Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

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    1. Ooo, will you also be sharing the Christmas moments of the couple with us too? Couples at Christmas time are so cute! Btw, I'm sure you probably answered this but where did you get Orrels wig from?

      I took pic pictures of my DOT recently but they're to sexy to share here. I do plan to do something Christmas themed for him though...eventually.
    2. Oooo what are they talking about? :abambi:
    3. Perhaps. We don't put up a full-sized tree, since we have four cats. :kitty2

      I got Orrell's wig at the first American Dollism, back in 2014. I wish I knew who made it, as I really would love to get more from this company. It has a "scalp" in it, so it looks pretty realistic.

      Orrell and Twyla both work for the only American branch of Torchwood, Torchwood Cleveland, so its probably something related to their charges. They take care of the only pair of Star Whales in the universe, who are often mistaken for Lake Erie's Bessie, a cousin of Loch Ness's Nessie.

    4. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 I see from your profile Twyla is an Iplehouse Luna. Is she an SID body? I might finally be getting an iple girl this year to join my SD crew. But I was thinking YID for size. However your two look good together. Could you take a picture of them standing next to each other?

    5. :lol: I'm sorry, but my first reaction was to laugh! Not at your request, but the idea that they are the same height. Twyla is a IH EID and Orrell is a Dream of Teen Dream head version 13 on a boy New Body 2.

      With shoes.

      Twyla and Orrell's height differences 3
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      Without shoes.

      Twyla and Orrell's height differences 1
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      Twyla's on the old style EID body, and I want to say that she is 67cm tall, but I could be accidentally adding a couple of centimeters. I couldn't find any info on her height on the Iplehouse site.

      I'm also stating Orrell's height from memory. If I remember correctly, the New Body 2 is 64cm tall

      Hope this helps!

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    6. She’s an EID, oh wow! Lol

      I liked that her arms didn’t look too dainty next to him, makes sense why. But yes, thanks for the reference. :D
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    7. I too like that Twyla doesn't have "spaghetti arms" when compared to Orrell's New Body 2's muscular arms. But then again, IH sculpts are pretty realistic, and DoDs are more stylized. Not that I mind, since I have two DoDs. :kitty2

    8. I haven't posted photos of any of my boys for a while so have a photo of Caracal :thumbup

      I discovered to my horror his clothes had started to age and get those awful yellow blemishes all over it. So for the first time since I got him all those years ago (2012) he was stripped and forced to sit around naked while I soaked his clothes to try and get the stains out :XD: It worked pretty well! Only the worst marks are still slightly visible. I also swapped out his eyes to red Oscar Doll eyes like I had always planned on doing.


      It's rare to see photos of him without Janus (Mr P1) by his side, but he deserves some spotlight alone sometimes too ;)
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    9. @Magical Rin He looks gorgeous!!

      i really miss DoD ... kinda regretting putting off ordering code 02 from them when i had the chance >n< ... Been trying to get one secondhand for awhile now but noone seems to be letting those cuties go D:
    10. @xTempest Thanks!

      Yeah, the only DoD boy I ever see pop up for sale frequently is Ducan since he was always so popular (with good reason, he's a cutie~) I always wanted to get Elf The B (with the face up version that had a bloodied cross under his eye), but alas no money at the time :...( I-Ra is also still my grail doll (she just keeps slipping through my grasp.)

      I'm glad I have the 3 boys I do though (technically 4 I guess, since I have a Dream Head ver.9 floating around without a body), out of all my dolls I feel like they're aging the best. Caracal and Janus are looking pretty good for 8 year old's :XD:

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    11. I also regret not ordering when I had the chance... On top of that, not getting any closure on DoD "shutting down" :(

      (do keep spamming your pretty boys @Magical Rin!)
    12. Same. Basically any DoD doll is a grail doll to me. I especially regret not ordering Sha, The B, Luke, and Camino before they shut down, and DoD's one of the few companies I'm a bit fan of their smaller children. It's such a shame they closed down.
    13. Yeah, I really wish we knew what exactly happened to them :( They were (and still are) one of my favourite doll companies. So many gorgeous dolls and they were all so unique in their sculpts (clothing too!)

      @FuyumiAya I was quite fond of their littles too. I always rather liked Petsha (and her outfit) and the boys were pretty precious too.

      @Yumeiro Haha~ I shall! I love looking at photos of everyone's boys, we definitely need all the photo spam around here :lol:
    14. I recently found an old pic of Tohma from back when he first got his boots. I thought I'd post it here. :)

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      I think I want to keep an eye open for more shoes and hats for him.

    15. Looking at the pictures and thinking. When it comes to your DOD, do you guys have a preference certain wigs? I've been sticking with crobidoll wigs.
    16. Tohma, my Luke is wearing a blond Luts wig that I trimmed, but Orrell is wearing an unknown wig that I bought while at Dollism Plus USA in 2014.

      I'm more interested in finding a wig that fit my boys' personalities than what particular company a wig may come from. But then again, I might be the exception.

    17. I know they have been gone a long time now, but anyone think DOD will ever come back?

      They disappeared without a notice after shipping all orders that were left, but if they came back one day all that would be forgiven. I would have been very happy if that could happen. Every now and then I think about all of their dolls that I admire. But if they did come back one day though I'd like all their sculpts to still be there too.

      My first doll were "DOI Luke ver.1", got him in 2008 and still have him. Since my first doll were from DOD it makes it extra sad that they no longer exist...


      An old picture of my Luke, Noah.
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    18. Was there some vague mentions about sickness and then that their "warehouse" burned down..? Or am I completely mistaken?
    19. I've never heard that before. Well that makes it a bit difficult to bring back the sculpts then if it all burned down. Tha'ts too bad, I kept hoping they would come back some day :(