Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 6

Nov 11, 2015

    1. @Magical Rin: Woot some sexiness going in that darkness :love

      @izumiyavi: Yeah I might send him to a faceup artist after the rest of my dolls undergo a new one as well.

      Just gonna leave a photo of Krow here.
      Finally finished a photostory so I might as well share one photo here.
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    2. Yes indeed :lol:haha~

      That's a really nice shot of Krow. The B looks like a really photogenic sculpt :)
    3. Oh, It is a pity that so few photos . They are so good together, even if face is not visible :love
      And I 'll be waiting for a huge number of photos:3nodding:

      I am not a skilled photographer, so I took a portrait photo again^^
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    4. BlueyKiwi,
      This is one of the most beautiful The B, which I have seen. Suit wonderful sitting on him .He is so handsome :D
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    5. @Magical Rin: Thank you! There isn't alot of The B pics so it be nice to see more of them. That doesn't mean I'm only specifically looking for The B sculpt. It is nice to see all the different sculpts in case I missed. :)

      @uncorn: Thank you! Oh I've seen your photo on the flickr group! I went ahead and favorite it ^_^ I was wondering what is your boy's name by the way? I love his wig color. I've been meaning to add some color to Krow's wig but it is quite difficult at the moment.
    6. BlueyKiwi,
      Thank you for your words. His name is Raiden ^^
      He is something like the leader of my DOD gang :lol:

      I came to you on flickr. And just WOW . Krow looks great in any outfit . There are some photo of him where he looks like a J-Rock star... Oh, God! Krow so cool <3___<3
    7. @BlueyKiwi Quick question! Did you have Krow's ear pierced, or is the earring clipped or glued on? I've been looking around for ideas on how to get them on my dolls temporarily and the clip-ons I've found goes into the ear canal. Which looks really odd. I'm also avoiding gluing them on since it will just be for one shoot...
    8. @uncorn : Ahh okay! And thank you ^_^. I was looking through yours as well and love your photos of your guy and your gang there. Raiden has a gorgeous face :XD:

      @izumiyavi : It's actually pierced. I tried clipping on the ear but it just wouldn't stay on at all. I always was afraid of piercing it myself so I had my friend do it since she did the earring for me. You have to use a very small drill to pierce it I believe. I'll have to ask her again what she used. I know of dolls that have glued earrings onto the ear but never really tried it myself.
      But it's for one shoot I find that this tutorial could help you. Just by using glue. BJD Piercing How To
    9. Been awhile since ive dropped by here xD ... (Thread doesnt seem to want to notify me even though i've hit subscribe...)

      @BlueyKiwi : Really love that shot of Krow! The expression and lighting is just perfect!! :love

      @uncorn : I really like Raiden's wig! .... and Ducans seems to take over the crew, dont they ? xD Mine pretty much rules over my crew as well >.<"

      Its been almost a year since i've seen this girl as i've been overseas ^^" ... Finally got to get some decent pictures of her last weekend ~

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    10. Oh yeah! Dukans like to rules ^^. This is their basic setting:lol:

      At first sight I did not understand what the doll is here... This girl captivates with its look. She is so sweet with this gentle make-up:love
      Awesome photo! :thumbup

    11. Yea, i've had many ppl tell me that they could not recognize which sculpt she is xD She is a Tender E-an ^^"
    12. @xTempest: Thank you. And Wow A Tender E-an version. I don't think I've seen much of that one yet? She's really pretty! Is this her default faceup?
    13. Yea, i havent seen much tender E-ans either... But that isnt her default ^^ She came with Gothic makeup from DoD and it didnt fit the character we wanted, so we changed her faceup xD
    14. Wow, watching all your pictures made me fall in love even more with the boys of this company! I'm looking to buy one second hand, but since the company seems completely out of stock or something (what's up with that anyway?), I was wondering if any of you have any heads on another companies' bodies?
      Excuse me while I keep on droolling meanwhile~

    15. DoD is temporarily not accepting orders as they are revamping their website. You can email them about it if you are interested in placing an order ^-^ As for hybrids... i dont think ive seen any >.< .. Could be because of their colour, making it a tad hard to find a resin match with another company, but if theres any out there, i would really like to know o:
    16. Aa
      Aaaaah that explains the website then! Do you happen to know the price range? I can't find it anywhere, and I might want to place an order like you say.
      I asked about hybrids in other places, if I find something I will show you... Or if I decide to get a body and try it out! I want that head so badly >.<
    17. Which head/doll are you trying to get ? I dont think they offer heads for all the dolls they have... Only selected ones >.<
      Im not sure if they've changed the prices but DoTs were about 500ish for the basic doll and around 700ish if u were to add the makeup, outfit and shipping.
    18. @xTempest I was thinking of a Dream of Idol, possibly L-ar or The B, or just a body for the head I found, if those aren't available...
      I did fall in love with L-ar though ♡.♡

    19. DoI are slightly more expensive than DoTs, but you can email them to ask if you can place an order. L-ar is still pretty new so im sure they have the fullset still available. I would suggest getting a full doll from them as there could be yellowing/different resin colour for the head if you were to get that second hand ^^
    20. I'm ready for it to be some more expensive... I'm calculating around 500-700€ from what I saw on other companies :'(
      Do you think a 2011 head on a new body would be too different? >.< I really liked that head as well...