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Fairyland Feeple 65 Discussion Part V

Jan 16, 2014

    1. That is so cool. I'm loving Angela a lot more now.

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    2. I tried to avoid looking too much at the photos of Angela, but somehow I ended up on Fairyland's website anyway. :sweat
      She made me reconsider my choice of sculpt for one of my characters. The red hair convinced me, that she could pull off the look I was thinking of.
      Man, I really want her. :...(
    3. Angela is beautiful,but she hasn't impressed me). My big love is Chloe,love at first sight,I must admit). To my mind she is a true Fairy-tender,with big eyes and full lips! May be there is one thing she is missing-the wings!:D
    4. Hello everyone! So many beautiful dolls here. I've been stalking the thread, enjoying everyone's pictures and appreciating the wealth of information here.

      I've been scrambling like mad to try and get that amazing Angel fullset home, but I somehow managed it with some timely help from my sister (big thanks!). I finally ordered the fullset yesterday! I'm so looking forward to her coming home.

      I think she's going to be Qwill's PA, Charlotte. Qwill's terrified and in awe of her. While he's supposedly her boss, she's the one that runs the show. I thought that Charlotte was going to be an Elfdoll Emma, but then Angela popped up and said, "no, over here, I'm the one." I'm going to have to do some rearranging in my doll plans, but she's so worth it. It's going to be so much fun!

      I feel the opposite, actually. Chloe, while beautiful, didn't really do anything for me. But I fell hard for Angela when I first saw her. Angela looks like a take charge kind of lady-- one that can kick butt, but still manages to be gorgeous and feminine while doing it. She's definitely got an Angelina Jolie vibe.

      The sculptors over there are such talented geniuses. They manage to hit so many right notes with so many different people. It's no wonder they're so popular or that they've been so successful for so long.
    5. Tastes differ). I like Chloe because I want to have a Fairy doll and she is perfect for this role! besides,I'll get her with custom make-up done by a talented russian artist!
      I like Angelina Jolie,but Angela doesn't resemble her to me).As for me,I'm tired a little of all these women with guns, etc. But her face is beautiful! And she has amazing eyes! But for me,Chloe is the best!
    6. Nah, Angela isn't Angelina Jolie's twin or anything, but she definitely sports the same attitude. A lady who knows what she wants and doesn't need help from anyone to get it!:lol:

      As stated, tastes differ and some people want fairies, some want vampires, angels, devils, knights, etc.,-- the varieties are endless. Fairyland seems to have a lot of the bases covered. They put together some beautiful fullsets and make gorgeous dolls. If I had room in my doll plans for that size, I would've snapped up one of the LittleFee fullsets. They're so cute.

      But, I work best with the bigger dolls, so the Feeple 65 was much more my style. She works out in many ways.

      Fairy Floribelle, I noticed in one of your previous posts that you felt that all Chloe was missing was the wings. Do you have access to the Marketplace here? There are a good number of people there that make really awesome wings of all kinds. Dragonfly, butterfly, all sorts of fantasy types; you name it, I've seen some really pretty ones. Maybe you could commission one of them to give your Chloe the wings she needs?
    7. Thank you for advice about wings! I'll look for it at Marketplace(soon I'll have access) and may be by the time my fairy Chloe will come home,she'll receive wings:)
    8. She's here! I'm so in love.... except for one part. Her right arm keeps popping off :o is this common? How do I fix this?
    9. When you bend your girl's torso joint all the way back, it releases her (magnetic) arms, so you can take them off easily for modding or putting difficult clothes on. Just push the arm in all the way and tilt her torso joint forward and it should lock in place. :)
    10. I'll go off the beaten path here.... when I first saw the pics of Angela... she reminded me of a young Victoria Principle!
    11. Actually, now that you say that, I can see the resemblance. I hadn't thought of her in years! My mother used to watch "Dallas" when I was a kid. I remember thinking she was so pretty back then.
    12. Dropping by to share a picture of Winter. Pardon the eyelessness. She's had green eyes for 2 years, and now she's demanding purple to the point she looks less creepy without eyes.

    13. Will she have a new face-up? Or does she live without it?:)
    14. Ooo... I saw some gorgeous light purple urethane eyes 16mm on the mp here recently...
      Bet they'd be lovely on her!

    15. even without eyes she looks gorgeous amandylion! I really love some of the Soom sculpts and it's nice to see they can match up with the F65 bodies. ^^
    16. She hasn't had a faceup because she's just been floating around without a body or style. I'm looking forward to painting her up soon. :)

      Urethanes... :drool Sooo pretty.

      Thanks! :)
    17. Hello I have a question, can female feeple65 wear SD16 size shoes? If not what companies shoes can she wear?

    18. Others with more experience will be able to tell you better, but here's the little I've learned:

      I have had more trouble finding flat shoes than heel shoes. Feeple flat feet can sometimes squeeze into SD16 shoes (I got some off-brand ones from Mint on Card and had to stretch them), but if you want to be safe go with DD size (or even Iplehouse nYID/SID/EID size).

      Their heel feet can wear SD-sized shoes from at least Dollheart and Luts. (I have these and these and they work great!)
    19. squeeeee~!!!! I just received this message from DDE about my Angela: