Warning eBay seller ttan12 / Kenishi / Kenneth Snyder

Dec 2, 2005

    1. Warning about eBay seller ttan12, AKA Kenishi, AKA Kenneth Snyder of Erie PA:
      Email: ksnyder2@ma.rr.com

      History in 3 acts as follows (3 eBay transactions; the 3rd is with us.)
      Known issues listed in chronological order.

      We have screenshots of all evidence listed in here as backup, in case Kenishi deletes his Webblog archive, for instance.

      1: An apparently successful eBay transaction with misleading wording attached (non-Mint doll advertised as Mint) - AKA what Karisu now believes is perhaps a possible "Initial Bait Transaction"

      Thursday, February 03, 2005
      >>>Detailed on Kenishi's Webblog:
      "Arrival! I just got the isao boy in the mail today and i was estatic but when i opened the box his hand had a finger missing! * Screams...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!* I was so upset but the finger was the one next to the pinky. Ather than that he is gorgeous. I hope i can either fix the hand or get a replacement for it. "

      (Doll has no default wig, see below. Possibly no default clothes either, since they never show up in Kenishi's webblog photos. This is not typical of a Mint doll.)

      Friday, February 04, 2005
      >>>Detailed on Kenishi's Webblog:

      "Much better! Well Isao is fitting in nicely. i glued his finger back into place and i am awaiting 72 hours before i sand the little line down. So much hassle... any who. i made him a kimono to make him feel better which i need to finish but he likes it and that makes me happy. I took a few pictures of him in it but only one was ok to post so here it is...."

      March 18, 2005 - May 15, 2005
      >>>Detailed on Kenishi's Webblog:

      Other photos of this Isao doll appear on different days in his blog dressed in several different outfits and posed with other dolls several times. Kenishi mentions wanting to get Isao's default wig someday, which indicates to me that the doll was not Mint when received by him either.

      May 19, 2005
      >>>Isao Nanjou with doll photos and no wig or clothes offered for sale by ttan12 (Kenishi) on eBay.

      http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=5583288 519
      "I have up for auction the second edition Isao Nanjou from the Dollparty 12. He is..MINT.. and comes from a smoke free home. His eyes were never touched and he has been handled a few times. This doll is very unique and is hard to come by for the price that i am asking. I am selling just the doll with default eyes,(wig and outfir not included). Please only serious bidders who are going to pay and payment must be recieved 5 days after auction ends. I do not take paypal just money orders or cashiers checks. thank you and happy bidding!
      On May-21-05 at 10:18:27 PDT, seller added the following information:
      Isao is perfectly clean with no marks or rubs on his body. He came out of his box twice."

      May 24, 2005
      >>>Isao purchased by a winning bidder listed in Hong Kong.

      Sunday, June 05, 2005
      >>>Detailed on Kenishi's weblog

      "little happenings! <snip> Well i sent Isao to China to my friend Candy who will have him for the summer. I bet he is going to love it there and probably eat alot of general Tsou chicken! ("_") I hope he don't get sick. Candy told me that she will spoil him and not to worry that he will have other BJD to keep him company."

      June 11, 2005
      >>>Hong Kong bidder leaves positive feedback for ttan12.

      Karisu's Commentary:

      Perhaps the buyer does consider the doll in Mint enough condition, or is just happy enough to have him. While I do not believe a broken / reglued finger and being apparently played with quite a bit constitutes "Mint", your mileage may vary. If Isao came out his box only twice, he seems to have stayed out quite a while before going back in.

      2: Unsuccessful eBay transaction with another member of DoA, and discrepancies about seller's "need for money":

      May 31, 2005:
      >>>Mint in Box Shirou Tachibana Offered for sale on eBay using only Volks website pictures.

      "I am selling my very limited and very hard doll to find Shiro tachibana Limited edition SD13. He comes from a smoke free home and has never been removed from his box. I am selling him because of my 10 year old son who was diagnosed with cancer and i need the money for him.Please only serious bidders only. I only except money orders , cashiers checks and wire transferrs. Also i can do layaway plan but i require half now and the rest in installments. thank you for looking"

      May 31, 2995:
      >>>eBay bidder (DoA member A's husband) wins Shirou auction with Buy It Now.

      May 27, 2005
      (This is out of order just to show what happened 4 days prior)
      >>>Detailed on Kenishi's Webblog:

      "Well i did it! I finally caved in and bought Heath! I just fell in love with his look and now after seeing what Armeleia did to her heath i am SOOOOOOO glad i bought him now. I have to waite for a week to get him which isnt that big of a deal because i can whip something together for him. Link is now going nuts he is soo happy! Oh speaking of Link. I switched bodies with Sinn and gave Link the Luts body which looks really nice with his head. I like the Luts bodies better anyway because they have better toning i think! I will have to get Heath a newwig because i dont like the default one."

      Karisu's Commentary:
      It seems to me that if one actually HAS a 10-year-old son with cancer and must therefore sell an unopened LE, one does NOT buy another expensive LE days before. There is also not a single mention in any of this man's blog entries anywhere as to the existence of any such 10-year-old son, with or without cancer. There is also not a single mention in this man's blog of any Shirou doll in his collection, Mint or otherwise.


