Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Sounds like plan! Have you tried Tata's Paradise? I'vealso had great luck with 70cm clothes for Tohma (And my OFT topic boy Tatsuha) there. Remember, if it's Hound size, chances are, it'll fit your Kalix.

      I'm slowly remembering other places I've bought Tohma's clothes from. I should check out Tata's since I also need to find clothes for Orrell, my more eccentric DoT boy. Poor boy still only has two outfits. :sweat

      Orrell and Jack outside 1
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      I really should take some new pics of him...as soon as it stops raining and dries up. :XD:

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    2. @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 he looks so cute!

      I have a weird photo request as well. Does anyone happen to have the very obscure Elf Mr. W? I saw a stock photo of him and I can't decide if I love him or hate him :XD: I feel I need to see more pictures of him before I add him to my wishlist.
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    3. Thanks to @LupusDarkmoon who showed it to us, this site was found to have most, if not all of DoD's pics on it from their old site.

      I see that we're getting close to post #1000, so when a new thread is started, I vote that we put a link to that dropbox address to make it easy for people to find it. :whee:

      I don't know if anyone that still posts to this thread has an Elf Mr. W, but I too would like to see pics! :3nodding:


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    4. I’m so happy th see this discussion. I got frustrated when I saw that dream of doll was closed. I was about to buy Ivan as my first bjd. So I looked everywhere, and it was very hard to find him second hand.
      But now I have him and also many others: Kirill, Si, Tender Too, 2 Ducans, Sha and 2 special event heads.

      I really love the Ducan’s body I have. I think it’s the most beautiful body I’ve seen on bjd, or maybe it was just my type. Very slender with full behind. I love to do naughty pose on him.

      Sha was hybrided with unknown body but I didn’t like it. So I put him on old dollzone’s body and it fits great!
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    5. OOH! Show us your DOD BJDs! Even the floating heads! :D

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    6. [​IMG]

      I don't know how to post pic lol. The link doesn't work ^^
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    7. I’m amazed to see this still being used! I’ve got a pretty big update to do on it - hopefully this week - there’s a whole lot of things with only thumbnail images I’d left off that I’ve been slowly hunting down. If anyone has any images saved from 2009 and earlier that would be a huge help :D
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    8. NOICE! Its cool to see DOCs as well as DOTs and DOIs. :3nodding: Thank you for sharing!

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    9. There's been a few of them popping up in the MP too. My friends and I have been shooting the links back and forth :) I want to bring them all home, but I'd be so broke, haha.
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    10. You’re welcome! I’m happy to share them :dance
    11. Hybrid question, if anyone has one: what bodies will DOT heads fit on/match well with? If any XD
    12. Guys... I must be living in a dream. If 2020 has been good for anything for me, it has been for grail acquisitions!!

      I'm waiting to open my Kalix (he was a gift from my husband) on my birthday on Wednesday. I logged in to Facebook for the first time in over a week and I could not believe my eyes. Someone was selling a full set Delphine! My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. She was, by some miracle, still available. So now she is on her way home to me too!

      I hope she makes it to my door by Wednesday. This will be a long-time wait for a double grail day! :D I can't wait to share my photos of them!

      I'm planning to dress them both in Victorian-style clothing. I am going to make a mourning dress for the Delphine. Deciding on names now...
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    13. I have Dream of doll Sha yellowed due to age, hybrid well with Doll Family A ns yellow and old dollzone yellowed body. Here is the pic of him with dfa

      And dollzone

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    14. Awesome, thank you! I’ve seen that DollFamily makes good hybrids with a couple different companies, so I’m excited to see this fits as well. That’s the 62cm body, correct?
    15. Yes that is.
    16. Just popping in to share my photo of my Delphine and Kalix :D


      I can't believe they are finally mine! I'm starting to sew them their new outfits now.
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    17. You can only be envied... They are beautiful! <3
    18. Guys... it's happened. Twelve years in the hobby and I've brought home my first DoD boy xD
      And now I kind of want another, and maybe another... :doh

      Anyway, figured I'd just swoop in here and share my boy with you all. (He's a Camine)

      I only got this one rubbishy picture before I sent him away for a face up. I already miss him SO MUCH. I didn't think I would love him this much but here we are.
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