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Fairyland Feeple 65 Discussion Part V

Jan 16, 2014

    1. in general, Fairyland dolls are my least favorite to pose (in any size) and I also have the older body. So with that disclaimer I'll add on to what @Jglow said above:
      My F65 Will Not Sit Upright for love nor money - "lean slightly backwards" - doesn't even begin to cover it, and considering the double joints, her range of posing is surprisingly limited. She is, however, very solid on her feet (I only have the flat feet) and fairly easy to dress - I've found SID clothing tends to fit well.
      I have mostly SD+ sized dolls, so the weight isn't an issue for me, and she's not noticeably heavier than my other big girls with similar body types. I generally don't wire my dolls and only suede when I absolutely have to, so I don't think the difficulty with posing the F65 is so much weight as it is just not great engineering - Fairyland designs their bodies first and foremost to look pretty, posability is clearly an afterthought. The F65 stringing system also seems a bit unnecessarily complicated. I suspect they had all sorts of grand ideas for fantasy parts (that either never made it off the page or were shelved) when they were designing the body - the magnetic arm thing is interesting (a little alarming the first time they fall off unexpectedly) the way the legs are strung is just complicated and weird, imo.
      I clearly like the F65 body well enough since I still have one, but I don't plan on getting another. If you are primarily interested in dynamic posing (or sitting at all) you'd be better off getting another body from a different company
    2. How does one disassemble a FeePle65 girl? I know their internal structure is a wee bit nontraditional, and I've never really seen one in parts before. Since I plan to mod/dye one, how much of a pain is it to take one apart and put it back together again?
    3. Here's my F65 tan Siean I've recently completed faceup work on.

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    4. @Jglow She is so pretty! Her eyes are amazing~
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    5. Thank you so much!!
    6. Oh! I saw her on instagram! Beautiful :)
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    7. For such a beauty, she sure looks bad @ss :)
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    8. Hi, all! My Rona :)
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    9. @Dewi. She is pretty and the necklace is adorable!
    10. Aw, a shamrock! That is cute! She is so beautiful! What a lovely sweater!
    11. What You have it bright and interesting! Very cool.)
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    12. Hello! I recently got the Feeple65 Sylvia she's a beautiful doll but needless to say she can't sit to save her life, is there any way to improve on this either through nodding or re stringing Thanks in advance!
    13. Her legs should push back into their sockets to lock them. That should help her sit better.
    14. I am so glad I found this thread. I was beginning to worry that I was the only one who had a feeple 65. Does anyone know when FL restocks their things? I've been trying to get more hands and feet. Every time I check it just says its sold out. I've been looking at other thigns too like wigs and clothes and stuff, but that isn't specific to fairlyand.
    15. Ehh... Fairyland tends to put items on "sold out" status, without any definite plans to re-start their sales. They usually concentrate on their most popular sellers - Minifees, and full-sets.
      I think that if people bug them for specific sizes, they'll reconsider re-opening that doll type for sales again. I too would love some extra pairs of FP65 boy hands.

    16. It was my understanding that they were fazing out the feeple65 line.

      So who knows when and even IF they will open it again.
    17. you know, Fairyland would make so much more money if they handled all their lines like the minifees - there's so many options with minifees! multiple body types always available (the female A-line has 3 chest options and 2 for the legs, different styles of feet, just All The Choices) AND you can buy just the bodies on their own so you can have the doll you ordered, and make another complete doll with the event head. smh Idk why they don't do that with the F65 and F60 lines. I've liked a few of their SD sized event heads quite a lot, but not enough to buy another whole F65 just so it can have it's own body and I'm stuck trying to unload an extra head I don't particularly need/want
    18. Aww man that is such a bummer. I only recently decided to finish working on my siean and im going to be so bummed if they stop selling parts and accessories for her.
    19. Quick question does Feeple 65 Chloe only come with elf ears? I think she is gorgeous but I would prefer her with human ears. I would rather have Feeple 65 Chloe than Feeple 60 Chloe. It is just my personal preference. Thank you!
    20. @blackdahlia - there's a human chloe faceplate. both the open eyed and sleeping have elf ears.