      June 14, 2005
      >>>Content description from messages sent to me from DoA member A:

      She brings my attention to the Shirou auction, which her husband won. He claims he sold his digital camera, and cannot take pictures of the doll. She also describes the seller giving her the runaround about any possible offer of payment (paying all his service fees on paypal, escrow acct., COD etc.) other than Cashier's Check or Money Order. After these proposals, the seller stopped replying to her.

      After the auction winner gave up trying to pursue the purchase, the seller apparently told the Isao buyer in Hong Kong that he was selling Shirou for a friend. His "no picture" story to the Isao buyer involved his cat knocking down his camera. Apparently she has paid him for Shirou. When the unsuccessful bidder DoA memeber A asked about it 2 days ago on a Chinese forum, the girl said the seller told her that his friend is in progress moving, and his friend will send out Shirou & Cecile soon.

      Karisu's Commentary:
      This is entirely speculation, but I am wondering if the woman in Hong Kong was sent the non-mint Isao as a way to encourage her to make more expensive unsecured purchases for items that may possibly not exist. "My friend is busy moving" could possibly be a way to stall on sending something. And a mention of the impossible-to-find-anywhere LE Cecile, even! My, my...

      3: Unsuccessful eBay transaction with Karisu's husband:

      June 05, 2005:
      >>>Mint in Box Jun Tachibana Offered for sale on eBay using only Volks website pictures.

      "I am selling Jun Tachibana doll for a friend of mine. She is liquidating her dollfie collection to move. She is starting out with a low start bid. She comes mint still in box ...never removed..... She is a limited edition and very hard doll to get. This little beauty was ordered directly though Haute magazine. She will come to you from a smoke free ...animal free home. Jun comes with default eyes, outfit , default wig and shoes. Please only serious bidders only . Money orders cashiers check only please! Don't miss out on this beautiful BJD. Good luck
      On Jun-05-05 at 22:05:44 PDT, seller added the following information:
      i also had to include that payment must be made within 5 days after auctions end. thank you"

      June 10, 2005:
      >>>Karisu's husband wins auction on the Jun doll.

      He immediately contacts the seller that night. Like the Shirou bidder, he asks about the possiblity of making a more secured payment, and also for photos. (Note: we did not say we would NOT pay by Cashier's Check, but it is natural to ask first if more secure alternatives might be arranged. Also, asking for photos of proof of an item's existence is common practice and not out of line. A seller providing them shows good faith.)

      June 11-13 2005:
      >>>Seller is evasive.

      Seller replies that neither he nor his friend even have a digital camera. Karisu's husband offers to send him $50 to purchase a Funsaver (and keep the change!), as well as pay at our own expense to have the camera shipped back express next day on our UPS acct. (And later the doll.)

      Karisu begins contacting East Coast relatives, and then friends and acquaintances to attempt to line up someone for an actual on-site in Erie PA pick-up transaction exchange for a Cashier's Check or Money Order.

      June 13 2005:
      >>>Seller contacts DoA member B, the second highest bidder, behind Karisu's husband's's back.

      He claims to her that "the buyer is having problems with payment", and tries to offer DoA member B the doll instead. DoA Member B asks Karisu via PM if this "problems with payment" issue is true (which it is of course not.)

      June 13 2005:
      >>>Seller's story to Karisu's husband that he sold his Isao so he could buy Heath.

      (As detailed above, the new Heath is shown in his webblog.)

      Late in the day, June 14 2005:
      >>>Karisu's husband requests either photos (next to a current edition Newspaper) by 12PM PST on June 15th, or at least a reasonable explanation of seller's non-communicativeness, in order to show good faith.

      June 15, 2005:
      >>>Seller claims his friend has suddenly decided not to sell the doll after all.

      Karisu's Commentary:
      At this point, I do not believe this "friend" or this Jun doll even exist. I also know the seller was banned a while ago from DoA for creating another account and pretending to be a friend of his, defending him(self) about a transaction gone awry.

      I would suggest that persons attempting to do business with this ttan12 / Kenishi / Kenneth Snyder person do so at their own risk.
    3. Wow... thanks for such a detailed explanation of this bad seller. I can't believe the steps people go through sometimes to feed their dollfie habit... stealing from other members of the community is not cool at all. :x

      This post has also taught me how to deal with a suspicious seller. You dealt with it so efficiently and in such a no nonsense manner. :eusa_pray

      Thanks for the info. :aheartbea
    4. Turns out that he is the same person as Nicole Hayford.
      And he/she sold the heath mentioned above to me.
      Although, the doll had the broken finger - which is mentioned above to be
      Isao's hand. I'm suspecting that this person switched Isao's and Heath's hands.
      Also, While selling with the ebay id queenjuda, he/she used another id,
      used to scam riversoblood - 1hotsteelersfan - in order to bid on his/her auction to make the price go up.
      Although I am just thankful that the transaction was overall successful,
      I am quite angry that this person deceived me...
    5. I'm still trying very hard with the police and other fraud agencies to get this scammer. I'm afraid to post details because I bet they read this board. I wish I could get back my doll that they stole.
    6. whoops, double post