Face-up - Artists based in Europe

Jan 20, 2023

    1. Dear people,
      I hope you are fine and safe.
      I am trying to find good face-up artists in Europe because I would like to give a face-up to 3 heads that I have.
      I am struggling to find good artist in normal prices ( more or less 100 €).
      If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it a lot.
      If I find any artist like I described, I will share it with you.
      Thank you,
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    2. Thank you very much wendymoira! Very polite and helpful from your side :)
      Enjoy your weekend,
    3. Just as a warning, since you mentioned more or less 100 EUR: to my knowledge at least Pauli and ugliestwife ask more than that, not sure about the others on the list :3nodding:
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    4. Hi Ara.
      Thanks for mentioning this. I am aware of their prices.
      Enjoy your weekend,
    5. Oh yes, sorry, I looked only at style and location when I searched.
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    6. Hi wendymoira,
      No worries. Thanks for sharing in any case :)
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    7. I really enjoyed Echoundine's work and it's in your price range Open - :: [EU based] • .:: e c h o e s . f a c e u p ::. • | Den of Angels I had a really good experience with her. But, as she warns in her page, she will only do stuff in her own style, so if you are looking for something that is wildly different (for example, full of pastel colors, fantasy stuff), it may not be the safest choice. But she is super nice, so in doubt, I would not hesitate to message her.
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    8. Good morning lyaam12,
      Thank you very much. I will check her.
      I noticed that there are a lot of artists that they have their own style and stick with it.
      I find it interesting,but if someone has something specific on his mind, this can create issues.
      Enjoy your week,
    9. Doing so is both for the safety of the artist and the client.
      If I am forced to paint something I am not familiar with or actively dislike, I cannot provide you with something that is of the same high quality like works I have done in my own style. It also makes the whole commission very miserable when you know you were only commissioned as a painting slave because you were available/cheap enough, not because the client actually likes your work. Doing custom work fully based on the vision of the client is already daunting enough, we all would rather work on our own projects, but if you know they don't even like your style it's especially bad. Additionally it can cause problems with other artists when they know you were asked to purposely copy them.
      So for the client that means they not only have to deal with receiving an inferior product, they also might get us into trouble with other members of the community.

      You should always commission an artist because you like their work, and because their vision fits what you have in mind. If you want a goth make-up look, you go to the artist who mostly paints that. You do not go to the artist that only does natural sweet looks, just because they happen to be local/cheaper/available.
      Shopping around by who is available and then trying to force them into doing something they are not accustomed/willing to do just ends in a disaster for everyone involved.
      It's like going into a steak house and ordering sushi. They might be able to whip something up for you, but they'll be annoyed and you'll complain your sushi sucks compared to the one the sushi restaurant down the street offers :lol:
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    10. Thank you for your comment.
      No one will force you to do anything:)
      If you are not capable to do what I am asking, it is enough to say it.
      As you said, we all have our vision. When I am asking from an artist to faceup my doll in a specific way, it is because I can see my vision through his/her "pen" and I am funding her/his work because I want to see this vision alive through his/her hands. This has nothing to do with copy another artist but with the realisation of an idea/fantasy.
      If you feel that your job is miserable when your clients are asking you a specific work, I would advise you to change profession or not work for them. I have never talked with someone who do this job and feels miserable because I have a vision that I want to realise :)
      People who work for more or less 100 €/faceup are not slaves. They are artists as well. I respect them as they recognise that we are not all rich in this hobby and some of them are very nice people, very talented who love what they are doing. Location matters for me as I would prefer to ship my dolls in a safe distance. Price is important as I cannot afford to give more.
      I think these three criterias are the case for some other people as well. I decide the reasons why I commission someone.
      Everyone should set the criteria that fit their needs.
      If you think that your vision should be on my property, I am afraid that you should have to pay me :)
      Have a nice evening,