Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Can't wait to see photos! :XD:

      Kalix has been one of my favorites - or grail, even.
      When was his last release, anyone know? (I might have been too late to the party anyway, back when)
    2. @I<3MySD, I have two tans (a V2 Tan Code02 and a DOC Lapin), and both of them are tan all the way through - but the tan under the top later is quite a bit lighter. You may have to do a little bit of blushing to match him up but he shouldn't change to white or anything, I don't think :3nodding:
    3. I'm pretty sure he was only released in the grey resin once in 2008 with delphine. I got into BJDs in 2009 so it was too late for me then, but I remember seeing his photos and falling in love! There may have been a small limited re-release in 2013 or so, but it was only white and normal skin from what I recall. I could be crazy though! :wiggle

      Thank you so much for your reply! Hopefully it won't come to it, but I'm glad to hear that if it has to happen!
    4. Yes, normal- and white-skin Kalix had a re-release in 2013 -- they called this version "Return to Memory." I ordered mine in October and got him two months later. Congrats, @I<3MySD on getting your Kalix!

      Here are my two fellas (re-release white and original gray), Calypso (with custom DoD faceup) & Caruso:


      And in case you ever wondered how very tall the Dream of Idol guys are compared to a Delf girl (warning: my girl is showing a lot of, ahem, resin): click here.

      Dream of Doll was the very first BJD company I became aware of way back in 2005. My first BJD purchase was one of their "guardian" boys back when they only had MSD-sized dolls. Sigh! I would welcome them back enthusiastically if they ever decided to return.
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    5. Sorry to interrupt your conversation :sweat, but just to reassure you - I have yet to see proof of a resin BJD that is not colored all through, although that age old legend is apparently hard to kill. Just think about how hard it would be to pour liquid resin into molds in different layers of colors...
      BUT! and maybe that's the source of that rumour, if you sand colored resin, in most cases the sanded parts will appear *noticably* lighter. As far as I remember, the explanation was that the resin on the outside of a part cures to a different material density than the inside, and so appears darker. Some more recent companies (Dollshe?) have claimed to make sandable colored resin, but I don't know if it really works. So maybe something to keep in mind?

      And thank you all for your wonderful, wonderful DoD eye candy, this thread is a treat to browse<3
    6. @nikittin your boys are both absolutely gorgeous! They look brand new, I can tell you have taken great care of them! I love that they both have their default outfits, I hope I can find one for my boy!

      Sadly he is not on his original DOI body, his head was sold separately many years ago to the previous owner. She got a resin-matched Resinsoul body for him, but I hope to someday find a DOI body for him. They're so beautiful!

      @Mandagore that is very reassuring! I have only ever heard that rumor for older dolls, so I wasn't sure if it was lore or one company did it back in 2005 and scarred everyone for life! Lol.
    7. Haha, that would at least be an explanation!^^
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    8. The only instances I can think of were the first recast Volks dolls (grayish resin painted beige), and that one time someone ordered a tan Miro Doll and for some reason it was spray-painted instead of cast in that color.

      But darker resin will discolor lighter when carved or sanded, especially the older dolls. It's tricky to work with!
    9. A few years too late for me too then :sweat
    10. Congrats, @I<3MySD, can't wait to see pics! I hope you can find a body for him, but chances are, you will find a whole doll before you find just the body. :3nodding:

      Oh man, that's a "urban legend" I haven't heard in a long time! :lol: I would just give him a good wash first, and then maybe a magic eraser scrubdown before I'd attempt to sand.

    11. You'll never believe it, but weirdly someone on the marketplace here has his body for sale :dance She had a Soom Euclase head on it, but the head sold. Its like it was waiting for me. Seriously though, what are the odds??

      He will definitely be getting a good scrubbing! Lots of tender love and care needed for him.
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    12. I’ve been absent from here a while. Think this whole world has been thrown for a loop.

      I was just talking with my mom earlier about how I still had the one event head from DOD 2014 or 2015, which I’d never gotten a body to go with it Ended up getting Calla or my little elf girl Petsha as my last doll from them before life got in the way and I couldn’t get anything more before they shut down.

      time to start browsing the marketplace again. Hopefully I can find the DOT Boy Body 2, as that’s what I’d been planning to get for it originally. Of course with my luck one of my other wish list dolls will possibly pop up like Black Elf Sha at which point the doll head would still have to wait.
    13. Was there ever a consensus on what happened to DOD? I remember there was a website that popped up for a while years ago, but nothing ever came of that.

      I'll have to post some pictures of my girl once I finish her wig :) I ended up picking a Tender E-an up on the MP last year. She was always one of my wishes, but they went away before I could order her direct x.x
    14. I think they just ghosted. They said they were re-doing the website or something, but then never came back online.

      I would love to see your Tender E-an! Can't wait to see her with her wig. An old friend of mine, the one who actually got me into BJDs and introduced me to DOD, had a regular E-an. She has always been a favorite!
    15. This is my new boy, Calla! He’s a DOI Luke. Got him at a real good price and I think he’s in his og faceup? He’s a bit floppy and needs a restringing but I was too excited and immediately put clothes on him:XD:
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    16. Ohhh he is so handsome! Thank you for sharing. The lips definitely look original to me!

      For DOI boys, are they able to get away with wearing SD17/65cm clothes, or are they strictly in the 70cm clothing category? I'm starting to shop for my Kalix but I'm thinking I may just need to make him something custom, so much of the 70cm clothes out there are not my style!
    17. @Sephora, from what I understand, the recast "industry" basically killed Dream of Doll. Dream of Doll's BJD lines were so popular that they were copied, which eventually made DoD decide to fold. Such a terrible shame too. :(:...(

      Congrats on your Tender E-an, @Sephora, can't wait to see her!:XD:

      What a gorgeous boy, @LaCantarella! You were very lucky, it seems to me that those of us lucky enough to get any DOD dolls are clinging to them like they're a life jacket. I know I am, anyways. :whee: I can't tell if that's a original faceup or not, but it looks like it could be. Its the eyebrows and the eyes that look like it is to me.

      *checks notes* Tohma (DoI Luke) wears anything marked as "Hound-sized." It seems that their dimensions are similar. He also can wear DollHeart 70cm clothes (he has one DH fullset outfit).

      I suspect he could also wear DZ70 and and perhaps Sadol's 70cm clothes. I would take the measurements of both DZ70 and Sadol and compare them to your DoI, just to be sure. I've also wanted to try this site since they specialize in 70cm and larger boy clothes. --> https://www.koibitobjd.com/ They have a few suits and coats that Tohma would approve of, and I can always take them in a bit.

      I just realized that I should change Tohma's outfit from what he's wearing in this post. It's a summery outfit, but I think he could do better. :XD:

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    18. @I<3MySD Thank you! He really is handsome. My only other doll is a 70cm and he’s sharing a wardrobe with him. Sorry I can’t help :sweat

      @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 Thank you! Im lucky to have him :kitty1 I immediately grabbed him when I saw him for sale!
    19. @LaCantarella, it seems that @I<3MySD is asking for help with their DoI, who is a 70cm. So basically, it seems that your two 70cm boys are right up their alley. :3nodding:

      So, where do you buy clothes for your two 70cm boys? Honestly, I'd also like to know. After all, Tohma could always use new clothes. :whee:;)

    20. @LaCantarella that sounds perfect, actually! Thank you for confirming that!

      @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 I tried to look on LegendDoll, they have the most 70cm options, but there wasn't anything that struck my fancy. So I'll probably be making him something myself!