Fairyland Feeple60 Discussion - Part 14

May 7, 2019

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    2. Gosh, I'm tempted to purchase a pair of dollmore's msd heels but they're +$40 ugh!

      @Thymeseer , LOL, I really like the grey on Piper for hair though, and Piper's eye color would be beautiful as well, though the blue works just as well :D. I can't remember off hand who it was that is taking color inspiration from her cats but I can see it working here :whee:
    3. Dollfie Dream feet are about 6.5m long, so I've found my F60 Moe girls fit almost all of my shoe collection, except for some of the long boots because the F60 Moe has thicker calves than DD. I haven't been using the heel feet, just the flat feet (DD only have flat feet, but they have plenty of "heel" options that are made for flat feet). I know my girl is wearing Nine9 Style ankle boots now and they're a good fit.
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    4. Awesome info, @Cauldroness , in the database section, they say:

      Aim to buy shoes with as close to 3cm inner width as possible. Leekeworld heels, Luts heels, Dollheart, Dollmore basic SD heels, Soom Super Gem low heels, Iplehouse old YID heels.
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    5. Ah! Thank you for that awesome info! I think DD has a lot of pretty shoes! :chibi
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    6. @IngieBee I was actually strongly considering that lovely grey as a hair choice! Just got to get some yarn...and wig making skills. I wonder where they sell those haha.
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    7. I'm in process of paying off an Erda, does anyone know what sizes might fit him? I want him to have a pastel look and it's hard to find clothes that I like but that I'm second-guessing. I'd assume he wears the same as a Feeple60, but I'm unsure. Any help would be appreciated!
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    8. Mine wears 14mm, I believe!

      Edit: Curse this brain fog! You meant clothes!
    9. New Thread Spam, Deja lounging in her room...


      I love the info on f60 shoes. I love their fat feet but it also makes buying them shoes, stressful.
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    10. Mine wears just normal SD size clothes. F60s are on the smaller size sd-wise, so anything marketed to Delf size would fit. (Cursory googling tells me that SD13 is also an equivalent size at least height wise but no idea beyond that so ymmv)
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    11. Thank you! I have some SD13 clothing on my Carol, but I wasn't sure about Erda. Are his feet the weird moe-style too, where they can wear 1/4 sized shoes? (I bought mine from dollmore's ebay store, and they fit like a dream).
    12. Shoes I have no idea about, because I hate shoe shopping in any shape or form ^^;

      Edit: OKAY so here real fast shot of the F60 foot compared to a slim mini foot (L) and a non-slim (R).

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    13. My Rendia is on her way to me and I'm so excited! I feel like it's been forever since I ordered her haha. I actually haven't seen any pictures of her yet for some reason??? So I will have to make up for that when I get her c:
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    14. My Ria shipped out yesterday! She should arrive by tomorrow if my tracking is right. Hopefully my son will go down for his nap around the time she shows up or I may just have to wait to open her until his bed time.
    15. [​IMG]
      My girl arrived today! My first Fairyland bjd and I absolutely love her! <3
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    16. Rendia! Her face-up is soooo pretty.
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    17. I wish Fairyland would reopen the boys...no Els no...nothing g. Just one new guy and it's not the same.
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    18. Well gosh, with how quiet this thread has been, you'd think they've slowed down and needed to offer different dolls?! IE more boys!

      Wow, @Kayble are you the first to receive a Rendia? I'm sorry, but I completely forgot to follow this thread, and have been too busy to realize no one commented! That's horribly disappointing when you just got a new lovely doll! And she is amazing! Look at that faceup!

      Speaking of faceups, @TokyoLynn if that's a Fairyland faceup, it's either so different or your wig makes it look incredible :) She's absolutely stunning!
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    19. @IngieBee I think so! I would've thought there'd be others, but for now it's just me lol. Also, thank you! I don't mind the lack of comments haha, I just really wanted to get owner pics out there in case other people are considering her. C: ! I'm glad I took the plunge with her even without any owner pics, because her sculpt is perfect!
    20. Fairyland definitely needs to bring back the boys cause that is sad that only 1 Erda boy was done in the 60cm size this year. I guess more sales are the girls that is making the company money so they continue with that trend.
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