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eBay transaction with Mozousha/Mangalink (eBay name)

Oct 22, 2007

    1. I recently sold my Dolkot Hara on eBay to someone by the name of Mangalink. Here is the item page: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150168725331

      And here is the item description:

      Normal skinned super dollfie Dolkot Hara. Barely played with. I tried to wire him, and failed. Otherwise he's been sitting on my dollie couch idle. He will come naked, with no wig, jewelry or eyes if not purchesed with BUY IT NOW. I will include however the original shiney black bag he came in, without it's pillows. His faceup is factory default (Dollmore). He'll probably need a bath to rid him of dust and a tiny bit of grime from general neglect, but there is not a scratch on him. Some very faint and minor staining around the wig cap area of his head (invisible with a wig on), easily removable. Both his ears are pierced once each.

      Doll has been wrapped carefully in bubble wrap and the bag he'll come in has been carefully lined with it as well. This is not an absolute that the doll will arrive as perfectly as he was when he was wrapped...accidents happen and the US MAIL is not fool proof despite measures taken otherwise. I will insure the item for it's value if it's applied to the shipping and handling.

      ***Buy it Now!*** If you use the Buy it Now option, I will include a very pretty kimono, a random set of eyes and a random wig. Otherwise he'll come as stated above, naked and without accessory. ^_^

      *From a smoke free - Pet friendly home!

      After the auction had been placed, I had recieved several questions about the doll by Mangalink. One of these was: "I hope you don't mind my asking, but how long have you had this Hara?" I honestly could not remember, and it completely didn't occur to me to check if Dollmore (where I had purchesed the doll from) might still have information about it. I made an estimated guess: "About nine months or so." Implying that it might be longer but there abouts. I was off about five to six months. I completely admit that error and I apologize. My bad. ;_;

      Soon there after this person bought the doll with the 'Buy It Now' option on Thursday October 11th, I shipped the doll out on Friday October 12th. Monday October 15th I received positive feedback from Mangalink:
      "Great Communication, quick shipping, Doll arrived as described. Thank you!"

      However...early Friday October 19th (at 4am because I couldn't seem to fall asleep) I was checking my email, and I recieved this:
      I'm disappointed with the doll I purchase from you.
      He needs more work than implied in the description. I tried to restring him several times.
      You indicated he was nine months old and he was listed in New Condition, but he's older. I saw him in a post made in July of last year. I feel like I paid too much for what I got.
      Would you consider a refund if I sent him back or at least a partial refund?

      I made a personal call when deciding to reply. I refused to refund. The doll sent was several months older than I had thought and I again apologize for not making absolutely sure before replying, but the item was still exactly as described in the auction itself. It was like new, I had barely played with him, and aside from one outing he had never been exposed to any sunlight. In fact he had spent quite some time wrapped up in his original bag and packaging. Not to mention that this person said they had 'tried' to restring him, which suggested to me that maybe they hadn't been too successful. It also made me wonder what other 'accidents' had befallen this doll in the meantime that wasn't being said. Espeically seeing as the doll had been perfectly fine when I had shipped him.

      For a couple days I heard nothing. Then I arrived home from a trip on Sunday, October 21st to find that my Paypal account had a negative balance of $360.81. Mangalink had filed a claim with them, saying that the item that arrived was not what was described in the auction. Despite having said it had nearly a week eariler.

      "The Dolkot Hara ball joint doll I purchased was not as described. The listing showed that the condition was new. The seller described the doll as "bareley played with". The doll arrived in poor condition. Wires were unfastened and sticking out of the doll. The doll originally comes with strings and no wires. The doll does not function properly and does not stand or pose, which is expected in a ball joint doll. Its inability to stand or pose was not disclosed by the seller. Some of the resin on the doll is yellowed, again indictive of its age and use. This version of the doll is obsolete and is over one year old according to company that makes it (Dolkot). I also was able to verify the dolls age because it was posted on a site that was dated July 2006. That hardly qualifies as "new" or even "hardely used". I am requesting a refund for the return of the doll"

      I did some research and found this thread here on DoA:
      (this thread was locked by the MODs to insure that the information contained would not be tampered with.)

      This is obviously the same person if you look at the date Mozousha says the doll arrives (October 15th), and further down the inital post where it says how old the doll was supposed to be (about nine months old). Here they also say that they are new to the dolls and lists typical difficulties of older Dolkot bodies. Difficulties that anyone would have discovered if they had "done their homework" as a friend of mine would say.

      When I shipped the doll, he could sit up perfectly fine. I have photographic evidence of this, and it can be seen clearly by looking at the pictures provided on the auction itself. According to the thread I found, Managalink took the doll apart and that is when the doll could no longer sit. Apparently even had problems stringing the doll. Other than my miscalculation on the age of the doll, the post made here on DoA clearly supports the fact that someone did not research their purchese before buying (aka research Dolkot bodies in general) and upon finding that the older Dolkot bodies are not as posable as the newer ones without some work (and even then they might not do everything other doll bodies do. I was lucky and managed to get my Dolkot Hara to not only sit, and pose...but stand without much if any help.)

