Fairyland Feeple 65 Discussion Part 6

Sep 24, 2019

    1. I'm so glad I can adopt your Chloe, but that's sad they don't include both feet unless you order the full package. :( So dumb.
    2. I'm so excited to see new F65s on this thread! I don't know if I will be able to order before closing, but at least the line has been revived and that's the most important thing :D
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    3. I’ve always wanted a Feeple65 since I got started in the hobby many years ago, but now I might finally be able to afford one. Ingrid is such a beautiful sculpt. What clothes/shoes have people found that work well for them?
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    4. Iplehouse SID clothes and shoes fit them pretty well.
    5. Thank you so much!
    6. Good to know, @Stormlight , the pictures they post look like Moe feet, and I desperately hope they have not Moe-ified the 6 body, as I think it's the most beautiful body they've made!

      I'm with you, @mademoisellelulu , I have been waiting forever as well. Last they offered these lovely dolls, I was only buying minifees, which are awesome, I love them, but have fallen in love with the bigger dolls now, especially the F65 and I'm still in love with my Chicline dolls.

      But money is tight :( So not sure I can do it :)
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    7. I have been thinking of getting a Fairyland doll at some point (never had any from this company yet) and I finally decided that Ingrid is so gorgeous that she's going to be the one, and I ordered her today with the fullset - can't wait to see how she looks next to my other big ladies:love

      I added the event faceplate feeple65 too - it looks a bit weird to me, so not sure if I'll use it... Kinda like mature Lucywen, but with rounder eyes...
    8. does anyone know Denver Doll's policy on layaway? I can't find it for some reason (I can be tunnel visioned, LOL) Thanks :D Oops, wow, I found it, sorry. I think I may be ordering Ingrid. Now, faceup or no faceup, sleeping head or no?.... Can't afford the whole set :(
    9. Her company faceup is beautiful, and suits her sculpt really well. Plus I think it could be quite versatile for different styles!
    10. Hi IngieBee, if you look under their Purchasing Options you will come to Terms & Conditions section it shows you how much you would need to purchase for a longer layaway. 9 month layaway is over $1000+ with them.
    11. Cool, thank you! I am so bad at finding things! Ugh, if I buy direct, I don't have to pay sales tax, right? LOL... UGH, such a bad time to take on debt...

      DDE has no 'order by' date. ???
    12. I only know that the summer event ends on 9th August (Korean time?). I am not as versed in usual Fairyland policy to be 100% sure, but it might mean that Ingrid is only available to order until 9th August too. The members in the minifee thread might know better, as new minifees are coming out so often there must be an ordering pattern by now...
    13. Oh yah, ooh, and I like that Minifee event head, LOL. I better make a decision! Ugh!
    14. UGH! I was trying to figure out what I wanted and DDE doesn't have the heeled feet available, though they are available on the Fairyland site. And going back and forth, wringing my hands at what to order, I ended up forgetting to include the event head, I can't believe it! I sure hope DDE will see my email and kindly add the event head to my order, as I think it'll make an adorable boy!

      Long story short, I ordered Ingrid with sleeping head, no faceup. I'm so nervous, I haven't ordered anything in a while, but how could I resist finally FINALLY getting an F65 and she's so pretty. It'd be different if I didn't like her face, but I do! Ugh!
    15. DDE does have the heel feet available, I ordered them with my girl. They’re listed in the parts section.
    16. OH! Ok, I'll go back and get some, thank you @hannaliten. I find DenverDoll's site to be very difficult to get around :doh
    17. Ingrid is soooo beautiful, I love dolls with white hair and the military style cap is such a fresh look. The company faceup in the pictures looks amazing but I think she would look great with a calm and peaceful style too. She would make a very good angelic doll. I'd also love to see her with dark hair.
    18. I agree @ziiii . I'd love to have all of her accessories, but budget constraints say NO! LOL. I ultimately wanted a full F65 doll, and am so happy Fairyland opened up orders for this one. I have a Lora head with sleeping face plate, and I do love her, but I have always been a fan of the F65 ultra feminine body (sans huge boobs, I like the soft curves and prefer smaller breasts) But since all my dolls are smaller in the chest department, it's also nice to have a variety. Anyway, I bought one full set in my "bjd life" and never use it, though I love it, I'm afraid it'll get broken, LOL. With casual clothes and dresses, especially if I make them, I'm not afraid to play with my dolls, which I do whenever I have time. In fact, I've been setting my sewing room up for photography (a good consequence of children leaving the nest, eh?) Let the second childhood begin!!!
    19. Where is everyone? This should be an exciting time :) New F65 incoming! How about some pictures? Please?
    20. I think anyone that placed an order just now is trying very hard to forget how much money they spent on it - I know I am :shudder

      But seriously, this is going to be my first fairyland doll in general, so I can't wait to see the body engineering and quality of clothing in person. Also I usually faceup my dolls myself, so this will be interesting to see finally a company faceup too...