The only real issue I can see are their eyelashes falling off after some time; especially if you like to switch around their eyes. But it's really easy to replace the lashes so it's not too big of an issue.

      As for the resin getting fragile, I don't think you have to worry about that either. DoD dolls are very sturdy, and I haven't noticed any issues so far. :)

      I've dug around my doll stash and finally found Yuki's spare hands~ These have never been used, so they were kept wrapped up in bubble wrap in a dark corner of my room. I've also added in the head cap of a Volks doll from '08 for comparison~ Note the Volks headcap from '15 also had no sun exposure. (Unfortunately the Volks from '08 was bought 2nd hand, so I have no idea if it has been exposed to the sun.)

      Also helpful to note that I like to keep my dolls fully coated with 3~4 layers of MSC UV cut, and it's redone every 3~4 months. (Meaning full body cleaning + restringing + re-coating) So it should have also helped counter the yellowing by a bit.

      Hope this helps!

    13. JennyNemesis,
      It's nice that our Harmful made such a positive impression! It is his style!))
      And glad that the Mafia have some fun! I have a habit of calling them all sorts of different nicknames! So fun to play))

      This is a very interesting story!)) I had a similar and you will not believe it, too, with the Ducan !! The first time when he was sold, I have not bought, as there was at that time for his character, but something the boy remembered from the thousands of others)) A year later, I again get on the announcement of the sale of Ducan, and recognize the photograph of himself , which are not bought at that time! And as a result he is now with us! And yet there was a feeling that it was not me he has chosen, and he gave me, and finally I have it and settled !!
      So Severin, I am sure that it was he chose you! ))
      A little later, I promise to introduce him to all the individual pictures!))

      We are also very pleased that this issue comes to life!
      It's nice when you can talk about your favorite hobby with people who have this hobby is the same !!!
      And I would like to see photos of your characters)) Picture of the owner are always interesting!
      Maybe not all at once, but I will hope! О_<

      Oh, thank you very much! I am very grateful for your enthusiasm in relation to Brandon! He knows how to charm girls))
      His eyes, acrylic, green, with them he came from the DOD. I asked the company that he was just green eyes !!!
      I actually have a soft spot for green-eyed dark hair!))

      It's nice that you are interested in my offer at the expense of historical reference by color resins.) Now, I undertake to fulfill his promise in the near future! ))

      And at the conclusion of the picture again!
      All together Mafia! Well, almost everything ...:whee:

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    14. @JennyNemesis : I've heard horror stories of dolls turning really yellow as they age so i was a little worried but im glad they dont turn uncooked pasta yellow xD Im pretty attached to Haru's faceup and im usually really careful with it, so im really hoping that i wouldnt have to get it touched up cuz theres no guarantee that they will be able to get the same expression again >.< ..

      @izumiyavi : Ah, its good to hear that the resin is still sturdy after 10 years xD I know that certain type of plastic tend to weaken as they age so i hope that never happens with resin.... I would hate to have my boys crumble into a pile of dust as they age T_T ..

      That spare hand is looking pretty good with age! o: And even with exposure to the sun, yuki is still lighter than the volks 08 headcap!
    15. I know there are several companies who would be willing to redo the or touch up the default face-ups on their dolls if you send it back to them. You can try emailing DoD and see if they provide this service. It may not be exactly the same, but it'll be as close as you can get to the original. =)
    16. Haru's faceup was a custom request to DoD when i ordered him from them, so im sure they can make it pretty similar xD I remember emailing them before i bought Haru to ask if they did touching up of the makeup and they said they do ^-^ That was 3 years ago tho so that might have changed but you would have to send the head back to them and theres a "Makeup" item in their shop which you can check out but i think you have to email them first to let them know that you are sending a head back to them for a new faceup/touch up, so they know to expect it and not have a random doll head show up on their doorstep xD
    17. That's so cool that you can still get the personal touch from DOD re faceups.... It's getting harder & harder to find that anymore!

      That is wonderful! Yes, it is true that the dolls choose to come to you. Your Ducan picked you out of all those other humans, and waited for you. <3

      I definitely believe that Severin chose me. He knew this was the place for him! Long before I owned him, while he still belonged to my friend, I once borrowed him to take some photographs... It felt like he was part of the collection already, he looked perfect on my shelf, and I just knew that he'd be mine some day. Years later, when my friend finally asked if I'd like to buy him, I wasn't even surprised! This doll just belongs here, and he had let me know it very clearly. :)
    18. To make a comparative picture of various ages and Asleep Eidolon 2008...
      I have a few dolls in 2014, the same color between them, so the photo is only one head cover from 2014.
      In the sun, the body parts have not been appropriately.
      I hope that the information will be useful. :blush


      Oh, thank you)) This is so cute!
      I'm actually more traditional in terms faceup from DOD)) because of their style rather is distinctive and not everyone can be redrawn so that it went any further Molde))
      But I turned out to be an exception - it is Sha. My friend redraw his face, as an own face was damaged even from a previous owner .. And soon I'll carry it not be redrawn again, because this character is one feature - he grows up!))

      I love these stories!))
      The longer I am in a hobby, the more people I meet with similar events! For me, these things are like a fairy tale!
      And it's very nice and happy to be with the others in this tale! :D
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    19. DOD is very nice to their customers~ I had forgotten to purchase a couple of elastic when I placed the order for Rin, and had written in to them asking if I can still add them into the order and pay the extras via Paypal. They just offered to throw them in for free, and there was more than what I wanted to order too. Granted elastic aren't very expensive, but I thought it's a nice touch.

      @Bzika : Thanks for the photos! It's pretty interesting; seems like each batch of DOD's resin yellows differently... 2011's NS seems to be yellower than the one from 2010! o:

      Sharing another photo of Rin~ He was in a teasing mood tonight. :sweat
      There are more photos here if anyone is interested, but it's slightly NSFW due to partial nudity~ (Have I mentioned how much I love DOD's bodies? :D)

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    20. izumiyavi,
      DOD - great company! :dance
      In the three years that I was in the hobby, and they are still firm favorite for me! Plus, I have some ideas in the adventuress and they have always supported me and never denied, if they had the opportunity to perform my regular request)) For that I will always be grateful to them!))

      You surely noticed !!! Yes, besides I have always everything either as all !! In 2010 inside live DOD still terrible pink! DOD 2011 actually takes longer to yellow,from within ... But everyone else, they are pale, too, but with a pink shade, just different degrees of intensity.
      And yet, I'm on your DOD has made an observation that the plastics of different casting's shrink in different ways, in the photo is not visible, but when you look at the body in life is very striking, like my Luke from February 2013 Kellan appeared shorter than about 5 mm! Well, plus Kellan in the shoulders, too few of its wider! These are the miracles happen! ))

      Rin is very venturesome in this matter! :wiggle And in spite of the cool shades in his image, the guy you oh how hot !!! :D
      I understand you very well in your love for sculpture DOD!
      They aristocratically slender! This boldly beautiful! :fangirl:

      We have a story of love in the photos, but due rather striking elements of erotica present in the block, share a link to a couple of them:

      In conclusion let it be Tyron))
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