Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Yeah, I've been dealing with some heavy stuff here at home too, so I too ordered myself a doll to help me feel better. A LittleFee Shiwoo from Yahoo!Japan that I found a few weeks ago. Great Minds Think Alike. :kitty1

      I think I want to start looking for some clothes for Orrell as well to help me feel better, even if I can't get them just yet. Any suggestions as to what sites and what sizes on said sites to get clothes for a DoT New Body 2 muscular boy?

    2. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13
      I love dolls with teeth and Orrell has very cute teeth. <3 That is a really cool outfit set. Would love to see pics of him wearing the hat sometime. I love how ridiculously large doll hats are, but it works for some of them lol

      And that's true about faceups! I usually paint my own, unless I happen to get one that already has a faceup I like (which is rare, but it happens!)

      Did you see the measurements on the Wikis for the DoT and DoI? Pretty sure those are the official measurements.

      Ooh, I really like Tohma's shirt in that pic. It's such a nice color o:

      That's true! I've found that sometimes deyellowing works and sometimes it doesn't (didn't work on my Delf Lishe, poor thing is going to have to be painted to match a body). I tend to use oxyclean when I try deyellowing. Though, if it's really bad the best way might be to sand or just paint the head to match whatever body you get for it.

      I hope you can get your Rika and that things get better soon. Totally understand needing something to cheer yourself up and think everyone deserves to do something like that for themselves if possible.
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    3. I finally got around to taking a pic of my Dream Head 9. His name is Psi (Ψ), long story short he's an androgynous human turned cyborg in a post-apocalyptic future that likes to wear Decora (or Yami Kawaii) fashion. Excuse the off topic PukiFee in the picture, he's Psi's serious little android companion who Psi refuses to be apart from apparently :sweat


      Psi needs proper eyes and eyelashes (as mentioned in an earlier post) but he's relatively presentable :XD:
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    4. Iv'e not ordered her quite yet as I felt I had to order her wig, dress, eyes, shoes and stand first. Especially the red Alice dress I could not risk getting sold out as it make up her character. But I have saved up $91 for her so far. I'll do the order as soon as I can.

      And as for both DOD and CP Delfs I'll keep an eye out for them once I'll allow myself to order normally again. Hope you too feel better soon.

      I actually do have a yellowed DOI Cruch stored away in my closet.

      [​IMG]IMG_1048 by ManabuLi010, on Flickr

      First he were mine, then my cousin owned him a while when she was in her teen years. And now he's mine again. He's stored away at the moment because I hate to have doll out that are incomplete.

      He's the second doll I got in the hobby back in 2008, possibly early 2009. I don't remember, it's long ago. My cousin named him Cobra so for now he'll keep that name. I did mood jobs to the body that I regret now like making his stomach muscles softer looking and less square. But being inexperienced I later started disliking what I've done. And I put him down with short shorts on stony stairs so the back of his leggs got badly scratched. I tried to sand it but I think the back of the legs look a bit flattened in comparison to how it should look. And then I sanded down by the ankles because the resin chipped while re-stringing him once. His faceup is awful too and he's missing his eyelashes :sweat Everything in his faceup were removed except from around the eyes. It was an attempt to save some damage that had happened but I did not want to remove the eye painting.

      I don't want to keep him on this body that is only an annoyance to me. I really wanted to make him shorter anyways so that he's not as tall as my DOI Luke. I'm thinking of hybriding him onother body. But I'll have to find a body that is at least a little bit shorter than 70cm and will fit this head, and a company who offers resin color matching. But with the virus going on there'll probably be long still until I can complete him.
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    5. Thanks, yeah hopefully I get to order her soon. It's good to have a little something to cheer ourselves up with during these times. That virus makes one feel a bit trapped and it's definitely not good for those who struggle with anxiety.