      I was never asked how posable the doll was, though when it left my care it was able to pose perfectly fine. I was not asked if the doll could stand, and I have photos proving that it could indeed stand. I did state that I had tried to wire the doll myself and I had failed. Managalink has claimed that the doll arrived with wires sticking out, and that it was yellowed and old. By looking at the photographs provided on the auction, you can clearly see that no wires are hanging out, and that the doll has no yellowing whatsoever. I am outraged that an otherwise fair exchange of goods for money has escalated this far. I'm fortunate that the cards are stacked in my favor with an abundance of proof that the person who bought my Dolkot Hara is making a fraudulent claim. However that isn't going to make paying people possible as it may take up to 30 days for Paypal to resolve the matter.

      I will keep you posted, but in the meantime, I ask that you be very careful in your dealings with Mozousha/Mangalink.
    2. Indeed, I feel bad for your situation. Older Dolkot bodies are known to be the worst of all 60cm BJDs for standing, period. They just don't. The one in my house was heavily wired and still didn't stand. That's why Dolkot redesigned the leg parts and now offers them for sale on their site. :roll: Sounds like this person may be a bad combo of clueless and scammer.

      Thanks for the warning.
    3. Here are pictures that I'd taken of the doll. They show that he could indeed stand, pose and his head was not wobbly. There are additional pictures available on the auction itself that clearly show the doll sitting unaided.

      Dolkot Hara using a doll stand...but if his legs were unable to support his weight or were kicking the doll stand wouldn't work. However...he is standing here quite well. (That's my very good friend Andyi there.)


      Here is the same doll standing UNAIDED except by the window.





      I never took many pictures of this doll. He went out to Hammond Castle once for a doll meet, and he was in one photostory. Aside from the first random shots when he was just freshly arrived, that's it. He was returned to his packaging, and dug out again later. He sat around idle and unused...and then I decided to sell him. To give him to someone who would love him. And THIS is what happened to him. Poor baby.
    4. You're welcome. I would hate for this to happen to someone else. I really would. This is what happens when people don't research before they make a purchese. I had to sell my Hara because I had a chance to buy my dream doll. A School A head, and even then the $600 I was paid only managed to cover the head and start for the money I need for the body.

      I have no idea when Dolkot released the new bodies or the replacement legs. Any clue?
    5. I bought a Kiss on ebay a few months ago and I love the guy to death, but he was the WORST stander and poser ever. I must have restrung the poor baby ten times and he still wouldent stand properly until I broke out the hot glue gun and some soft suede. Now hes like a rock. I never would have blamed my seller though, since I knew Dolkot bodies had issues sometimes.

      Thanks for the warning an I hope Paypal sides with you!
    6. Thanks for the support. It means a lot to me. I'm all frazzled and stressed out. I just finished my side of the argument. The buyer claims that there is 'internal damage' to the doll, that he is 'discolored' and that he's used.

      First of all...Internal damage?! What the frickfrack! This is the first I've heard of it. There was nothing wrong with this doll when I sent him. Now he's got internal damage? >.< Maybe that happened when they ripped my wire attempt out of him, or when they were 'trying to restring' him...but there was no internal damage that I saw before I shipped him.

      Discolorment? The only discolorment on that doll was what I had described in the auction. Slight, faded on the head where the wig had rested against the resin. That was it. I saw that doll in daylight and by night by lightbulb and I never saw any discoloration. My husband will confirm that.

      Used? Yes he is, but not very much. I stated in the auction that he was 'barely played with'. He went to one doll meet and was in one photostory..and other than that he spent his time either in his original packaging or on a dark and lonely dollie couch. I BARELY played with him. I never claimed he was brand new. Not once. When asked about his age, I estimated that he was 'about nine months or so'. I did not say that he was brand new. Nine months+ indicates that he's far from being brand new.


      Well, there is nothing more for me to do but wait. I thank you guys again for your support. I'm hoping the buyer will just give up the claim, but somehow I doubt it.
    7. Did you link paypal to the buyers own posting about that the doll was exactly as described? Paypal should have to rule in your favor since the buyer stated that in writing. Good luck
    8. I second this, as the buyer did state that you claimed the doll was new. As your description clearly does not state this, that needs to be brought forth.

      I wish you good luck, hopefully this resolves in your favor. :)

    9. semirans: Yes, I've informed Paypal of the thread here on DoA and I have informed them of the positive feedback left to me on eBay by the buyer. Thank you. Though I'm hoping this will be ruled in my favor, it's possible it won't. I want to be mentally prepared for both possiblities.

