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Warning Ebay Scam Email, targeting doll auction bidders?

Jan 6, 2006

    1. I hope this isn't considered off topic, but I felt extremely concerned for my fellow DoA members. I received a VERY convincing email from "suspension@ebay.com" claiming my account was suspended and asking me to click a link and fill out a form. The link began with "http://signin.ebay.com..." and led to a site displaying my username and ebay's logo and looked very authentic. After signing in it asked me for personal information including my social security and credit card numbers. When I saw it was NOT SECURE and no longer had "ebay.com" in the first part of the web address I did not submit the form. I've already changed my password, and notified ebay of the email.

      I've already spoken to one other person who's recently bid on doll auctions, and they received the same email.

      Doll related products are the only thing I use ebay for, that's why I felt it would be a good idea to warn everyone here in case others have received email. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK OR FILL OUT THE FORM!!!

      I sincerely hope ebay officials investigate this, but with all the scams out there I can't really expect much.
    2. thank you for the warning!

      SD10 Megu-Darith
    3. Thanks for the warning but everyone gets these emails. Even folks who don't even have an ebay account. So they aren't targeting doll buyers/sellers. In fact I have been complaining recently because I went from getting about 1 or 2 of these phishing emails a month to now I am getting about 2 a day. (I'm also getting paypal scams too.) You should foward all scams to spoof at ebay dot com. (Or spoof at paypal dot com for paypal scams.)
    4. I used to get these messages all the time from ebay and paypal. but lately i haven't gotten any in awhile....lol next time i check my email ill probably have like 10 phishing emails.
    5. I get these all the time, thankfully Gmail shifts them to the "Useless Crap" folder for me :D
    6. When you get anything suspicious from "ebay", forward to spoof@ebay.com. If it's from "PayPal", forward to spoof@paypal.com. They will check it out and let you know if it's a fake, which it usually is.
    7. I get these messages from ebay and paypal all the time but I make it a habit never to clink a link within an email . I will go to my bookmarked site first and see if they have any info on it . You are lucky that you did not have your ebay account hijacked.
    8. I think I have run into like 1 or 2 actual ebay phishing e-mails. though the most current and on going phishing e-mails I've been getting are paypal ones. of course, I never click ont them, I delete them. =D anyways, thanks for the warning.
    9. I got one last week for a credit union I've never heard of. That made me laugh. I've only gotten a few eBay ones though.
    10. yahoo puts my real ebay emails in the regular inbox, and the fake ones in the junkmail section. The link LOOKED like the right one, but if you looked at where the actual address of the link it was to a fake ebay site.

    11. I always change View Headers to "full" and send it on to spoof@***. But most of the most recent eBay / PayPal phishing emails I've gotten recently have hidden coding in the message that prevents you from forwarding it to spoof@*** or even doing "reply" and then changing the recipient to spoof@***. I have had to do some fancy copy'n'paste antics to get the important info into a "clean" email message that will actually send.
    12. If it claims to be from ebay....check your ebay messages at your account!
      If it is from ebay, it should be in the inbox there too......
    13. Ugh. It's not limited to eBay alone. I have a German email account and somehow I get mail from some German "bank".

      The tell-tale sign is that usually the whole message is actually a picture, and if you click on *any* part of it you will get sent to some weird funky address (that's how they make it look so real!)

      (The real giveaway, of course, is that I'm Malaysian, have only been to Germany once, and do not have a German bank account. I don't even read German. I suspect, as someone once told me, that scammers use random letter/name generators, then send out hundreds and thousands of emails, hoping that a few gullible net users will fall for it.)

      So if you get similar emails asking you to "click here, login and change password" from ANYWHERE: paypal, your bank, eBay, yahoo! auction, online pet store, etc., etc... you need to be careful! 99.99999% of the time it's FAKE!!!!
    14. I've gotten those a few times from ebay and once from paypal when I didn't even have a paypal account yet. I just recently got one from paypal again, thank goodness I forwarded it it spoof@paypal.com before I signed in or I'd be in biiiiig trouble!, because paypal e-mailed me back saying it was a spoof! :vein
    15. I get these as well, and I always forward them off to the fraud awareness/report secitons of Ebay, Paypal and anywhere else I get them from.

      I find it annoying, and actually rather amusing. I don't have an e-bay, or paypal account, yet am still getting these messages. Thankfully now, they fall into spam.

      Always make sure they address you by name, that's usually a clue whether or not they're fradulent.
    16. I get these emails all the time. I've never bothered to pay them any attention, especially since I get them to an email address that isn't tied to eBay in anyway.