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Fairyland Feeple 65 Discussion Part V

Jan 16, 2014

    1. @blackdahlia I am afraid she only comes with elf ears. I think there was an event face back many years ago that was the human Chloe.
    2. Is Fairyland never going to make these beautiful dolls again? :horror: I did notice there are a few beautiful outfits still for sale on their website, but I'm not sure if they've always been there??
    3. @IngieBee Those outfits have always been there. I hope they will sell them again, one day.
    4. I have no money right now anyway, but it would be super if they offered Chicline and Feeple65 next year again! I wonder how they are doing financially? I hope well....
    5. Yeah! I think so!! I really want FL release F65 muscular boy again!!
      But I have ask distributorship, she told us FL do not have plan for F65 this year.
      I'm so sad.:(
    6. How long has it been since they made the last batch of FL65? Seems like forever!
    7. I remember when people were saying this previously and then FL released Sylvia and Ine seemingly out of nowhere with a modified body, vamp hands, and new headbacks. I doubt they would trash an investment like that so quickly especially with Sylvia's relative popularity.
    8. I did ask them earlier about the feeple 65 Chloe because I really want one on the new body. They said it was not possible on the new body because of the neck mechanicism but they will work on making the chloe head to make it work on the new body, as a suggestion. I hope if they do, they do not change her because I like her face as is

      Anyway, they said they are under a lot of work in the factory, but they told me that it might come back in 2020, this was back in 2018
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    9. That's great news to me as I want to reorder my F65 Chloe again to get her sleeping faceplate and optional hands. Been waiting years already. Another year won't matter.
      That will be awesome if they modify it too because I want the newer body. But I agree with you, I hope they don't mess around with her sculpt in general just to fit the headback.
    10. See, that makes no sense. The neck mechanism on both bodies is exactly the same. They shouldn’t have to modify anything, just put the entire old head on the new body. It should fit just fine.
    11. It was my understanding that they were not. I believe I read somewhere in their website that Sylvia faceplate was attached differently than the old feeple65. I don't think you can swap headbacks. Of course I only have the original Chloe and not the new body so I can't personally verify. To me the head looks smaller than Original Chloe. So the neck mechanism may look similar but it could be smaller. Hard to judge in pics.

      edited to add link

      Okay. Found it. here you go. You can see they are attached differently.

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    12. there was confusion when the 'new' body came out. I've mentioned somewhere that my Syvia was supposed to be on the new, smaller bosom body and came on the large bust body. I thought it was the old one since the hands have the old pin in them so they seat properly, but Sylvia's head is smaller than Chloe's. smaller neck too. so, they must have made a large bust and smaller one for the new head size. or all the tans got big boobs! not sure why some people had different hands.
      so, with the smaller neck size, the headback must be different. Chloe's faceplate looms large when I hold it next to Sylvia. :arainclou
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    13. Yes, the head backs are different. And the new heads are smaller. You cannot attach a new faceplate to an old head back. And vice versa. However, both head backs should fit on the old body. The opening for the neck mechanism is the same. I’ve owned both the old AND the new bodies and I can tell you that they both have the same mechanism. That’s why it makes no sense when Fairyland claims you cannot put an old head on a new body. If you have the ENTIRE head, you can.
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    14. then I was right all along. :doh I have the old body with the new head. thanks for clearing that up @Stormlight
      I wish FL/CP had told me that I wouldn't have the new torso that I ordered. she's so gorgeous, I didn't care at the time.
      but, having two different shapes in my girls would be nice. I have muscular Roke and more boyish Rho. mix it up!
    15. Thank you for clearing that up.

    16. So If they rereleased Chloe would her original head look too big on the new neck? Like bobblehead looking?
    17. No. The new and the old body have the exact same proportions, beside the bust. Sylvias head itself is smaller than all the other FP65 heads (as you an see here: Got my fairyland feeple65 Sylvia today lighting was not the best will get better pictures on the weekend). I honestly doubt that they'd redo Chloe to fit on the new headback, since that would be pretty much the same size as FP60 then... they probably rather do a new headback system. (plus sculpting a new head just to fit on a new headback makes no sense... way easier to make the old headback fir the new body/neck).
    18. Seeing them together like that, makes Chloe look like she has a huge head in comparison.

      Ill just copy and paste what they told me, but basing on the pictures, it seems very doable but for some reason they didnt want to do it. Maybe they had plans to make the heads all smaller but I really doubt that because they didnt change the minifee heads with the different bodies made available later. Offering a body choice as an option as is would have been fine to me

      Thank you for your interest in our FairyLand dolls.

      Currently, it is not possible to order older sculpts on the new body due to compatibility issue. Your interest for Feeple65 Chloe in New Released Feeple65 body has been translated and passed onto our management team for possible consideration.

      Should you have any other questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

      Thank you.

      I just want to see FL doing well again and sorting whatever factory issues they have going on. I wish for an 60 or 65 ideally centaur but they said that would be too expensive if they did produce it in that size. Too bad because out of all the pegasuses and similar creatures, I think the FL is the best engineered and designed in my opinion. Plus it would look so cool to have the 65 on that kind of body, male or female

      Their limiteds are generally very beautiful looking so Im looking forward to that in 2020, or perhaps the next doll in the Mandarake Moors series
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    19. Well this is disheartening to read FL's response since the neck mechanism hasn't changed. Maybe they aren't confident that people want that large head on that new body (as Meanae's pic shows the difference).
      It's a shame too as I think Chloe and Siean are such beautiful sculpts, but I've been wanting to reorder only Chloe for ages. Regardless I hope in the future they make more beautiful elf ladies in the 65 range. MORE ELVES PLEASE!
    20. so anybody try to hybrid the new head type (sylvia/ine) with another body?, i see the shoulder's width is 11,5 but seem the body with same shoulder's width is too small for them