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Fairyland Feeple60 Discussion - Part 13

Apr 30, 2018

    1. LOL @Saintly , when I wrote that, I had goofed as I bought the FL60A, a different head. But I wasn't disappointed because I was mostly looking for a white head I could blush to match a body :). But I do gave my 2 FLA60 sisters still, and I love them so much! I'd love to see yours, if you have a picture? Unless I'm forgetting and have seen her already? :doh
    2. Thank you. Shes truly my fave of my f60 girls.

      Thank you :)
      It's great to read I'm not the only one putting more energy into existing characters instead of buying/creating new ones.

      Thank you very much :)

      Happy New Year Everyone!!
    3. You haven’t seen her! I haven’t finished her faceup yet... I’m kind of nervous to do it. I’ve done the blushing but nothing finite. Of course, I can always erase it, but I’m feeling the pressure! She was/is my female grail for so long! Haha I didn’t want to mess her up.

      Now I’m after an LLT Roderich, no luck yet, (male grail) and I’m thinking if I ever do get him, what if I freeze on his face as well .

      When I’m done and past my block, I will let you know!
    4. @Saintly Well, there's always commissioning an artist ;P LOL
    5. Hi guys

      Does anyone know if fairyland will ever open another round of alacarte for their Feeple60 boys?
      I stumbled upon the site from google but noticed that they've been removed from the alacarte pages :(
    6. While I don’t know if they’ll ever release the old f60 boys again, they did just release Erda, a new f60 boy. Potentially once they make more, they’ll make an à la carte system for the new body, like they did with the moe girls.
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    7. Ooooh thanks for the info @Chameleon !!
      I havent been keeping up with the hobby for years and find myself missing CP molds so much.
      Erda is truly beautiful and the poseability of the new body is amazing! I hope they'll start opening the alacarte again one day :D
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    8. (just complaining) I wish Fairyland would pull everything back together and get all their dolls into production again :...(
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    9. I've been wanting to photograph Cala in this full set for so long. I knew her face-up palette would be perfect with the flowers in the head dress and the gold thread embroidery:

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    10. I've joined the Erda club, ordering last minute for the full set with no wings. Some extra $$ just forced
      my grabby hands onto DDE's site. :chomp:

      @Nikki'sNewObsession - beautiful dress and girl.
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    11. Thank you

      Thank you
    12. Ahh, i'm also hoping they'll bring back the original F60 sculpts someday! I forever regret not getting an F60 Luka back when I still had the chance~ :...(

      Anyway, here's a new face for the thread! I finally finished working on my tan elf Rin, Mink! My feisty forest lady~ Her original eye shape was just too big and droopy looking for what I imagined for her, so modded her eyes to be MUCH smaller and I think the sculpt looks so much better like this! She's inspired by a few different animals, but the most obvious one being the Red Squirrel, hence the giant fluffy squirrel tail! Ahh I can't get over how pretty and FLUFFY she is!~ :D
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    13. I seriously love how unique your designs are. I’ve followed you on Instagram for awhile now and just :chibi
    14. I LOVE her eye make up! It's so different and unique, absolutely amazing :)
    15. I have an F60 boy from the original release way back in the day (2012?) and I was wondering if anyone knows, are all the F60 hands compatible with all the wrists? Or are the boy and girl wrists different sizes? I want to buy new hands for the doll using them now, and wouldn't mind using the girl hands for him.
    16. Deja enjoying the comforts of home:

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    17. Thank you!
      She's easily my favorite of my trio. :)