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ebayer xerrass/delta_licious, use caution

May 22, 2006

    1. I fear i may be too late on reporting this matter i am very sorry as it has just come to my attention she has 4 new feedbacks :(

      Myself and another DOA member violetstarshine, have both been scammed by her at christmas 2005

      I bought a pair of default lady sylvie boots worth $38.00 and i believe viletstarshine also bought a pair of boots.

      At the time she was known as xerrass, my sister had bought my boots for a christmas present for me, all was fine untill a couple of weeks had passed and i was getting a little worried as to where they were, she answered straight away saying that the boots had been posted and i am to wait a while longer.
      It was getting closer to chistmas and they still hadnt arrived to i emailed her again(countless times), eventually i recieved an email saying she had been out of the country and they were posted before she left. I figured maybe this was an excuse as she may of forgot to post the boots out to me!!
      After christmas i decided enough was enough and tried to get my money back only to realise these emails i had been getting were probably just to keep me waiting till the 3 months were over so paypal and ebay wouldnt cover the money back policy :(

      Both myself and violetstarshine have left her negative feedback on ebay thats the two you can see in the link below. but just less than a month ago she has made her feedback private and changed her name to Delta_licious!!!
      i am so mad at this person and i will watch her account and update if she changes her name again!!!!

      please be very careful and i honestly dont believe that the items even existed, as i have never had a real reason as to what had happened :(

      from linnyp
    2. LinnyP, you are not the only one who was scammed by this seller. I had a similar problem with her last year.

      On ebay, I had purchased a pink SD sweater and a blonde CH wig. It was roughly worth around $50.00 total. I paid her the funds using paypal and I never received the items. I had sent her multiple e-mails demanding to know what was going on and at first she claimed that she would mail them out but I never once received them. I tried to be patient with her because I've done successful transactions with her in the past (I bought some outfits and MSD Yuni).

      Eventually, she became increasingly slow sending items out to other people. Especially for high ticketed items like Zoukeimura eyes or a SD body. You literally had to bug her everyday for 3-4 weeks until you got your item. Now it seems like she's disappeared off the face of the planet and she's changed her user name and e-mail address several times.

      Last year, I was also trying to buy either her Cyndy or Megu (I can't remember) customized by Gasinas and I told her I needed at least 2-3 weeks to come up with the funds. She agreed to hold the doll for me and said that she would wait. After I had the funds saved she never responded to any of my PMs and completely ignored me. Thankfully I never gave her a large sum of $$$ for a doll otherwise I'd probably never see it or the doll ever again.

      In the end, I never received the items and its way too late to report her to paypal.

      I even tried to contact her via AIM (based on the info I got from her profile) but the person claimed there wasn't anyone by that name. O_o;

      I think her DoA username was: Xerrass and Envy4ever.
      Her real name is Jean Kim and supposedly claimed that she was a UCI student. (Mods if posting her name is inappropriate, just LMK and I will remove her info).

      LinnyP, I am so sorry you had to go through what you went through but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this. *Hugs!*
    3. awww mayuka13 :(
      i'm so glad you never gave her more money

      i would trust her ever again she has made me very wary of people on ebay :(

      to be honest i found Paypal and Ebay not very helpful with this matter :(

      and reporting her to the DOA and AOL seems to be the most powerful way of people being careful of her :)

      i'm sure i will never see my boots or money again so i just hope no one else gets scammed by her
    4. LinnyP, Im so sorry you never got your Xmas present! And Mayuka...

      You're both sweet, but you have to be very tough and decisive where fradulent sellers are concerned.
      The seller fobbed you off about items, claiming she had posted them yet giving you no tracking numbers of confirmation etc....
      To be honest, there is NO real reason to wait until the Paypal time-limit is up. If you think she might post aftwerwards, ask yourself: why bother? Why go through all the trouble of sending items that the buyer now DEFINETELY cant get a refund for?

