Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. You and Liam are so cute, @Bzika ! :whee: And what a TINY car. It makes Liam look very tall (or are you very small? ^^).

      It looks like Kious looks better in snapshots than he does in the sales-photos... he's really pretty! I love the claw hands.
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    2. JennyNemesis, Ahahahaha!)) Thank you !!! :D
      No, I'm not a small)) But quite the opposite is high! Just after the car sit virtually on the pope !!! :XD:
      Therefore, such an effect on the photo!))
      A car is an attraction in the supermarket, it is remote controlled, their parents take rent and ride children aged 3-5 years!
      Well, we have a convertible for the company, but only to be photographed! :XD:
      Kious terrific life and DOD generally graceful hands, even aristocratic, both with long nails or without! :thumbup
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    3. [UPDATE] Actually, everyone may have read this on DoD's page, but I'm going to post here again for people who couldn't see the new notification!
      "This is Dream of Doll. Since we will have rearrangement for our website, we don't take orders. It is not available to make orders and confirm deposit by website. Manufacturing, delivery, notice board will be available. Whenever you have a questions about us, please send us e-mail or use Q&A board." - Copied from DoD's site.
      I think they close the orders because of the "rearrangement", I've asked them some infos about ordering Kious. If there're new notifications, I'll tell you!!!
    4. Ryu: I hope to have him soon! I'll try my best to participate in this box :'>
      dollhausen: You're girl is gorgeous O v O. Best girl I've seen till now. :">>>> And Lilth is very nice vampire :)
      I'm obsessed with vamps these days :'>> Gotta find some more~
    5. Thanks Bzika, saitoakikooo! She was my first doll.

      I wonder what's going on? If it's rearrangement of the web site or the company? Anyway, I hope they come back since I do want a Lilth. I'd been waiting to see someone else's first but I have yet to see one on the web.
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    6. I hope the web and the company will return to normal soon~ 'Cause I want to buy Kious before I go to USA to study :(
    7. dollhausen,
      Oh! The first doll - it's very exciting!
      Such feelings are never forgotten and with nothing can not compare !!!
      And what a nice feeling when you take into the hands of even just a box! Heavy, but it is so precious !!!))

      saitoakikooo, Hold on to your fists !!! :cheer
      And I believe that your Guy will you settle !! Looking to the future, as far as I understand the nature of Creations from the DOD, He will knock on your door unexpectedly!
      Believe me - it will happen! :whee:

      And on this page to be a girl!
      And Monika (DOT Isis) decided that it would be time and it began to show in humans))

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    8. Wowww! You're girl is so pretty @Bzika
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    9. [UPDATE] We can still order dolls from DOD by email, guys!!! I'm so thrilled =)))
    10. Bzika, yes, I'll always remember when I opened that first box! Monika is beautiful. I don't think I've seen an Isis before. Thanks for sharing.
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    11. saitoakikooo,
      Thank you!
      Monika pleased that she liked))
      Oh! Your dream come true by all means !! My prophecies do not fail! :thumbup

      I understand you perfectly! First - they are special!))
      I am glad that you lovely Monika! :celebrate
      And I can still surprise again!
      In fact, I have two DOT Isis! :wiggle

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    12. Uwaaaa the right one's wig is soooooo cool!! Where did you get that? And these dolls are cute :'> I'm waiting for Kious to be here :'>> I'm checking all the money again :>
    13. @Bzika wow, double trouble! What fun! What bodies are they on? Are they new?

      @saitoakikooo You might as well sit down on the couch and kick back. It's always a long wait.....probably two months. That will give you time to get clothes and wigs and shoes and......
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    14. saitoakikooo,
      Ahahaha !! So I think Tesla will appreciate even more !! :mwahaha
      Wig book with Crobidoll size 8 ".
      And I congratulate you on the first step of waiting passed dreams! :D

      We are so, yes! We like to have fun and have some fun! :dance
      The two girls in the new bodies))
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    15. So many pretty dolls! :D

      saitoakikooo, I'm so glad to hear that you can still order your boy! You know we'll all be holding our breaths until he's home, right? :3nodding:

      But dollhausen's correct. You might as well make yourself comfortable, you're in for a bit of a wait. Plenty of time to start creating his backstory and buying clothes and shoes and....:love

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    16. I'll take in your suggests and keep calm!
    17. Something calm again!
      Disorder !!! We are determined to make some noise))

      Tesla sends a big Hi to all! :D

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    18. Love them all !!!

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    19. JennyNemesis
      Thanks for the comment!)) She was nice! ))
      This DOT Isis!

      Severin as always beautiful in its exclusivity !!! :3nodding:
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