Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. @izumiyavi : I've always loved DoT's slender new body boy over the muscular one but that DOI body is definitely drool worthy :D
    2. @Bzika : those are lovely photos of your couple! Love the soft colors~ I'm planning to try a couple shoot for White Day, but I'm still trying to figure out how to set it up. A SD sized bed is really huge. lol

      @xTempest : Rin is actually on the muscular DOT body. I had such a hard time trying to decide of I should stick with the DOI body or a DOT body when I ordered, but ultimately went with DOT because I wanted my DOD boys to be the same height. :sweat
      I didn't really like the DOT muscular body much until I received Rin and got the chance to see it first hand. Then it's just love love love! :D
    3. Did someone mention droolworthy DOI bodies? ;) Tohma's more than willing to show his off.

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      I also have a DOT muscular body for my Dream 13 boy, Orrell. I just LOVE it as well! both are just.... :drool

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    4. Oh yay, a beefcake party! I love those. <3

      But unfortunately, I can't really join in.... Severin doesn't have a single muscle on him. :XD:

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    5. But, Jenny he does have that nice sleek body. That's one thing I've always liked about the DoT body.
    6. Oh yes, it's sleek! And lovely. But they were talking about muscular bodies, the modern DOT and DOI-- and Severin just can't compete with those abs. <3 All these bodies are beautiful in their different ways.
    7. @izumiyavi : Ah, now i see the difference! DoT's muscular body's abs are higher up than the DoI ones o: I'm surprised tho... i didnt think the DoT muscular body would look that good xD

      @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 : Wow! That body blushing looks really good!! :love I really love the DoI's slender yet muscular bodies xD

      @JennyNemesis : Kyaaa!:D *dies from nosebleed* Severin looks great with that body! He doesnt need muscles to look beautiful and elegant ~
    8. I agree. My other DOD boy, Tsurayuki, has the slender old DOT body and it is perfect for form fitting suits. :D

      Yeah, I was really surprised myself! But to be completely honest though, post-processing and shadows also helps a lot.

      All these shirtless boys are really tempting me to do a poolside/beach shoot with my crew now. It's just too bad I don't have swim trucks for all of them. XD
    9. @izumiyavi yes please beach or pool shoot! :D

      I agree-- muscles just wouldn't look right on this guy! I like smooth slender bodies with smooth anime-type faces. :kitty2:

      His body works great with all the strippery rockstar clothes I like to put him in, too.... with that look, one shouldn't seem too athletic or health-crazed. ^^ (And his big soft curvy girly bottom looks so good in leather pants!)
    10. @izumiyavi : Do itt!!! :D

      @JennyNemesis : Yea, the slender body seems to just work out really well with Ducans xD .
    11. I really prefer the look and frame of the regular (slender) body too.
      I tend to like bjd's with less realistic or anime faces, and I guess same goes for how definition is in the body. The muscle and realistic head sculpts is nice in photos but in real life I wonder if I'd get the uncanny valley effect xD
    12. Wow! How beautiful eroticism as always we missed !!! Eh! :doh
      Now I sit and consider handsome !!! What the body beautiful company !!! :D
      And I thought ... that my boys are so shy in this regard ..:aeyepop:

      And yet, I do not know whether all the celebrated ... but our small company this Saturday is going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day)), which was officially yesterday (17 March) and is not a holiday in Russia.
      For me it will be the first time, although there are people in my town who celebrate it regularly, not only among themselves, but also in a puppet format)) This is interesting!
      And you what holidays are celebrated only in the country ?? Christmas does not count! It is celebrated everywhere!
      I'm very often, for example, films made by Hollywood, heard about the Day of Thanksgiving)) And that's all gather at one table - very beautiful tradition! It would be interesting to do something like that)) unless such an idea could be implemented here! O_o

      And finally, Brandon, it's very hard getting ready for St. Patrick's Day, plus Coves, green is his favorite color!))

    13. @Bzika : Ooohhh Brandon looks quite handsome ^-^

      So sorry for not posting here. Been quite out of the loop irl.
      I've been searching for jeans for Krow. He has a DoT 2 body. Can anyone tell me what jean measurement is good on a DoT 2 body?
      I was eyeing on a pair in the marketplace earlier.
      Messaged the seller and the measurement is:
      Inseam - 12 inches // Total of pant's length is - 14.5 inches.
      I think it's a M6 jeans. If anyone can help me that would be appreciated.
      I bought TTYA jeans for SDs and it's too tight and can't zip on my boy there. Though it fits on a SD female x D
    14. BlueyKiwi
      It's nice that you liked Brandon!))
      Thank you so much! :blush

      On your question unfortunately, for its part can not help, since most of the clothes sew herself, including jeans for their BJD...
    15. Its been a while since I took a pic of Orrell, so I thought it was about time to do so. :) This is the first time he's worn this outfit, and he's been in it for a a few months now. :XD: Poor Orrell needs more than two outfits. :sweat


      Fun fact: His skirt-part of his outfit was inside out for months. I didn't know until I wanted to take this pic of him. :doh

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    16. Wow, great outfit! Did you make it? I have a demon here who would loooove that corset...
    17. I WISH! I'm not that talented...yet. ;)

      It was a limited DoD outfit that at first I thought belonged to The B, but after doing a quick search of the DoD website, I don't think so anymore. Its been a year since it was gifted to me when I bought Orrelll's body, and I didn't write down which doll the outfit was from. :doh

      I should do a more comprehensive search on the DoD site, if nothing more than to add it to his notes.

      Edit: FOUND IT! I forgot that Orrell is on the DoT-2 body, so I was looking in the wrong areas. It's the Mr. P1 fullset that was only available from December 22nd, 2011 to January 30th, 2012. Here's the link:
      Welcome to Dream Of Doll

      Hn...looks like I didn't get the necklace that the pics show. I wouldn't have wanted it anyway. I took off the cross that was on the long chain and replaced it with a wing. Orrell's a Ceremonial Magician in the Torchwood universe.

      And I agree, that corset makes the outfit! You should see the chains that hang off of it! :D

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    18. Aww, dang! :aheartbea I thought it maybe looked familiar. Wow, yeah, I remember Mr. P and Caracal. That was awhile back! Stunning outfit-- but you can't really see it as well with Mr. P's long hair as you can with Orrell's short hair. :D There's so many great details with the seaming and the drapery of it all, besides the chains. Yes, Severin would definitely be coveting that.

      Also-also, I forgot how hot Mr. P. was. :aheartbea
    19. Ryuichi Sakuma 13, Wow!
      The first time I see this picture outfit at home !!! :celebrate
      Very unusual, but rather in the style of DOD!))
      ABOUT! By the way, DH13 is no exception and is very glad to see photos of other owners Mold! ;)

      If we are talking about past times ...
      Interestingly, and here on the DOA has keepers of Doi Adolph ??
      It was always interesting to see it not only in the promo, he's a very nice guy! And I notice that I have a weakness for dolls that have visible teeth! :love

      And yet, can we boast ???
      The other day we met in the city of puppeteers!
      And here are some pictures ... I hope that you and we have fun ....

      On the photo Liam (Sha) and Ме))

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    20. I'm new to the house! Nice to meet youuu! I'm having a headache because I don't know which doll should I buy. i'm currently in love with Ermo and Kious. Has anyone had either of them? I would love if you share your review and photos with me. Thankssss!