Fairyland Feeple 65 Discussion Part 6

Sep 24, 2019

    1. @Stardust- Firelight, I know this is not an optimal solution but if you want to try, you can build your own like this:

      First, you will need , well I use Apoxy putty, a styrofoam egg or ball cut to fit inside the head and give form, plastic wrapto protect the original head, and either you build it to attach to the body like "normal" BJDs or you can get this mechanism from Shapeways , which might help you with forming this head back. And finally some magnets.

      Basically, you stuff the the putty on top of the neck, or use a stick with just the right dome on top cover it all in plastic wrap.

      Then push the head in place ( no styrofoam yet, all resin wrapped in plastic wrap), squish the face on how you want it and clean up excess/ smooth the joints. Water can be used to smooth things with your fingers, but don't mix water into the putty as it'll probably weaken it, once you get the neck and chin done, make sure it's thick enough inside and carve out the slot and knot hole. You may also want to create a divet for the hook to sit in, or wait to locate the optimal spot and grind it in, or make 3 divots for choices. Keep the socket evenly domed for best results. At this point u can let it cute and add to it later. Add the styrofoam into the head, smooth side out. Then, work your way up the head smoothing out a crown. It sets in about 45 minutes, I think. You can add to your work, just let the neck set, then make a fresh batch of putty for the next step This putty is super durable, it has a bit of flex. I made super long elf ears with it, they can actually bend! Well, more like flex. Hard to break!

      Edit, don't use an adapter unless you have the matching head piece.
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    2. Drill a hole for your magnet, super glue in, adjust hooks if you squeezed putty in them (might cause trouble, maybe cover hook spots and do something else so this thing doesn't end up perminently attached!

      Anyway, it's easier than you think, just protect your head and body, and you will be surprised at what you can make :thumbup
    3. Just bumping this up because
      1. Probably nobody is subscribed to this thread since it was created, and I'm hoping to get attention ;):bump

      And 2. I just bought a Lora head off the marketplace :). She comes with the open eye and sleeping head plates and the head back. I will need to get her a body now, but I am quite excited to see her. I believe she has the factory Faceup???

      Anyways, if anyone sees this thread, and can post pictures of their dolls, I'd be so happy to see them :)
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    4. If it's any help, I am subscribed to the thread! :XD: I'm traveling right now and have no means of uploading any photos, but I'm waiting on an Ine to arrive and I'm very excited :D
    5. Awesome! Looking forward to some pictures when you are able :love. Safe travels to you, @Yuns :hug:
    6. Well, I bought a Lora head set off the marketplace last week and she arrived today!!! I am in the process of making a neck doughnut for her so I can try her head out on another doll's body I have here. I hope to take pictures tomorrow??? :dance
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    7. And here is my first quicky picture. Wig doesn't fit, but I like the color. :). I guess she'll borrow this body until I can get her her own :dance
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    8. She is lovely. I do love her with that wig. It's funny. Some wig look so good on a certain doll that even if it's big on them, you somehow make it work cause they refuse to relinquish it.
    9. Thanks guys :D. I was going to darken her lips, but they seem to be photographing nicely. Hummm, maybe I have to get her this wig in her proper size???
    10. @IngieBee She looks stunning! Very nice color on the wig too. Congrats! I am so glad we get to see more people own these beautiful large dolls.

      FL gripe warning ahead:

      Not hating on mnfs (I own Sircca and Lucywen), but I can't lie and say it doesn't massively disappoint me whenever I see an announcement of a new doll being released only to find out it's another dang mnf or yosd.
      I understand why of course. Financial reasons mainly, I get it. I just wish it weren't so.
      Bottom line: I want to see more new F65 dolls (Especially a new male! Seriously how long have we been waiting for that?)

      I want to shout out to the people who have contacted FL directly regarding the line and posting their responses here.
      It helps me make decisions on where to place my money or save it in hopes that FL will go back to the F65 line.
      Another shout out to the people who have explained how to mod the necks or posted body comparison photos between the old and new features.
      Thank you so much for doing that! :thumbup This community is the best!
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    11. Yes the community can be great at helping out.

      Here is Ember. Just cause I Iike her many different looks. I do love F65 Chloe and here is one that was modded with human ears.

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    12. I can't help but agree with you, @Bren I've been waiting for an F65 sale for 3 years now (wasn't into large dolls before that).

      All I have are the neck back and two faceplates, but I am really happy to have her. She is so different.

      And Chloe is so gorgeous!
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    13. Not only are they all MSD/YoSDs... they all have the same face.... I once went into the al a carte section for the MNF, and the last 20 or so heads look the same.

      I do remember once when Fairyland promised to release all of their heads in all the sizes... I'm still waiting for my F65 and Pukifee Lishes...

      Here's a shot of the last time Fairyland attempted to placate the fans of their old sculpts (long story) - my collection of F65 Ital (Breakaway) boys:
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    14. I'm on the 65 bandwagon. Lishe 65 would be fun. Elf version plus human head with something sophisticated to wear. I have original Lishe + vamp & sleeping heads & 3 pairs hands. my 1st bjd. 2004. Elf El came along for company. i've never painted his vamp head. :| bad dollie mama.
    15. I would not be able to resist a feeple65 Lishe! I have the chic version, but I'd love a bigger version!!
    16. I admit to having a bit of a thing about Lishe... and I think a Elf version at F65 would be brilliant (that, Pukifee and an Elf Vamp MNF, which apparently was the next one out when the Luts/CP split happened.) Even a Vampire would be cool...

      But I freely admit to being biased towards the older sculpts of everything.
    17. Does anyone know what eye size Ine takes please? The eyes mine came with are too big for my taste and I'd love to get her a more fitting pair, but I'm struggling a bit to figure out which size she needs. :sweat
    18. I would imagine it would be at least 14mm? I realize the new style F65 heads are smaller than my Chloe and Siean and that's why I'm assuming it's less than the average 16mm that fit mine. Every style of head is different and even eye sizes can change within the same range.
      Have you check the FL website for their specs?