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Fairyland Feeple60 Discussion - Part 13

Apr 30, 2018

    1. Does anyone know how long fairyland wait times generally are? I ordered a Rendia almost immediately and was told they would be shipping in February, but I'm not sure how possible that will be considering that I haven't seen a single Erda or Honoka and they should be first in the queue.
    2. If you chose an event head, it can make your order take longer. I thought I read that someone's Erda was shipping but haven't seen any photos or heard of any arrivals. I ordered him full set with event head. don't expect him anytime soon. :blush
    3. Wow, I'm excited to see Erde with an older feeple60 boy for comparisons! Hang in there, @Kayble because it's Chinese New year or Lunar New year so most people are on vacation!
    4. I keep wondering about his shipping too because I paid my last layaway on him recently from DDE.
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    5. Ahh, I just meant the estimate seemed weird considering everything. I will stalk the waiting room tho... didn't know we had those here!
    6. Edit: Don't mind me - I'm an overexcited idiot posting in the wrong thread. Meant to be in the waiting room lol. I'll see myself out.
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    7. Don't be silly! No need to contain excitement to the waiting room thread! Did you just order? Or get a shipping notice?
    8. @IngieBee aw thanks for the kind words! :hug: I really was in the wrong place though. I got a shipping notice - for my Honoka. And just started babbling away in the wrong open tab. I do have a Carol on order though. So eventually I'll be back here babbling with excitement for her. :D

      Will be lurking and admiring all the lovelies in here in the meantime.
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    9. Popping into this thread, as I'm the new owner of a feeple girl! This is Artemis, she's a modded dreaming elf Rin.
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    10. She's so cute! I love her adorable faceup style! Congratulations!
    11. I think my Erda shipped! I got a tracking # from DDE so not sure what else it would be haha.
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    12. That is SO exciting!! I hope you post pictures. I can’t wait to see him, I’m also waiting for an Erda.
    13. @Ravenwolf - full set? event head?
      that would be so cool!

      I ordered at the very end of the event. long wait for me I think.
    14. Congrats!! She's super adorable!!

      EEEPP!! I REQUEST LOTS OF SPAM, PLS! Sorry for the caps, I'm just excited for this guy!!
    15. @xxSugarxPopzxx Yes!!!! I will!! I think he' is arriving tomorrow ^___^
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    16. Its exciting anticipating all of your new arrivals. I look forward to seeing them all.
      I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day

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    17. Dose anyone have pictures of a feeple60 Moe line body with normal legs with a Rin head due to l can't make my mind up feeple60 or minifee Rin.
    18. I haven't posted here in a long while, but I recently sent my F60 Rona (Chimera) to Komorebi Dolls for a little make over.
      I'm so happy with how she turned out and that she's inspiring me again~ :aheartbea


      Her aesthetic/theme is inspired by moons, moths, and all things celestial. I'm waiting on some alternative eyes for when I want her to be in a human state, but here she is in her moth form (minus the wings).
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