Eragon/Jenny Non-Refundable Deposit Issue

Dec 31, 2008

    1. I sold a doll to her on layaway with a NON REFUNDABLE deposit--a week later she changed her mind, and wanted her money back. At first I felt sorry for her and was going to return it anyway, but then I felt she was lying to me. She has left me bad feedback and also sent me a threatening PM. I wish I had noticed that she JUST got access to the marketplace before I entered into a sales arrangement with her.:...(
    2. to start...
      I was suppose to purchase a doll from Jenny
      I got a letter this week from a lawyer saying I have to go to the court to get my children with I pm'ed Jenny and said that I would need my money back because I need it for the lawyer. She told me and I have the PM that says that.."I will resell her and pay you back".So I agreed. Well, that the doll has sold and at first she lied that she never got the payment when I know she got it! then she said I asked other DOA member and they say not to refund you but do these member know that she told me she would refund me? Do they know it's for my children? I really doubt it.
      The payment was suppose to be non-refundable, but she said she would refund me if the doll sell back. I would have put the doll for sale myself if I would have known she would make 150$ out of me.
      Now it's new year, I don't have the money for the lawyer so I might loose my children..What a nice beginning of YEAR this is...:...(
    3. I have merged these two threads because they are about the same issue.

      As the deposit was stated as non-refundable from the start, Jenny is under no obligation to return your deposit because you did renig on the purchase. However, if Jenny had agreed to refund your money if the doll sold, that is a complication that the two of you need to deal with in private.

      I have read the PMs from Eragon and I do see how Jenny would have felt threatened. I would like for the two of you to settle this on your own. I will be locking this thread. Please PM me if you would like it reopened to add a resolution.