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Ebay problem: Fallingangels / DOA Lordjestocost (working to solve!)

Oct 2, 2007

    1. The seller has contacted me, and we are definetly in the way to solve it. I hope all ends soon! I have to say his reply was promot and kind.


      I purchased about a month and a half ago this very same outfit:


      I never recieved it, seller did not reply my messages, and now she had even the courage to RELIST the item again with the same photos. I am going to leave her bad feedback and a paypal claim in 12 hours if she does not reply. Definetly, do not deal with this seller!!
    2. That looks like Arkady's Hound, Marius. Are those really the seller's pictures?
    3. I bought a pair of trousers from them... they do make everything themselves, so its not necessarily physically the SAME outfit. But I do recall that they took a very long time to mail out the trousers. There was enough of a delay that I had to PM them about it.
    4. I have sold several of these outfits, and my wife makes, them, so this is not a scam! I'm sorry you haven't received your items, and I'll be glad to replace them with a proof of mailing. International shipping can take awhile, and I haven't had any messages from you before today about this. eBay does seem to loose some of our messages, as we've had buyers claim they didn't get invoices from us as well. I have replied to you everywhere and will send you new ones as soon as you contact me with your address again, just to make sure. Take a look at the eBay feedback from other buyers of our clothes; all of them are not only happy with the items, but mention speedy shipping. Which says that there was a problem with your shipment, and now that I know about it, I'll fix it.

      And these ARE my pictures, and my Hound, thanks.

      My wife runs the ebay, but I am definately a he...haven't been mistaken for a girl since I cut my hair... ;)