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Warning Edmonton Scammer

Jun 16, 2006

    1. This person has probably been responsible for thousands of dollars of doll theft in many doll communities - including this one.

      He/She frequently changes usernames and email addresses, so please be aware that the information here is outdated, and be careful in your buying/selling.

      Methods: Offers irresistable "too good to be true" deals - offering to trade two dolls for one, etc.

      May create a second ID to praise and recommend the first - sometimes unasked.

      May present him/herself as mother, long-time trader, very trusted in some circles.

      On DoA she has called herself Maverick, Arwen, and Pinkpanther, among other names.

      Names used in the past:
      Lyndsey, Lyn Jol, Lynn Moore, Ms E Kay, Tink, Tinkerbelle, Nic, Eve Davis, J Davis, "L Davis," Evelyn Davis, Evenstar, J Scarlett, NE Avery, BlackEvenStar, MS JOLICOEUR, "Ms DAVIS," Lee Davis, L. Kay, Scarlett Davis, Nicole, Ms Avery, F. Kay (Frederique), Adrian Kay, Ms. A, Fran, dee, Renee jd

      Emails used:
      arwend77 arwend77@telus.net
      evelyne davis edavis@metcredit.com
      Renee jd rdj007@hotmail.com
      ME D Moore mad.max2008@live.com


      Lynn Moore
      Unit 1692 37 st
      Edmonton,AB T6L2R7

      M Davi
      4553 12a ave
      Edmonton, AB t6l 3l3

      DAVIS, J
      1010 41 St NW
      Edmonton, AB T6L 3N6
      (780) 440-4070

      Ms. Davis
      5005 46 ave
      Drayton Valley , Alberta
      Canada T7A 1C6
      [780 621 - 1654

      Evelyn Davis
      3404 18 Avenue
      Edmonton, Alberta
      Canada T6L 3C2

      E. Kay
      1692 37 St. NW
      Edmonton, Alberta
      Canada T6L 2R7

      New address (Nov. 08)
      Ms Jolicoeur
      1690 37 st
      Edmonton , Ab
      T6L 2R7

      ebay ID's - Beebopgal, katsy99

      If think you have information on this person, please contact a moderator.

      If you have been scammed by this person, please post your story here and contact the authorities:

      Police Contact Information:
      Detective Ken Smith..TEL# 780-426-8200
      Detective Mark Johnson FAX# 780-421-2286
    2. Apparently she's at it again -- this from Prego, a fashion doll board -- just wanted to share it here so everyone is aware... I didn't post this, Ann did, just wanted to keep this list updated.
      Just wanted to provide my information on the Canadian scammer. She contacts me as R Davis, Elvish Girl, and so recent as today with the name pinkpgurl@hotmail.com . Always writes about the same doll, she has been interested in it for a year now ! Always asks for extra face shots to be sent. So you can add the names above to your list.
    3. OH, my GOD, she's back!!!!!!! this was just posted on my other dolly place to play, the Prego board.
      [FONT=verdana, arial] We have received information from another Boardhost doll board that the Edmonton Scammer is back. PLEASE BEWARE*** At the moment she is going under the email address of bonosgirlrocks @ yahoo.com and acespades@ hotmail.com She is using the name of Jen Davis and claims that this second email belongs to her sister, Eve Davis. Her latest address (which was actually used to receive a package on November 1st) is:

      4552 12a Ave Edmonton AL Canada T6L363

      PLEASE beware that this person uses many aliases.
    4. From a flicjr user- apparently The Edmonton Scammer has come back with the username nyshopgirl52 on flickr and has scammed one person and possibly two others.
    5. The information was posted on Zone of Zen as well as the Yahoo doll sales groups run by PamSD yesterday.
    6. There is a host of scamming going on with similar names right now so be careful out there
    7. If anyone has any new information or alias to share, please do!
    8. I just sent you two Pms with new names and email addy
    9. Has anyone thought of contacting Shaw about this matter? Shaw would have info on their users and misscaswell@shaw.ca might lead to something.
    10. A general word to the wise that Eve Dzbikowicz, aka the Edmonton Scammer, is STILL ACTIVE and trying to scam doll sellers, this time on Etsy. She is still using the same name and is still located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

      I admin another doll forum and was contacted over the weekend by an Etsy seller of OOAK art dolls that someone named Evelyne Dzbikowicz, based in Edmonton, is trying to scam her on a $500 doll purchase by creating a claim with PayPal and saying the item was "not as described."

      I know a lot of members here have Etsy shops, so please be cautious if this person tries to buy from you. She is currently active on Etsy: here is a link to the profile she is currently using.
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