Ebi ~ Unfortunate Transaction - RESOLVED

Jul 11, 2006

    1. I recommend buyers beware when purchasing from Ebi.

      I bought an item from her and after a month had not received it. I PM'd her several times asking about the item and if it had been shipped and never once got a reply.

      I could see she had been active on the board, so I thought maybe my PMs were lost and I replied directly to one of her sales threads, and still received no response from her.

      I did get a refund, but only after I took action through paypal.

      It was *very* disappointing.
    2. I also should state that Ebi participated in a group order recently that I was running and after the pay period was well ended I still had not received payment or any communication at all about the order..... And as was stated before I could view that she had indeed been active on the forums... this ultimately ended in her being dropped from the order so there was no harm in it but it did mean that I had to eat the extra shipping charges....
    3. I also hate to come forward about this... ^^; Seeing as it really isn't a big deal to me now, but Ebi was my swap partner last summer in a Summer Swap; Nakitama, the director, kept asking her if she had something; Once she got a reply that she was having difficulties; which I totally understand and I'm sure was true; but after several months, Nakitama contacted her a few times to see what was going on, and hasn't gotten any response. The two of us eventually gave up. :sweat

      Now, honestly, I don't give a flip about getting anything from a silly swap. I don't! I dun need anything. But it does sound a little bit like this.
    4. This is sad... I wish I'd known this person was flakey before I went through this hassle... hopefully others will learn from this.

      And I hope anyone else that has had a transaction with her will get their stuff.
    5. I asked for my "problem transaction" thread with Ebi to be removed earlier today because I *finally* received the body I bought from her after a very long wait - and I see that it took no time at all to be removed ;). I was convinced that the very long wait must be the Post Office's fault and nothing else. I have since discovered information that makes me very disappointed indeed.

      To make the story as short as possible:
      We agreed on a transaction for a Serendipity body on June 4.
      Ebi generated a shipping label for Priority shipping through the PayPal function on June 5 and told me the body might be in the mail the next day.

      A week later or so, when I contacted her, she said she had not been able to get it into the mail but would on Tuesday the 12th.

      By the end of that week when there was no package I started asking for confirmation that she had indeed sent it Priority Mail. Unlike other packages I've received quite recently, the USPS site never said that the package had been received for shipping.

      Ebi stopped communicating and would not answer my pms.

      I filed a PayPal dispute around the 16th, and when I still had no package and no response, I upped it to a claim. Ebi supplied PayPal with "proof of shipping" that, incidentally, said "no such number exists" in the USPS database.

      Today, June 30, the body arrived and I was just ecstatic to remove all negative references from the transaction, frustrating though it has been.

      However! :evil:

      A friend asked, "what does USPS say now?" and I pulled the very carefully placed PayPal shipping paper off the box and brought it here to my computer, to check the number. It didn't say when the package had been received, but did show delivery to me as of today.

      When I picked up the box to take it out to my garage, I noticed something that had been hidden under the PayPal label:

      Two shipping labels from the box having been sent TO Ebi, both dated June 19, 2007.

      Basically, then, it is physically impossible that Ebi shipped that box to me on June 12, or 14, or any time that week. In fact, the earliest possible date she could have shipped it out to me was June 19, and ONLY if she got her package very early, immediately put my body into it, and went right back to the post office.

      In short: She Lied To Me.

      Now I have no issue with the item. I'm delighted with it. The packing was outstanding. The body has been well cared for. This is something I dearly, dearly wanted. Ebi was very pleasant to deal with early in the transaction.

      I do have an issue with being bald-faced lied to, though. It seems interesting to me that nothing happened until it was past time for me to cancel the PayPal claim and they were about to discover that the "proof of shipment" they had been provided wasn't even a valid number.

      It would have been ever so much simpler, Ebi, if you'd just fessed up and said "you know, I just haven't been able to get to the post office."

      I'm afraid she's lost my trust entirely, and I will NOT recommend her to anyone else, unless perhaps she gains a bit of maturity in the interim.
    6. I'm glad this has been resolved for you. You are fortunate to receive your item.
    7. i just located this thread, and i have a transaction to add, and it concerns a sales thread posted by Ebi which is still up:


      i purchased the whiteskin MSD hands from Ebi on October 5th, using Paypal. She never acknowledged payment, so i PMd her on the 10th, and again on the 12th... she did reply on the 12th, saying she had sent the hands. Then nothing. No hands, no PM or email. i sent another PM on the 22nd with no reply, and sent her an email yesterday, as well as bumping her thread twice in an effort to get her attention. Mind you, she has been on this board several times in the past few weeks, she just seems to be ducking me. i don't see why as i have been very polite and given her every opportunity to say, "Sorry I forgot, I'll send it right along". i value my trading reputation, so i'm reluctant to harm someone else's.

      i did look for feedback concerning Ebi before i bought the hands, but she has a three letter name, no feedback i could find and i wasn't aware that i could search problem transactions by name - my bad! At least it isn't a great deal of money, and i will ask Paypal for a refund.
    8. It sounds to me like this person should not have Marketplace privileges. Have you considered contacting a mod?
    9. i've PM'd a mod about this. i'm reluctant to just post on the sales thread that's up because i don't want to set a bad precedent without a mod's OK. i've seen abusive comments in sales threads in the past, and i don't like it. But in theory, someone could see her thread, contact her and "buy" the same item all over again - it's still up in the Marketplace!
    10. Just an update - still no word from Ebi, who still signs o here several times a week. Paypal decided in my favor and retrieved about half of what i paid her from her account. So there's that.
    11. Was anything solved, clea? I saw a WTT thread of hers, but I remembered seeing her name here.
    12. Paypal finally refunded the money i sent her from her account... in two increments over a month. So my business with her is settled, without her once answering an email or PM of mine after i questioned why i hadn't seen the hands. Unless you can meet her in person for a trade, i'd be very cautious.
    13. What you describe in your thread regarding honesty about shipping, then total lack of response, is very similar to my experience. Except in my case the item was never shipped and eventually i got a refund through PayPal. i strongly suspect the same item is up again in the marketplace with a different seller - but being bumped by Ebi.


      However since a friend is handling the sale, perhaps it will be shipped if it sells this time.
    14. Well, guess what. I've paid her for a very expensive limited doll and she doesn't reply to my PMs or emails; I have no news about shipping at all.
      I have paged her because I feel that a lot of money is at stake and I really need her to contact me.
      I wish I had seen this thread before entering any transactions...
    15. This thread is indexed in the master list of Problem Feedback. :( It's a good idea for members to link back to their "problem feedback threads" in the person's regular feedback thread as well. A search of the forum with a buyer/seller's name in the title will turn up negative feedback.