eBay seller koreaexpress

Apr 16, 2007

    1. Has anyone bought from koreaexpress? They currently have a number of limited edition dolls up, and I contacted them concerning other dolls. The feedback looks good, but I'd be reassured if someone on here has something to say about this seller.
    2. Bumping to see if anyone has purchased from this seller..?
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    5. Hi Portentia,
      I purchased a Dolkot doll from this seller, who has been unregistered from eBay. I know that there are a lot of reasons why sellers get unregistered and that this seller also sold things other than dolls. The seller looked to be quite honest with all good feedback so I am holding out hope that they will come through with my doll, which they have told me was supposed to be shipping today. I have not gotten an EMS number yet but I will update with further news as I get it. I am really hoping to be able to get the doll as it was a Dolkot fullset that I couldn't find anywhere else. I checked down here to see if there was anyone else who'd transacted with the seller.
    6. Update on the Koreaexpress eBay transaction:

      I got a very nice e-mail today that gave the tracking number for my doll. It looks like it was sent EMS on May 31 as promised originally to me. The seller had some trouble with his e-mail so he could not let me know till today. I will be able to pick up the doll tomorrow or Monday and I will post here if it is all as advertised.

      The seller also told me they are having some trouble right now with their eBay account and it should be cleared up within the week. Although we didn't discuss it, I saw that the seller is selling Gucci and DVDs as well as dolls, and those are the types of items that often get sellers booted off eBay because the rights owner claims they are fake, so I was thinking that might be the problem and not the dolls. I did google this seller before I took a chance on buying and they have good word of mouth in several doll communities as well as all the positive feedback.

      I will update again after I get the doll I bought in hand.
    7. They did deliver right on time. My husband picked up the doll and I have been away from my house and not gotten to open the box yet, but the EMS number shows it was delivered. I'll edit this post after I get to see the doll but I'm not expecting any problems with it since the seller koreaexpress delivered pretty much when they said they would. So it looks like this transaction went well despite whatever problem the seller is having with eBay.
    8. Thanks for posting this info, bunnydots. It's good to know that koreaexpress is a legitimate seller.
      Does anyone else have a transaction to report?