      NEVER stray outside the paypal limit, else theres nothing you can do.
      Instead, when you see the deadline is fifteen days away, let the seller know and that you will be filing an Unrecieved Item claim in ten days time, remain polite, but firm. No giggles, no huggles-affirmative and to the point.
      If within those ten days you have NOT recieved the item (promises and excuses do NOT count-I mean if you are NOT in posession of the item) file the dispute with Paypal. If you do this through eBay you can also report her at the same time as a fraudulent seller and eBay will mark the item in your inventory as 'Under Dispute'
      If you give them as much info as possible, (clean and concise, everything from when you bought the item etc up until now) they can set about retrieving your item or your payment. If I were you Id opt for the payment, as she could send you a box of tissues with a tracking number on it, and you'd have to go through paypal all over again for Item Not as Described, by which time the limit will have definetely run out.
      Some people are nasty like that.

      The scammer who tried to get me (dollfiedesigns/taliasen1238) didnt respond to my notices and PMs, and when she did it was just hours before paypal tried to get my money back. She gave them false details, which didnt corroborate with their info, and while paypal found her account to be empty (frozen, in fact) they bugged her until she paid me back from another Paypal account.
      Her eBay account was removed shotly after, but she reverted to using an older one, so good on you both for keeping an eye on your scammer and noticing the switch!
    5. Thank you for both your understanding and advice Little_Miss132.

      At the time, I really didn't know what to make of the situation because I've had successful transactions with her in the past. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I bought a MSD from her and at least several outfits. She seemed honest at first. So ... *shrugs!*

      Up until around this time, last year its like pulling teeth to get her to get off her duff and mailing stuff out to people. Now she just takes the money and ignores people. XO

      (I think she also has a xanga account too, if that helps: http://www.xanga.com/xerrass.)
    6. thankyou for tha advise little_miss132
      i have definately learned my lesson with this one ><

      wish i was more careful to start with ><
    7. Thats ok-I guess we all have to get stung once to become wary.

      And its not your fault when great sellers become mediocre, or just decide they cant be bothered anymore. Its unproffessional, but unfortunatelt auction sites like eBay seem to have made the average Joe think he can run his own business. But, no matter what the excuse, there is no reason for them to simply take your money. Thats outright theft.
      Hopefully Karma will catch up to her and she'l be mugged in the street, or someone will scam her, and then you'l see her whining thread on DOA or something, and feel instantly better about what she did to you.
    8. LOL.. that would be good :D
    9. Eeeep -- I'm a *tad* late joining this thread...

      But I just wanted to confirm LinnyP's post about [xerrass/delta_licious], as this person is definetly a scammer. I lost $75 to this person (and a damn nice pair of BJD boots, too!). AVOID HER AT ALL COSTS!

      ...btw, is there a good/bad trader's master list around here somewhere? It might be good to add her dual identity to it. :3
    10. Anyway to contact her through her xanga account or report her on ebay as a thief?
    11. is this the same person who is selling under the name 'Jean' here on DOA? Justwondering because i was thinking of buying some things from her... but she has no feedback and i thought i saw the username 'jean' listed in another name as also being linked to those ebay seller accounts :(
    12. i cant say for definate but if they have those user accounts i would use caution ^-^

      please be careful ^-^
    13. Probably, her name is Jean Kim.
    14. Hi, it's me?
      Yes, I've posted a whiny thread on DOA on the general discussion and market place feedback, so please take a look and PM me.
    15. pm'd you! *_*
    16. PMing you too.
    17. I just wanted to add to this thread to say that after a year of no communication, Xerrass finally refunded my money. :)
    18. PMed Xerrass!
    19. After about roughly of two years of no communication, contact has been made via PM and I have received a refund. Thank you! :)
    20. well its been over a year of no communtication but i finally have my boots!

      i really hope everyone who has lost money/items through xerass contacts her as she seems to be trying to right her wrongs :)