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Fairyland Event announced!

Aug 12, 2010

    1. Event announced on Fairyland's website for their summer (?) event. This years event looks like we will be seeing 3 new dolls, and 6 fullsets. It looks like we will see more event heads/body parts again as well! (just going off their announcement).

      As Forbidden has said, the event is announced officially :D Putting all details here for ease.

      Official announcement here

      *note, not a fairyland rep, just an excited collector :)
    2. Following information is the most updated version of the new event.


      Dear customers,

      After a refreshing summer holiday, FairyLand is finally ready to announce the 2010 Summer Event details. We are also very happy to announce the release of new dolls. Unfortunately photographs of some event gifts are not available at this stage, but will be updated as soon as they are ready.

      New Event!
      Event period: August 13th, 2010 ~ September 17th, 2010

      (The event applies to all orders placed in during the event period AND/OR payments received within the event period)

      Event gifts:
      Purchase $295 or more - Pukipuki Hook Hand part* + Pukifee Hand part**

      Purchase $395 or more - Littlefee Duck Faceplate

      Purchase $495 or more - Minifee Male Chest part*** OR M-Head**** or Right Arm set for 60cm male (unassembled and unsanded)*****

      Purchase $595 or more - Minifee/Chic Line Sword & Shield ******

      Purchase $695 or more - Right Arm set for 60cm male (sanded)

      Purchase $1,800 or more - Right Arm set for 60cm male (sanded) + Minifee/Chic Line Sword & Shield + Minifee Male Chest part + M-Head + Littlefee Duck Faceplate + Pukifee Hand part + Pukipuki Hook Hand part

      Special Line-up Event
      MiniFee Special 1)
      Purchase any one set of any MiniFee Full Package
      Receive - Minifee/Chic Line Sword & Shield + M-Head OR Minifee Male Chest part

      MiniFee Special 2)
      Purchase MiniFee Kyle Full package + MiniFee Chloe Full Package in ONE order
      Receive - Minifee/Chic Line Sword& Shield + M-Head + Minifee Male Chest part

      Chic Line Special
      Purchase any Chic Line doll (not body)
      Receive - M-Head Connector******* (for attaching MiniFee Head on C-Line body) + Minifee/Chic Line Shield (no sword)

      Please read before placing your order:
      * Puki Hook Hand: will not come with a magnet attached but a separate magnet will be included. ONLY available in Beautiful White Skin. Please pay attention to the polarity of the magnet when gluing as free replacement hook hand is not provided for these mistakes.

      ** PukiFee Hand Part: There are only two right hand parts for Pukifee and left hand part is not available.

      *** Minifee Male Chest Part: is compatible with Active Line Muscular body and Normal body only and only the chest part of the upper torso is available.

      **** M-Head: has been made especially for this event and although we do not have plans to release it in the future yet, it is not a event only or limited head.

      ***** 60cm arm: set is only available as unassembled and unsanded piece which needs further sanding process unless mentioned otherwise and can be used on Feeple boy.

      ****** Sword & Shield set: is most suitable for Minifee and Chic Line only available as unassembled and unsanded pieces unless mentioned otherwise and only available in Beautiful White Skin.

      ******* M-Head Connector: is available in male body version and female body version. Skin tone and gender of the M-Head connector will be selected according to the chosen Chic Line doll.

      Special Line-up Event : If your order is eligible for both normal Event & MiniFee Special event, you may choose ONLY one event gift option (ie. you cannot receive two sets of gifts for both categories).

      a. You must indicate in order comment at check out which Event gift you would like to receive in accordance with your order amount and no swap request is accepted once your order has been received. If there isn't any indication, the processing person will put a random event gift of choice.

      b. You may ask for a event gift with the gift valued lower than one you are eligible but but it is not possible to request for a gift valued higher than one you are eligible or combine sets of gifts from more than two category.

      c. Makeup service and eyes are not supplied with event heads.

      d. Processing time for orders placed during the event period can be slightly longer than shown on the product feature page.

      e. The purchasing amount does not include the shipping & amount deducted by mileage points.

      f. In order to reduce the processing time of the incredible amount of orders placed during the event period, we have decided to provide a variety of unassembled & unsanded event gifts for a lower cost. Although it requires owner's additional input, we were able to bring in more Event gifts this way and hence, we would like to ask for your kind understanding for the situation.

      g. We are unable to provide any further information regarding 60cm arm set and apologies for the inconveniences.

      h. Still cut of silhouette event gifts are still being processed and we will be making an update soon. However, the finished product might be slightly different from the actual silhouette still cut.
    3. Will the pukifee hand parts be available separate in the future?
    4. Added event information for Chic Line order, apologies for omitting mistake!

      Please note that with Special Line-up Event, if your order is eligible for both normal Event & MiniFee Special event, you may choose ONLY one event gift option.

      For example, if your order contains a MiniFee Full Package and other items that comes to the total of $695 or more, you can either receive $695 general event gift OR MiniFee Special 1 gift. You cannot receive two sets of gifts for both categories.
    5. The Fairyland site is not working for me at all. The page refuses to load for me no matter what I do.
    6. The site is working again, if anyone is curious x3
      So tread with confidence 8D
    7. missing event item photos have been updated! pictures are now up of the littlefee duck face plate (the original photo was of the pukifee version that is being given with the pukifee fullsets), the m-head, and the minifee/chic line sword and shield set.