Fairyland Feeple 65 Discussion Part 6

Sep 24, 2019

    1. OH we love to hear that!!!!
    2. yeah, I got the same response. But it doesn’t make any sense. Obviously they have the heel feet for this new body since they’re selling them with the fullset.
    3. YES I'm ready! I really love Fairyland bodies and plan to get a feeple65:love
    4. Yeah that did seem weird. I can only assume it's business strategy to focus sales on the fullset or to prevent time delay in production.
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    5. Ingrid is just stunning! Her sculpt/face up is perfect for a character I've been trying to shell for years... except she's just WAY to tall for her :...(

      I don't suppose anyone here knows if Feeple65 heads fit on the Feeple60 Moe bodies? Any info would be appreciated!
    6. I wrote to them too to ask about the boys and they said that they needed to be updated before they can be released with a new body, and that it would take some time.
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    7. Great news! Fairyland email me back to let me know that heels and hand #12 are now available on the site!!:D
    8. Yay! I am so getting her now!
    9. Ah that's awesome! Seemed like a strange thing to not have them available separately.
      I'm still trying to decide if I want the event feeple65 face or not, so I may end up going for the full package anyway lol (plus those resin gloves look sooooo nice...)
    10. @Magical Rin
      The F65s have very different heads than the F60s - (unlike the F70s, which share the same head.) You will also have trouble hybriding, as the F65s have a neck mechanism and faceplate system. I think people have done it - there's a really old thread somewhere on DoA where someone shows what an F60 head looks like on an F65 body (from memory a bit like a pin head).

      Here's a shot of my Scar Ital faceplate propped on top of a Delf body. (There were four photos in total if you go to my flickr and scroll to the left once and the right twice).


      I can always try to take more photos if you like - I have F65s, as well as F70s, F60s and Delfs.
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    11. What a good news!
      So we still wait for long time until they make new body for Feeple65 boy.
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    12. Thanks for the info @TeaPartyRevolution I might consider different hybrid options then. Don't think her purchase is on the cards at the moment though since I've got other doll priorities to work on first.

      That being said I look forward to seeing owner photos of her in the future!
    13. I once put a Delf Elf Lishe head on an F65 body. The old version. It does fit, a bit of a tight squeeze, and it looked pinheaded (think the chicline look) but with a wig it wasn’t as noticeable.
    14. Super excited for this release :D . I just need to figure out how I'm going to afford her. Does anyone know the ordering period? If I can scrounge up enough for 1 layaway payment I'll be happy :lol:
    15. I hope the muscular body will be re-released soon too... I really need it for my new head :(
    16. Need help and clarification I’m planning to buy the Feeple 65 Ingrid but I’m confused on what the “new body” means is it the same body as the feeple 65 Sylvia or is it different? Can anybody clarify this for me since I’m really interested in getting the full set but heard stuff that feeple 65 bodies have sitting problems?
    17. I think someone further up in the discussion mentioned that it is the Sylvia body (I only have a Sylvia, so I'm not much help in that regard).

      But in terms of sitting, there is a trick to getting the Feeple65 girl body to sit. Once you have her legs bent you need to push them back, toward her butt in the seated position, and they will click lock into place.
    18. "New Body" means that it is different from the body released with the Chloe and other older girls. I think Sylvia was the first with the "new body".
    19. I'm really in love with the big sculpt for Chloe as that's my favorite MNF head but the faceup for her on the website with such angular brows puts me off a little. I really love Siean's calm expression, though. It sounds like production of them has been halted a while from the quoted emails in this thread; I was thinking of buying secondhand anyways but it sounds like that's a necessity. Big-size Siean is definitely on my most-wanted list though...
    20. Ok thanks really helpful I was really afraid of purchasing because of that fact since I really like how other Fairyland bodies posed based on personal experience and I really have none with the Feeple65 which is why I was concerned at first.