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Fairyland Feeple60 Discussion - Part 13

Apr 30, 2018

    1. Dear F60 Carol owners,
      please advise if she has magnets in her back? If she has, can I also please ask you to tell me the distance between them (inch or cm)?
      Thank you so much in advance!
    2. Dropping by to test flickr. Is it acting up for anyone else? I can't see a lot of people's pictures :T

      my girls
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    3. So I remember reading that in the flat feet magnets can fall off easily? That's the case for my fairyline tanskin body. One of the feet is missing a magnet. Does anyone know the size of the magnet or a good place to get a replacement? Just thought I'd check! :D
    4. She has two I believe most or all moe bodies have them normal and long leg ver. They are about 1/2 inch apart all together the 2 magnets combined area together is about 1 1/2 inch.

      Not sure of the size to use but it's all luck if the magnets stay in or not. My F65 heel foot magnet was out from day one. F60 both feet types have held well. I'm sure craft or hardware store should have or beable to match the size hole for a replacement though.
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    5. That's weird. I can see everyone's pictures.

      Can you see mine?

      This is my Carol (Alice). She is so cute, I don't post her often because nothing really new happens with her. But I love having her around.

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    6. Yes I can see your photo :) she is lovely!
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    7. I knew I was undoubtedly not getting post notifications, but have been so busy, I just didn't look. On one hand, I'm releived I haven't missed too much in volume, but also happy to see gorgeous pictures!

      Wow, another magical doll! She is beautiful. I really like your eye modification :)

      So beautiful. Which head is she?

      I forget who is who! Is this a Soo!? I'm sure it's too late to be relevant, but yes I do see your lovely girls :D

      Yes, gorgeous!
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    8. [​IMG]
      My sleeping Cygne on an AprilStory Junior girl body. She needs a name.
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    9. She is so sweet! Unfortunately, I'm terrible with names! Unless I have two of one sculpt, I keep the given names of my dolls! How horrible of me! I mean, I gave my first dolls names, then it got too hard to remember, LOL
    10. She’s beautiful and so peaceful looking :D
      If you’re looking for name suggestions, how about Eloise?

      @IngieBee close, she’s a soony! :aheartbea
    11. Hello, I can answer this question! I was an archivist for one of the previous Feeple60 threads and someone did try to switch the hands between the discontinued male and female bodies, and had included pictures. I don't remember specifically what they wrote but from what I wrote in the Feeple60 wiki, they are not interchangeable between genders, you would have to change the wrist balls in addition to the hands if you want to switch. Hope this helps!
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    12. This does help...save me money. Lol. It's sad they don't fit, but at least I know before ordering hands! Thank you!
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    13. @brightberry Aww, Alice is lovely! Always happy to see more Carols around~ I'm glad to see more Carols with short hair these days, I think it really suits her!


      Ahhh I haven't checked in here in a while, but thank so much to everyone who complimented my Rin, Mink!~
      And here's some group spam of a few of my F60s for the thread. Mink (modded Rin), Guppy (Cygne) and Egret (Ria).
      I dyed my Carol dark tan like I had originally intended when I got her a few weeks ago, but i'm still working on her faceup. I'll share her here soon though!
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    14. Thank you shes a celine.

      Loving your trio!!!
    15. :love
    16. I have not been on this thread in quite some time. With this new event out, I am just waiting to see what they have up their sleeve. Could it be a new feeple girl? Anyhow, I pulled Mirwen out today for a bit. I have struggled to find her look for quite some time, but think I am getting closer. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend :)

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    17. I love probably every Mirwen I've ever seen, boy or girl, but that combo, black hair, green eyes, tan skin and pink complection is super sweet! @wrxgal!