      That is so cool looking :kitty1 I don't know how people come up with faceups like this, I could never create something like this using my own mind. But that's probably because my visualization skills are so weak I have problems to see images in my head.
    6. Thanks! He was kind of my test dummy for trying out different concepts that I hadn't had the chance to experiment with on other dolls. I ended up becoming quite fond of him once I was done and have been plotting to get him a body ever since:3nodding: It's proving to be a bit of a challenge as his resin is still quite pink after being in storage for most of his existence as apposed to my other DOD boys who have mellowed out over the years. I need to do a bit more research on all the different shades of 'pink normal' skin companies offer :XD:
    7. I used to not like dolls with open mouths, but Tohma changed that. To me, it looks like he's about to say something, and I love the idea that he'll talk one day! And Orrell's teeth is so cute, I'm now a fan of teeth and open mouths on dolls thanks to these two. :love

      I do have a few pics of Orrell wearing the hat that came with this outfit. :whee:

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      Unfortunately for me, I'm not artistic in any way, so my attempting to do a faceup is not a good idea at all. I have a couple of OFT for this thread dolls that I attempted to do faceups for, and they just didn't work out. I just don't have "the artistic eye" that's needed in order to get what's in my head out into the Real World. :(

      Thanks for the links with the measurements I didn't think to check the wiki.:doh I'm going to add them to my notes so I can find these guys some new clothes! :XD:

      Tohma's shirt was actually part of an unofficial "One Piece time-skip Sanji" outfit I got him. I'll post a pic of it in a separate post, since I think we're only allowed one pic per post.

      @manabusama, your Crush is really cute! I'm thinking that, if you wanted to try and keep or resell that body, you could send it to a modder to have him properly repaired. I'd still keep Cobra's head, he's beautiful! I hope you find him a body, its kind of sad that he's been kept hidden for so long, but I understand why you would. Have you tried dressing him in clothes to hide his flaws?

      @Magical Rin, what a couple of interesting dolls you have there! I can't wait to see what you do with them next. Love the ideas behind them!

    8. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 That outfit was always one of my faves (wish I'd have bought it). I love the hat, it suits Orrel so well :D
      Psi definitely is the odd one out of my doll family but he owns it :lol: I've always been holding off buying his a body because I can never find clothes that suit his style or that will fit him for that matter since he's going to have to have a fairly large body with that massive head of his, lol :XD:
    9. Hi friends! Picture request for anyone who may have a grey Kalix? Trying to cheer myself up by staring at a grail :blush Any photos would be so appreciated!
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    10. Some companies do offer resin matching, but that usually means you'll have to send a part of the doll, like the headcap to them so that they can properly mix the right resin color for the body. I have a wolf head in gray skin that need to have this done. The creator were kind and sent an extra ear so that I could send that to Resin Soul when I'm ready to order a body.

      I do feel I should do something with him but what I really want is a body that is a bit shorter and smaller than a DOI body. I would probably have bought the newest muscular DOT body if I had not wasted my chance at ordering one, if it would fit that is. So not doing that in time are another one of my regrets :doh He haven't been in the closet all the time though. I had him on the shelf with my 2 other DOD dolls for a while. But sometimes it's difficult to have him out because he's so incomplete. I'm a person who likes tidiness and order, so in my room that's also my doll and hobby room I only have on display certain things. Like for example my Studio Ghibli DVD collection I have on my display shelf, while all the rest of my animes are stored inside of my closet. But it also have to do with how much room I got to put things up for display, so I put together a set of different things that look nice together on the shelf.

      Your boy look so cool with that outfit :) So what kind of fashion style would you call that? To me it reminds me about J-rock and Visual Kei.

      I would share if I had one but I don't :sweat But if you don't see any pictures here you could probably find some if you search the internet. Kalix and Delphine were both amazing in the gray skin. And Sha and Shall looked pretty awesome in their original outfits, I love that nun and priest theme :) It really sucks that DOD no longer exist, they even had people cosplay their dolls!
    11. You could do what I did with a OFT thread doll and find a full doll with the body you want. Of course, I ended up being talked into keeping the head, so now I have the "Shared Body Boys." :lol: Since it took me seven or so years to find the body for my Beauty White (Beauty Green!) Delf DES boy, I don't mind that they now have to share. And I ended up with another Shiwoo to add to my Shiwoo collection. Win win!:XD:

      Orrell is British, and there used to be a kind of style that Brit boys wore around 2000 that was pretty wild, but the name escapes me right now. I suppose you can say he's somewhat VK.