      Anrui Ukimi: I think the buyer is trying to use the little 'new' stated on the condition of the doll on the banner box right above the main body of the auction. Despite the fact that the main body and the questions asked of me rationally anyone with common sense would understand that a doll nine or so months old and barely played with is still slightly used. The doll was in NEW condition, but was not BRAND new.
    10. I think you were pretty clear in your post, Sonoshi. Saying you bought the doll and it has been sitting on a doll couch implies right there that it is NOT new. The fact that you said there that you tried to wire and him failed, ALSO suggested that it is NOT new. If she wanted him new, she should have bought him directly from Dollmore or Dollkot.

      When buying from Ebay, you have to be 100% sure in what you are reading. I know it's difficult but you can't expect something like this. I learned my lesson once with a barbie auction years ago. The auction said Barbie clothes, and they were but they weren't MADE BY Barbie. No wonder no one bid against me and I got them for so cheap. It is the buyer that has to learn to read and understand what they are getting.

      And also understanding that when they get a doll, that each doll has it's own quirks. Perhaps she can take the doll to a local meet up and get help to hot glue suade and restring help?

      I hope that everything works out in the end. This isn't your fault.
    11. I'm thinking the buyer is a kid, perhaps around sixteen or seventeenish. The post made by them says that they're inexperienced with BJDs and have no experience with any other dolls other than the Minifee already in their posession. Luts bodies are completely different from Dolkot bodies.

      It's pretty clear from the 'tantrum' the buyer had after being told no (they couldn't have the refund they wanted) that the thought of going to a doll meet and learning something completely escaped them. Or maybe they're too lazy to put the effort in. Quite a few dolls brand new from many companies aren't able to be thrown on the floor to just stand on their own. Many kick, many need to be wired and sueded for ultimate posablity. Anyone who's read up on it here, or even been in the hobby for a while would have realized this.

      Thanks for the support Mercy, I apprechiate it.
    12. Keep all emails from this person describing the fact that he tampered with the doll. That alone should help Paypal decide in your favor (hopefully, but you never know).

      It sounds to me like the buyer is unhappy with his own work and now expects you to refund him and take back a doll he damaged. This is outrageous.

      Please feel free to link this on Bad Dolly Deals, too!
    13. I posted to Bad Dolly Deals a few moments ago. Thank you for pointing me in that direction.

      Additional: I just got off the phone with Paypal. "Jason" from the claims department was less than helpful. He basically told me too bad and that I had to wait for the claim to be resolved. There is nothing I can do, and to have a nice day. He also said that the resolution might take as long as 30-45 days. Meanwhile, the buyer has the doll and my money (albeit on hold, but still).
    14. Paypal/ebay are notorious for terrible customer service. I wouldn't be surprised if they find in the buyer's favor, despite the fact that the buyer altered the doll on his own. I bet in the mean time, you have no access to your account, right?
    15. I hope this gets resolved in your favour. Not on topic...but where did you find that beautiful kimono your hara is wearing in those pics?
    16. pipercat99: As I said in the first post, Paypal has taken out the total amount of what the buyer paid me: $628 (this is plus the fees they already took out, so in all accuality, Paypal took out closer to $650 in all). Because people are slowly sending me money, my Paypal balance is at about -$210.00. That a negative balance. Yup. I'm off to file a police report if I can tomorrow morning.

      Ladyrixx: Thanks, me too. Though I'm starting to think the little trollup is gunna win. Just because that's the kind of luck I seem to have. O.o The kimono? I got it off a DoA member, and I think they got it off YJ!
    17. Definately file a police report, also go here: http://www.ic3.gov/ they have instruction on how to file an Internet Fraud charge. I think this situation will quilify considering the buyer altered the doll and now want their money back!

      Good luck with this! And thank you for posting over at BDD!!
    18. I just filed a report with the IC3, though I need to get a working printer hooked up to a computer so I can print out the emails and other things I need to file a police report with my home town.

      Not sure what the police down here can do really. ;_;
    19. I read this on LJ BDD, and my heart really sank... what a scummy buyer, from what I've read Dolkot bodies are not "easy" to string so they stand confidently, but the buyer's ignorance of that does not justify a refund! I wouldn't say they sound young, but do sound inexperienced and as if they're displacing their feeling a lot. :(

      What's worse is that she has your money AND your doll. I'd be terrified beyond belief that by chance I'd lose both, but surely if it went that way, legal action could be taken anyway. I really hope that Paypal rules in your favour! Just keep all evidence, and include previous photographs where you can, even if they did not relate to the auction. 0_o Anyway... best of luck! <3
    20. I'm kinda worried that the buyer might send the doll back scratched, dented and otherwise ruined in pieces in the bottom of a shoebox or something. Though I'd be rather quick to march myself down to the police department to file another report.

      If the case is found to be in my favor...then good. It'll be done and over. But if Paypal rules in favor of the buyer...I get to file a counterclaim and we start this process all over again. PLUS, I'd have to get the doll back for the buyer to have rights to a refund. If I never recieve the doll, and the buyer doesn't have concrete proof that the doll was returned...I'll be awarded my counterclaim.

      I really hate this. >.<