Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Welcome to the thread, saitoakikooo! :kitty2

      Honestly, IIRC, Kious is so new that none have arrived to anyone's homes yet. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

      He's a great choice, I didn't notice that his fingernails are so long and elegant!

      If you order him are you going to get the DoT body or the DoI one?

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    2. Thank you Ryu! I don't know which one should I choose. Because DoD are having new DOT body, but I think DoI is better? Actually, I really don't know ;A; Cause they're both great.
    3. saitoakikooo, Hi!!!
      Nice to meet new people! Although I myself a novice in the world community! And in the hobby not so long ago - three years!
      I will be glad to see photo! :3nodding:
      And by the way, I saw Kious live at one of her friend (though we live in different cities) and this guy is beautiful !!! :D
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    4. Oh wow, I somehow missed that you were new to the thread as well, Bzika! Welcome! :)

      You got to see a Kious IRL? Lucky you! I think he's beautiful as well. Those fingers and that mouth...so sexy! If my house had more space, I'd seriously consider getting him!

      saitoakikooo, I have both a DoI and a DoT-2, but I have to say it depends on what look you want for your boy. Tohma, my Luke (L) is more long and lean. Orrell, my Dream 13 (R) is compact and a bit more muscular.

      Tohma and Orrell body comparison 1
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      Hope this helps!

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    5. Ryuichi Sakuma 13, Oh! Thank you for the greetings!
      I'm not so brand new (I shy :whee:) on DOA I am little more than two months :doh, but the dialogue on the DOD for my favorite, both in general, and the company itself! Therefore, I very rarely write on DOA!))

      I would venture home and show photos Kious, I think that a friend will not be angry at me ... :?
      After all the guy really is beautiful!

      And that he is! :wiggle (DOI body)

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    6. Thanks Ryu and Bzika!
      I think the DOI body looks better? Cause I don't really like muscular boy =)) I think I've made the decision. I'm gonna go with Kious! Fortunately, I have just enough money for him ;^; so happyyy
      Bzika: Your friend's Kious is so beautifulll!
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    7. saitoakikooo
      I'm glad you liked it))
      I think my friend will be pleased to read your compliments in his address))
      I myself a fan of the DOI range, so you'll cajole the guy on this body! :D

      Plus, if you've already decided you'd better hurry up with your order.
      I'm in a very close correspondence with the company and today they reported the news by e-mail that the site will soon be closed (temporarily) and the company for technical inspection, so they are temporarily unable to take orders, but will be available by e-mail.
      If you are not targeting how to contact them, I can write their e-mail here.

      I do not know whether there is an ad about it on the board, but I can provide the original letter that received today.
      If suddenly someone had doubts.
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    8. O v O reallyyyyy ;A; But Kious is SOLD OUT! I'm panicking :<<<< I think I need to find another vampire :<<<<< Do you know which brands have beautiful vamps like Kious? ;^;
    9. saitoakikooo
      Oh, so why rush ?? О_О
      Send e-mail about your request! sure that they will go to meet you!
      Buy another vampire, you still have time, why do so immediately leave smiling with a dream ??
      Here is the address of their e-mail address: [email protected]
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    10. Could I send email to ask them about Kious O v O? Do you know how long will it take for them to reply? Thanks!

      ohhhh I think I know what is happening! They marked every doll sold out. I'm gonna ask them! Thank you~ You helped me alottttt
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    11. saitoakikooo
      Of course you can write to them!
      I do it for three years now and I write not only about dolls !!
      When they are not loaded substantially meet the next day!
      Do not be afraid to ask)) DOD wonderful, really!
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    12. Usually, how long do they reply your email?
    13. saitoakikooo,
      On average, within three working days. If they have holidays, they warn the dates within which communication will not be and it is illuminated by the board.
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    14. Oh nice! I'll wait for their respond. If I can, I'll post here what happened :>
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    15. saitoakikooo,
      Glad I could help))
      It would be very interesting to know that in the end they will respond.
      I really hope that your dream come true!))

      And on such a positive note, we dilute the text of the photo!


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    16. [UPDATE] All dolls on DOD - their statuses have been changed to "coming soon". I'm looking forward to the company's reply!
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    17. Oh, the (good) drama! I can't wait for you to hear from them as well, saitoakikooo, I hope you can get your boy! It'll be nice to have someone as active as you that has one in the thread! :D

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    18. @Bzika you take very nice photographs!

      @saitoakikooo That is odd. I was just looking at Lilth yesterday and she had a price up there. But now it's as you say changed to "coming soon". I was looking because she's one of the few white skin dolls they offer. One of my complaints with DoD is that they don't offer skin choices. I'm not a huge fan of the looks of the new girl body either but haven't seen one in person.

      Here's an old pic of Celine, my DoD Thalia. Which makes me realize that she's been neglected photographically in recent years....

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    19. dollhausen
      Thanks for your feedback))
      Very nice))

      Your girl is delicious!
      I saw live the Mold! She is very mature compared to other girls of DOT.
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