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ED Eye Group Order from November -- Anyone know what's going on?

Apr 30, 2007

    1. So...does anyone know what's going on with the Enchanted Doll Group Order that nikita was running back from November? I tried PMing her, but she's got her PM option turned off. And I can't seem to find her email (and really don't want to seem tooooo pestery)...

      It's just that it's been close to six months since the order was placed, and I do know that they take a few months to make... But from the folks I've talked with, who have ordered eyes from them before, said it only took about 2-3 months for their group order. :\


      Mods, please feel free to move this to the appropriate category. I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the Marketplace, Group Orders category.

      Thank you!
    2. When I was talking to Nikita about ED eyes earlier in the week, she had mentioned in passing that there had been some sort of delay.

      She's not online now but I will let her know about this thread so she can post more correctly what's going on. :)
    3. Thank you, darlin'! I was thinking that, too... Crazy ED! But I loves their eyes, and I'll wait years if I have to. XD!

      Edit: Buuu. Just got this PM from someone, regarding a previous ED order that was placed in January. ;___;

    4. 'Glad you made this thread... I'd been meaning to ask her about that for awhile now (I have two sets of eyes in that order, too-), but just hadn't remembered to do it yet. :doh
    5. Yeah...it's kind of weird that we haven't heard anything for a while, especially since Joann is usually on top of these things. :\ I tried to see if the old thread was still up, but it's been long since deleted.

      I guess I'll go in with blanki next time. Maybe it's a language barrier thing with Joann -- I don't know.
    6. Bumping this in case nikita gets online today. Would really like an update. :\
    7. I emailed and asked again so as soon as I get a reply, I will post it in this thread. Sorry for the delay!!! :(
    8. Thank you, Joann! This is so strange for Enchanted Doll... :\
    9. Um.. you do know that Blanki isn't Korean, right? So the same language barrier applies. :sweat
    10. I could've sworn that someone said that Blanki could speak Korean, regardless of the fact that she's not Korean. I can't remember who told me that, though. X3
    11. I've had an order through Blanki take six months too. I think it is more a nature of the space, than who your middle man is. :|
    12. If this order was placed in Nov. and Blanki's in the end of Jan. this order should have been made first, yet Blanki's order was recieved already.
      ED has some splainin to do.
    13. [laughs] Our order list probably got lost under a pile of paperwork on somebody at ED's desk for a month or two...
    14. Bump in hopes that we've got any good news. :\ I'm almost wondering if we should be asking for our money back from ED. This is really disheartening.

      We are coming up on our six month, and there is no news in sight. I really wouldn't care if it took a year or two -- but news or an update would be welcome. Maybe a note that they're having problems casting their urethane batches...or something. But the fact that we're getting nothing is aggravating. Blanki seems to keep her threads updated and they're still up, even since February. The fact that the ED Eyes Group Order thread that Joann was hosting is now deleted really worries me.
    15. Bumping this again, because we still haven't heard anything re: the order... :|
    16. Yeeeeeah... :| I still haven't heard anything either.
    17. Hey guys,

      Jo hasn't been on the forum at all since the day she posted the comment in this thread. I haven't seen her on messenger at all either. Not once. This is very unusual for her and I feel strongly that something is up -- like that she has been taken ill or has had something pretty serious happen in real life that has taken her totally offline for some reason.

      I totally understand that you have very valid concerns considering how long you have been waiting, and I know that Jo is aware of that too. As soon as I hear anything from her end I will let her know that you are worried, and if I hear anything at all from her about the ED order I will pass it along.

      I realise you have been waiting a long time, so I just hope that you can continue to be patient and understanding for a bit longer. :sweat
    18. At the risk of painting a big target on my head...

      We've been patient for months, Cassiel, without word one on the status of this order... I think we have every right at this point to be both skeptical of excuses and concerned about the eventual outcome, especially given how difficult Joann's made it to establish contact. Being told to, esentially, sit down and shut up at this point is more than a little annoying.

      Not to put too fine a point on it, if any other group order run by a "civilian" forum user rather than a member of the Mod Squad had run into this sort of situation with 1) a complete lack of communication, 2) no-show products after nearly 6 months and 3) a vanishing order coordinator, I'm sure it would have shown up as a bad feedback thread by now and you guys wouldn't be telling us to "be patient"... especially given the new Marketplace Communication statement.

      Anyway... given that we're long past the point where PayPal disputes or credit card charge-backs would do any good at all, all of us involved in the order are basically out of luck if ED flakes out on the order or if anything else has gone wrong... That's even more annoying than being kept in the dark.
    19. I've sent Jo an email and I hope I'll get a response from her soon. Undortunately, I do not have her phone number, but I'm trying to see if I can track it down so I can give her a call if I don't recieve an answer via email.

      In any case, I am also concerned about her and this issue, and as Cassiel said, you all do have very valid reasons to be angry and concerned as well. We're certainly not trying to make this seem like less of an issue than it actually is, and I completely understand how frustrating it is to ask for patience, but I think that until we can get in contact with Jo, there's really not much else we can do. I do admit I am biased on this, as I do consider Jo to be a very good friend and trust her a great deal, but it's unreasonable and unfair to expect all of you to have the same level of trust in her as I do. For what it's worth, Jo would not be a mod if she hadn't repeatedly and consitently prooven herself to be an honest and trustworthy person.

      Unfortunately, while getting angry is of course a very natural reaction, it won't do much to help the situation. I am going to do my best to help in any way I can, and I will definitely keep everyone updated with anything I find out.
    20. Moderators, like regular users, can easily be considered very trust worthy and nice and wonderful and honest, until they are not.
      I think the point that BF was trying to make was that just because she was a moderator should not mean that she receives special priviledges because her name is a different colour.