Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. Work have been really hectic lately so I haven't been doing much with my boys. Haha
      But I've messed with Rin's hair a little and trimmed and restyled it! :3


      @Bzika Ooo, Tesla looks cute! And I love her name too! :) Which body is she on?

      @JennyNemesis Severin is looking great as ever~ Does his eyes reflect the light like that naturally? Also, have you considered sticking little strips of foam (like those used to protect dolls during shipping) on the inside of the mask? It might help protect his face up from any sharp edges if you want to try having him wear it.
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    2. Well, foam would be too visible & I wouldn't want to cover up the buckles. And I'm not putting buckles anywhere near his face. Besides which the mask is just too too small in size. Maybe it'd fit an MSD doll. Great prop though.

      As for his eyes, yes.... They're metallic, so when the light hits them just right, they flare like glowing embers! I love the effect. Especially nice on a doll with sleepy eyes (eye color is otherwise hard to see in narrow eyesockets).

      Rin's hair is a glorious shade of blue!
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    3. izumiyavi,
      Oh! Thank you very much for such sympathy! According to history her parents astrophysics, and daughter they named after the great Serbian scientist physics Nikola Tesla )) And her name Wardenclyffe, given to her in honor of the famous tower created by the same scientists who conducted experiments with electricity!
      This is a brief biography of her.;)
      She is on DOT girl new body))

      Rin is really his new hairstyle! Guy like a magazine cover !! :D
    4. Hey, guys! Does anyone here have a Sha + the muscular body? I want to see if he'd look pin-headed on it or not. Thanks! c:
    5. @Selenae I do! I'm currently traveling, though, so I don't have access to many pics of him. There's this (old, silly photo ^^) and this, if they might help? I can snap more when I get back (with less clothes in the way, maybe? haha), if that would be better.
    6. Ah, thank you so much! He actually looks really good. This makes me happy. Your boy is really cute, too!
    7. I can't believe I haven't posted here yet, I love my Dream of Doll boys.

      I've got three but these guys are my first two, the lovely Caracal and Mr P1. Caracal kept his name but my Mr P1's name is Janus. The only two dolls I ordered at the same time; they're inseparable :whee:


      I see Dream of Doll's website is still being updated. Any news on when they'll be back up again? I wanted to buy some outfits from them for two of my older boys who are in desperate need of a wardrobe change :XD:
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    8. Very lovely, @Magical Rin! (and lovely doll collection overall!)
      Mr. P1 is my favorite DoD doll. But I got a soft spot for all their pointed-eared dolls/sculpts too though...
    9. @Magical Rin Gorgeous boys! :D I've been seeing your photos of Solace around and I really love what you have done with him~ Didn't know you had DoD boys too!

      Last I heard, Dream of Doll still accepts orders via email. You can try contacting them at [email protected] (from their site's footer). :3
    10. Thank you very much~

      Mr P1 was my favourite and the first out of the two that I really liked, it seemed wrong to separate the two of them so I splurged and bought the two of them :XD: I rather like a lot of their vampires as well, especially some of the girls.

      Thanks so much! :whee: Solace is definitely my pride and joy, haha! And yep, sure do they were my 3rd and 4th dolls actually.

      That's good to know, I might contact them and see what they have to say.

      Meanwhile here's my other DoD boy Cecil; a Sha full set (though he has a Leeke world wig now), he still needs his Oscar eyes :XD: I really need to take new photos of him.

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    11. Magical Rin, Wow !! What are your brightest guys live))
      And Cecil especially drew attention !!! He so goes the color of hair !!!
      It seems that I'm in love! :love

      And we, too, not with empty hands !!
      I finally made a camouflage for Franky !!! And now he looks like himself!))
      So now I have a new doll syndrome. although the guy with me one and a half years!))

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    12. hi everyone! i'm interested in a DOT girl, and i'd like to assume that they wear 8-9 wigs like most SDs? however the DOD site just lists their wigs as DOT, DOI, DOC, etc.

      could someone enlighten me as to what size wigs the DOT girls wear? :) much appreciated!!!

    13. DoT girls wears 8-9 wigs :)
    14. thank you so much!!! ♡
    15. You're welcome ~
    16. I haven't posted here in a very long time. Thought I pop in in this thread and see the posts and pictures here. ^_^
      Always excited and never disappointed. x D I don't have any new pictures of Krow yet and considering to send him to a faceup artist but still not sure yet.
    17. @BlueyKiwi Oooo post pictures if you do send Krow out for a new face up! :D You don't really see many The Bs out there with a non-default face up. Though honestly, I don't think there are a lot of owners out there. I would send Rin out for one myself, but I'm still loving his company default too much right now. :sweat

      On a separate note, I wonder if DoD will be done with their site revamp soon...
    18. Magical Rin,
      Wow! Your boys are really hot! *___*
      they look great together))) I want some more pictures of them.
      And Sha is such a nice boy ^^

      Military style is my favorite. Franky looks so dangerous)))
    19. Thanks! :whee: They're completely inseparable. I don't have any new photos of them so I'll just leave this old one here for now ;)


      One day they'll let me a get a decent photo of them together that actually shows their faces :XD: haha~