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Elf Yder! Second Sale! 15th 11:30am

Jan 23, 2006

    1. http://eluts.com/frontstore/Item/it...art_id=lutsdoll&level=&mother_catalog_num=121

      Luts will sell "YDER-ELF"Limited 2nd Sale at 15.February 2006 AM11:30(In KOREA time)

      DELF YDER-ELF Limited. ($560)

      He is limited worldwide to only 200 pieces

      Included with:

      *Two Kind of HEADs(Normal HEAD & Sleeping Vampire HEAD with Additional Hands) Both Heads are ELF ears.
      *DELF YDER-ELF Limited
      *Acrylic eyes: 18mm Random Color(NOT Glass eyes)
      *Luts Box for boys with two blankets
      *Assembled & Basic Sanded

      Model Design & Sculpted by: Cerberus Project TM.

      *Outfits, wig and make-up in the image are not included.

      size data -------------------------------------------------------------------------

      * Tall : 60.5cm

      * Circumference of Head : 24.5cm (9.7 inch)

      * Circumference of neck : 10.0 cm

      * Circumference of chest : 23.5cm

      * Width of shoulders : 13.0cm

      * Lenth of "from shoulder to wrist" : 20.0cm

      * Lenth of "from elbow to wrist" : 10.0cm

      * Lenth of back : 14cm

      * Circumference of waist : 20.0cm

      * Circumference of hips : 25.5cm

      * Lenth of "from hips to kee" : 18.0cm

      * Lenth of "from knee to ankle" : 17cm

      * Circumference of ankle : 7.7cm

      * Foot size : 7.3cm

      * Age : 17
    2. Just quick question for my sister who is panicing over the phone...how much did the other elves go for? We May just make it.....And so Liria takes preorders? Her site seems down and the moment....

      Does anyoen have an estimate of the time frame we have? @.@

    3. He'll more than likely go on sale in February.
    4. Hmm we could work out a really good price for all three of us, since three people will be splitting the price :D

      I'm guessing they'll be selling the full doll for about $570 or $580 with how the recent limiteds were being sold.

      Normally boy bodies go for $430 and heads $100 each. So what would be the best offer for all of us to fulfill the cost of the whole doll?

      Someone good at math help prease XDDD
    5. Shiwoo Elf only came with 2 heads. It seems like each limited doll has something different, but Lishe came with the most. She came with wig, boots, and 3 heads. The El Elf had a dreaming vampire head. Woosoo came with wig, extra vamp head, and boots. Breakaway came with a vamp head and that's it. So, I'm betting the Elf Yder will at least have a dreaming vamp head - the wig is debatable, though I think he should come with one since all the other elves came with wigs. Breakaway seemed to have come with less stuff than all the others. I wonder if Yder Elf will have papers and numbers like the previous elves or if he will be un-numbered like Breakaway and Woosoo.
    6. There was only a normal sleeping head with Elf Lishe, not with any of the others... so Yder probably won't have a normal sleeping head. Regular Yder Special comes with a sleeping head, though... but if you want a sleeping Yder head with elf ears and no fangs, I think you're out of luck. :( The fangs are tiny though, you could easily remove them.
    7. El Elf, Lishe Elf, and Shiwoo Elf were limited to 68 pieces ^^;
    8. He'll probaby be around $580, the last LE Elf, Lishe, was so expensive because she came with a total of three heads and boots (and maybe a wig?).

      I think Elf Yder will be a larger edition than previous LE elves, probably 200 like Breakaway and Woosoo. There are so many more interested people now than even a year ago!

      The suspense is killing me. >.<
    9. According to the Korean Website, January 26 at 12:30pm Korean Time.
    10. I found info about Yder Elf in Korean site..

      Total number of Yder Elf is 200, (....I'm confused about how to write numbers in English..?) They will sell about 40 Elves in Korea, the rest will be released to other country. (But the number of Korean released Elves is not sure... they can change, maybe. But not so much..)

      They will be released through 3 times, and the last time there will be limited number of BW skin Yder Elf.

      Well, it will be hard to get Yder Elf in Korea. @.@
    11. WE HAVE A TIME!!!

      DELF YDER-ELF Limited.
      Luts will sell "YDER-ELF"Limited 1st Sale at 26. January 2006 AM11:30(In KOREA time)

      He is limited worldwide to only 200 pieces

      Included with:

      *Two Kind of HEADs(Normal HEAD & Sleeping Vampire HEAD with Additional Hands) Both Heads are ELF ears.
      *DELF YDER-ELF Limited
      *Acrylic eyes: 18mm Random Color(NOT Glass eyes)
      *Luts Box for boys with two blankets
      *Assembled & Basic Sanded
    12. *hyperventilates* 4:30pm, sure I can stick around on the computer at 4:30 pm *chains self to computer* My brother can go to the internet cafe for his WoW fix.

      *ignores the fact that she could have two other chances at it*
    13. A little bit confused on this....

      It's the HEADS that are limited. You can grab a body any time. If I was splitting/ selling a head, I'd expect at least $100 like Luts sells their option parts for, if not more. Especially since you know in six months they're going to be ebaying for $200 each, easy.
    14. That's the basic price - if you want a face up, add another $50 for one head, and $100 for two!

      Wheee, at least he's not the $680 basic price! *happy dance*
    15. Hi~ lovely Anjichan

      How are you doing ?

      Thanks for intereste our Dolls.

      YDER-ELf cost is $560.

      We can wait your payment within 1 week.

      If you have any question, send mail to me or do write on Q&A board.

      Have a nice & happy day~!

      Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

      Happy New Year~~

      From: your friend......SEAN

      this is what I got from sean :)
    16. So layaway isn't possible for Yder like it was for Breakaway? o_o

      Not that I'm 100% sure about getting him, since he hasn't intrigued me as much as other elves have!
    17. I'm not sure if they'll accept Layaway - esp if you ask... >.< I think they're trying to get away from doing that *sighs*
    18. Oooh, Charlie? Is there a price difference between ordering it from Liria vice Luts?

      edit - ahhh, okies, no real price dif - just can't order faceups with her *phooey*
      re-edit again... duh... I just found it, you can order faceups.. it's just that shipping is slightly higher cuz it routes thru Austrailia first :)

      Thanks for the link tho! (^_~)