Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Happy BJD Birthday Kazuya~
      Maybe we should make a birthday list in this thread...or would that be too much?
      I actually wanted to go further than that when it came to our DODs but I was always
      too lazy. I wanted to make doll sized DOD passport and flag for my crew to show my
      company pride.

      On another note, being around my dolly crew more than usual I would play around with
      them. I noticed that I suck at posing my boy. Most of my pictures have him sitting or standing
      and I remember my struggle during shoots trying to get him to do anything more. Anyone have
      any special poses and tips to achieve those poses?
    2. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 Thank you so much! :)
      I don't know, I think it's something with his right eye .... Well, we'll see.

      @Gintsumi Thank you! I think a Doll birthday list would be cute.
    3. A doll birthday list is a cute idea, but I don't know if I should have Tohma's official birthday, since he's a character doll, or the date he came home. :?

      I think I'd do his official birthday, since his body and head came home different days. ;)

      Seguchi Tohma: November 20th

      Orrell Williamson: July 14th

    4. I'm making a list, So far I have Tohma, Orrell, and Kazuya down. My boy Yuki is January 27...I think lol
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    5. The birthday list is such a cute idea, here are my boys birthdays (arrival dates):

      Janus: April 10th 2012
      Caracal: April 10th 2012
      Cecil: February 9th 2013

      (I won't add Psi since he's still a floating head :sweat)
    6. :?What are we going to do with this list? I was just wondering.

    7. Idk, my brain aint that good lol.
      I wish we could attach it to the thread but that is probably not allowed. I don't mind just keeping the list and keeping it updated, gives me something else to do for the time being.

      Thought I would add a pic of my boy as well :)
      [​IMG]04012020 by rum pocky, on Flickr
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    8. I still have no idea what to do with my Crush. It's not so easy because og my (CFS) "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" diagnosis to get things done. It's uncertain if I have the health and energy to do something with this doll. It's in the back of my head that I might rehome him someday. But at least I do have my Luke and Pitts.

      A little off-topic but since DOD is no more I just thought I should share a nice alternative to their elf/ vampire dolls. I found a scupts that is really nice :) Light, 68cm 2D Doll Boy - BJD, BJD Doll, Ball Jointed Dolls - Alice's Collections

      Lucky you. I do remember the re-release of both the limited Sha and Shall but I were dumb enough to ignore it. But at that point not much could have been done about my choice as I felt I did not need them. Then of course many years later comes the regrets :sweat

      But as things are now where I'm very into Iplehouse dolls and any other more realistic sculpts that fit in with them I wouldn't have had room for Priest Sha and Nun Shall if I did come across them. I have quite a bit more room for new dolls sitting on my doll shelves but with the outfits I would have wanted to have Sha and Shall stand on the table. That table though, the only place where I can display my SDs are unfortunately reserved for my more realistic sculpts and any future dolls in their family.

      I just have to live with that I do have limited space to keep my dolls and that I can't get everything that I want in life.

      If I remember it correctly doesn't Tohma usually or always wear a hat? I don't remember as after the first Gravitation DVD I went over to watching Sailor Moon XD for a bit, and it's also been ages since I've watched the whole Gravitation series. I like rock Tohma style, a little bit more suiting for a band :) But I guess even in Nittle Grasper he would wear more bussiness like look.

      He's so cute :chibi I'm terrible at recognizing sculpts. Even the same sculpts can look so different depending on their faceup and style. So even if I had owned the same sculpt it wouldn't have been certain I would recognixe it :sweat which sculpt is he?

      He's really pretty :) I gotta ask you as well. What sculpt is it?
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    9. I feel as though I am rather similar, except I can recognize one or two specific sculpts in my mind's eye or something. I could look at a doll on a shop site and think a I may be in love, then randomly find beautiful dolls on blogs only to find out it was the same sculpt I was looking at initially. I may just certainly have a type.
    10. Thank you! He is a tender elf Sha although I sanded down his ears to make him human lol.
      I used to be pretty good at naming sculpts but not anymore.
    11. Thank you so much! :)Kazuya is a Rain
    12. Has anyone ever customized a sleeping head for their DOT or DOI?
    13. Mavis's has changed a bit. But now it's even better. This doll teach me how to do some make up and wigs.

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    14. [​IMG]

      I haven't been on in quite a while. I meant to come post what Lex turned into. I don't think I even posted finished pictures of Gray. I think I've found a way to do pictures more easily. It's difficult from my phone. I got a message from someone who was asking to see one of my guys earlier and then thought, well no one had seen them. So I wanted to introduce you to Alexiel Moon. He's an incubus. I fought to make is body perfect. I hope that you like him.
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    15. @Myrretah he looks gorgeous! What body is he on?
    16. @Myrretah His body blushing looks amazing! :D The freckles look so realistic.
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    17. [​IMG]

      @LaCantarella That is a long story. So you know his head is a Ducan. His upper torso is a female souldoll zenith with f to m mods. His lower torso is female soom supergem with f to m mods. The arms are from the resinsoul 70cm male, and the hands and legs are from the 72cm resinsoul male. He was all different colors, the head a very yellowed normal while his arms and legs were new. The other pieces fell somewhere in the middle but, with the extensive modification, required further care to get the colors kind of cohesive. I made a drawing of him when I got the head. I already had the soom piece but the rest I acquired. When I did his blush, I had to match it to the drawing. Oh there was some nasty language outta me when I was doing that, that much is certain. Originally I had wanted red roses but it didn't quite work out. Some day I will have a doll that has red art nouveau roses on them.
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    18. @Myrretah oh man, you definitely won this battle. He looks amazing! I thought I recognized those joints! I really love the way you did the faceup/blushing!
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    19. Thank you. I'm so glad you like how he turned out. When you are making an incubus rockstar, it's gotta be just right.
    20. Hellooooo

      I just paid for a second hand DOI Kalix vampire in grey skin and I am over the moon! :D Kalix was one of the first BJDs I ever saw, and I have wanted him since 2009. This one needs a bath and a new faceup, and I'm nervous about any staining or yellowing.

      For DOD's grey/tan resin, does anyone know if its on only the surface or is it all the way through? I was considering needing to sand part of him but I'm apprehensive to do so.

      I can't wait to share photos!
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