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Fairyland Feeple60 Discussion - Part 13

Apr 30, 2018

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    1. Wow, first one on the new thread? Must make a good impression then :XD:

      I was thinking about hybriding a girl and after looking at comparison pictures with other 65 cm bodies I think you're right, the curvier one is too realistic for feeple60 heads.
      Time to look for other options I guess :)
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    2. Today I received my feeple60 head back from having a face up. I'm so pleased with her, she's my first feeple60 (and SD). :XD:

      I've really loved seeing everyone else's pics :drool
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    3. Wow, she's stunning! Congrats, I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of her ^-^
    4. Here's some Mirwen for the new thread:

      @Loganberry - Which sculpt is your girl? She's lovely.
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    5. Hello, I haven’t checked on this on this thread in ages *_*
      Here’s a photo of my Mirwen girl for the new thread.
      [​IMG]Ellana by Mechromancia, on Flickr
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    6. Beautiful face-up on your Ellana, @Mechromancia ! Mirwen is my all-time favorite FL sculpt.
    7. I don't think the neck would fit?? It's much larger in diameter. I have a couple of heads on impldoll model bodies. These would be perfect and fit very well except their necks are too flat on top and don't allow for looking up and down. When I get my new model bodies which will be ordered to match the FL resin, I will mold a rounded end with epoxy putty. I'm using shapeways neck adapters. I think this body is a super fit, and the price is amazing :)
    8. Any custom Ria's? Default Ria's are welcome too!

      My two big babes have flown off together for faceups! I miss them so much already!
      Big Zephii's Arrival
      by Tina, on Flickr
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    9. Thanks for the reply! I'm curious to see your dolls once they are finished :D

      Also, your Mirwens are adorable guys! I've never liked this sculpt in Minifee size, it looks so much better as a Feeple60 imo ^ ^
    10. Beautiful girls!!!
      Here's a Cygne spam for the new thread...

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    11. @Loganberry I don’t recognize the sculpt. Who is she? I am absolutely crazy about those lips! The color and shine is lovely. Congratulations.
    12. Thanks so much, I'm really happy with her. She's a modded SP Sionna :)
    13. Thank you! No wonder I couldn’t tell who she was. I would be happy too!
    14. Hello everyone. I just wanted to show my body review for Impldoll with a ShuShu head (I know, my faceup sucks! - I'll be sending her out soon :P ) Anyway, aside from the color and that I need to round out the top of her neck, I think this body is pretty amazing, especially for the price of about $220 especially with free shipping from Alice's Collection! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the two pink bodies I have, but I did just order three custom colored bodies for my floating FL heads :) So hopefully her new body will match in resin color, or be in the same hue :)


      You can find the rest of my posing pictures album on flickr if you're interested: IMG_20180501_152549447_HDR

      Just a note, she won't arch her back. This could be because she is very tight, and it could be that if she were looser and if she were sueded, she could arch, nothing is preventing it, except for a strong pull forward when you try. I might try making a ridge to hook on with epoxy putty when I round up the neck?

      And now, I'm off to catch up on your pictures :D

      @Loganberry she looks absolutely stunning! Who did her faceup? I love her hair too!

      @vermont chick Your Merwin is gorgeous in such a sophisticated dress! I always see her as a tom boy, but yours is pure elegance!

      @Mechromancia Wow, I love that wig! She looks like a fairyfolk :D So pretty. I need to send my Merwin out for faceup, She is my grail and now that I have her, she needs to be perfect!

      @crazykimochi Aww, I'm going to feel the same way when I finally ship my Merwin and ShuShu's heads out :(

      @Hypercurve I just love your girl, Celine? (going fast and can't remember spelling, LOL) so pretty! Love her sweet dress too!
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    15. @IngieBee Aesthetically and proportionately I think the body works wonderfully as a hybrid! At a very quick glance I didn’t notice it wasn’t a FL body. Do they have another skin tone option that might work better? I would love to see pictures after the new faceup and neck modification.
    16. @Castillerja no on the resin color options other than custom, which I am doing and is costing me $50 as a one time charge to do 3 bodies. I think that's super reasonable. Now I have to figure out what to put on the two pink bodies I have :D But I'm sure I'll find something!

      Also, in case anyone is thinking of using this body, I want to reiterate that the neck needs to be rounded , as it's very flat on top. This causes the head not to be able to look up or down. It could be rounded via grinding, but if you want to keep the length of the neck, I am hoping that epoxy putty will do the job. It shouldn't take much.
    17. Oh gosh yeah! That sounds super reasonable, especially considering many companies would charge that or more just for one body.
    18. Only problem is, I'm sending in a head cap, which is pretty scary! And that adds to the cost. But Alice's Collections has free shipping which is amazing! So I'm saving a lot there :)