      I really miss the wild clothes that used to be available for dolls when I first joined the hobby! Now many people's dolls look like they're teens going to the mall with friends, blending in with "the normals." Rather subdued in comparison. :(

      I would love to see someone cosplaying as a DoD doll! Did you manage to take pics?

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    12. Just google - they are easy to find :3nodding:
    13. I'll keep my eye on the MP, hopefully I can find something. But I don't really mind all that much either to hybrid the head on a body from another company but then I will need to have the resin color matched. I think the best option first would be to just take the head with the DOI body it have and send them to someone who can try and deyellow it a bit and work on a style for the body's imperfections. There's no point in me trying to find a hybrid body before the old doll head and body have been deyellowed.

      I started in the hobby in 2008, I remember Goth and VK styled clothes were all I'd buy. I haven't stopped loving J-rock and VK style but today I have dolls that are many different styles.

      I haven't actually seen DOD cosplay irl. I mean't I've seen it but that's pictures I've found on Google :3nodding:
    14. Oh wow, you were right, @Yumeiro and @manabusama! I googled and all kinds of DOD cosplay pics came up! :D

      I wonder if they made their cosplays or if they were available to buy at one time? Either way, its pretty freakin' cool! :cool:

      I have dolls that have varying styles, but finding clothes for Orrell's unique style has become quite difficult. Tohma, OTOH, is pretty easy. Rockstar businessman chic is pretty simple to create. :whee:

      Ugh, old pic is old!:blush

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr


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    15. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 Tohma looks so cute there :chibi

      DOD had some really cool dolls and outfits, as if they came from an anime or game, so I can see why people also did cosplay.

      Let's say they came back and re-released some of their limited dolls as well, then I'd want Sha, Shall, Petsha, Elf Ducan, Elf I-Ra, Elf Ivan and Kirill. I probaby would want some more DOIs, and Dream Heads maybe because I never owned one. I would have had to think about how much space I got for my dolls though but I would gladly sacrifice some of my other non-DOD dolls to make room for more of them.
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    16. TBH, I'm not sure what sculpts I'd want if they ever came back. But, I'm sure there are some I'd like to get. :3nodding:

      More than anything I'd want more of their DoT and DoI outfits! :love

    17. Did I see someone mention Sha's original priest outfit? :XD: It's one of the reasons I wanted him so much. I managed to get him and said outfit when DOD re-released his full set.

      Time for Cecil (my Sha) to make a reappearance in this thread. I recently gave the outfit a good clean when I was fixing up Caracal's outfit. It was nice and ironed but since he sits in the doll cabinet it's all creased again:doh


      As far as dolls I'd order; definitely Elf I-Ra (she's my grail doll) with her original outfit and Elf The B (with the cross scar under his eye face up ver.)
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    18. I forgot that I had put on my DoA wish list that I wanted a Camine,:doh so that's the one I'd get if I could. He would be Fujisaki Suguru, from Gravitation, of course. I'm not sure if I ever will get one, since I have many dolls ahead of him on my wish list. Besides, I know that many of us that have DODs are clinging tight to them, but someday, when I get the money saved, I'll start looking for one. :chomp: In the meantime, I'm asking for Camine pics!

      Last night, I finally got around to changing Tohma out of his gold shirt and into something less businessman-ish and a bit more rock star-ish. :cool:

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      I wish that it wasn't so cloudy today, I wanted to get a pic of him in sunlight. Oh well, I hope that you all enjoy the pic anyways! :whee:

    19. It' so nice to see some life again here in this thread ♥ Love seeing all those beautiful DOD dolls.

      Since it's Kazuya's birthday today, I took him out of his cabinet, changed his clothes and took some photos.


      His eyes look kind of ... off sometimes. Don't know if it's my fault that I can't put them in properly, or if it would help to use flat eyes ... Well, it looks okay enough in this pic, I think :)
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    20. I don't see anything wrong with Kazuya's eyes, @Miuu, but I love how he's looking right at the camera! :D

      Happy birthday Kazuya!:smallcake