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ebay seller *pinayqueen* hijacked account

Mar 21, 2007

    1. has anyone bought/sold with her? she has a kurumi fullset on ebay with a starting bid of $12 :o the auction is here:


      i dunno.... seems a bit funny to me. the auction ends in less than a day. I really want kurumi, but even with a $15 bid.... i dunno.... I can't tell if she set it low to try to get a lot of attention and spark a bidding war, or what. Her feedback isn't exactly perfect, although it's not exactly bad either...

      what to do? hmmm

      and I'm tempted to not say anything and take my chances that not many people will see it and not many will bid, but I don't want anyone to get scammed either if there is something we all should know.....

      Thanks for any info, and feel free to pm me if you would rather contact me that way
    2. It is a scam. I sent them a message and recieved this:


      The account has been hijacked. Definitely don't bid on it.
    3. Thank you!
      I foolishly bid, but have since been outbid. I asked for real photos to try to see what they'd say, not expecting to actually get any.

      What should I do now to be the most help to the real account holder and to try to help the other bidders from being scammed?
    4. Well, the person with the real account said to continue reporting them, so I suppose you could report the auction as fraud.
    5. well, I got a response from the actual account holder letting me know about the fraud. The auction has since been canceled. I am also going to change the title of this thread so everyone can see it is a stolen account. I hope they don't actually get any money from anyone :(
    6. That totally sucks.

      Just keep in mind, if you get an e-mail that looks like it came from ebay about your account, NEVER follow the links in the e-mail. delete the e-mail and go into e-bay in another browser and find out what the problem is. If ebay truly sent you a message it would be in your "My Messages" folder. This is an e-mail scam where someone is sending an e-mail to people saying that there is a problem with their account and "Follow this link for instructions". The phony ebay page will come up and ask you for your user name and password....Do not follow the link from your e-mail and do NOT enter your info. That's how they probably got her info to scam her like this.

      I watch a lot of 20/20, can you tell? ;)
    7. Actually what E-Bay has requested you do is Forward the email ,without opening it, to them to spoof@ebay.com. They have a way of tracing the isp of the email. If you delete it first, they don't have that information. I have to do this about every two months. I had to change all my information because they had frozen my account because someone had stolen it. I never open an email from e-bay.
    8. yeah - I stopped sending them to ebay after my 50th scam message. I understand that I'm supposed to but it's just annoying....
    9. I had my own account hijacked when I was looking at purses on ebay. There was a very inappropriate content type auction listed in with designer purses, it had a very graphic picture of a woman displayed. I clicked on the 'auction' to report it, and the login page (or at least what I thought was the login page) popped up for me to put my login information in. When I did, a page that looked like ebay popped up to inform me that the item I was trying to report was no longer there.

      About two weeks later someone in japan was using my account to try and sell a motorbike.

      So definitely be careful and train yourself to look up at the address toolbar to see where you really are when you click on anything listed in an auction. I felt so foolish to have fallen for something like that. I hope the seller can straighten their mess out soon, it took me a good difficult hour on the phone with ebay before my account was reset for me and I could access it again :(
    10. No I would suggest before deleting the suspicious email, forward it to ebay and then delete it. I'm sorry, it's not really a hassle to click "forward" and type "spoof@ebay.co.uk", I mean, do you want these scammers to keep getting away with it just because it's hard for you to take one minute to report them? If your account gets compromised I'm sure you'd feel different about it. You don't even need to write anything when you forward the email, just forward it ^_^ (sorry if I come across rude, I'm just angry at scammers, not you!)

      I don't think we should just ignore and delete these emails, because they are ILLEGAL, and deleting them without forwarding them to eBay is helping the scammers!

      It gives eBay some information to work on AND they can resassure you within an hour usually that the email is bad (or not, but it usually is). I know you may think because of similar scam emails, they haven't done much, but they are legally obligated to search into this and find out who is scamming.

      And I never get any emails from eBay usually (unless I have bid on an item or whatever) so I treat all emails as suspicious.

    11. Don't feel bad, Spicy. It happens to the best of us.
    12. Rinoa - I think that's the case with most ebay e-mails. most of them are trying to get your info even when you haven't bid on anything. I had one posing as a person who wanted to give me bad feedback because I didn't respond to their inquiries. It probably would have caught someone who does a lot of selling. I don't sell at all, I buy so that was easy to spot.

      yeah, maybe I'll start sending them again. *SIGH*

      darned conscience. ;)

    13. Awww thank you:)

      I agree, its such a pain to get those emails all the time and having to forward them, but I figure if it helps prevent even one person from going through the nasty time I did it will be worth it;)
    14. I luck out that I use Mozilla's SeaMonkey at home. If it doesn't auto fill-in my information...it's not a legit page.
    15. I would like to add that people should be wary of fake 2nd chance offer emails. Always log directly into your ebay account at ebay.com. I sold a Hound on ebay; the transaction itself went fine and the buyer got him OK. I then got an email about 3 weeks later asking where the doll was. My second highest bidder had received a spoof 2nd chance offer email and paid for the doll I had already sold.
    16. Actually, just to alert people - I got a spam/fraud email that ACTUALLY DID SHOW IN MY MESSAGES. If I were not the paranoid person that I am ( I get about 10-20 phishing emails per day, blasted jerks) I might have clicked on the link relying on that. I ffw to Ebay Spoof -- and it turns out that some ass had hijacked that user's account to start their scam. Be vigilant!