Fairyland Feeple60 Discussion - Part 14

May 7, 2019

    1. Smart dolls are the same! Danny Choo dropped his two boys to seasonal, barely has them stuff made, and blames us for them not selling well! Fairyland is just like that!
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    2. SmDoll doesn't promote their boys at all. FL only seems interested in their little fees. (for big fees. sorry.) if they were more like chiclines, I'd be interested.
      I really like my Erda. he's actually made friends with my very new smart doll girl. I'll take a pic tomorrow. the ones I have at box opening are pretty lame.
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    3. [​IMG]20190528_163416 by Tatsu Kitty, on Flickr

      I just finished my Chloe! I modded her to have teeth and elf ears, and did her faceup! I also made her wig. <3 Sorry about the messy background!
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    4. Wow, one of the nicest I've seen, @TokyoLynn!

      @TatsuKitty She looks so different and so adorable! Looks totally pro too! Good job!
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    5. @IngieBee I'm really impressed with their face up artist. <3
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    6. Thanks so much! <3 I am super happy with her!
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    7. My Ria arrived yesterday. She is not sporting the right wig yet, but wanted to share her :)

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    8. Even so, that's an awesome wig! Looks great on her with those eyes :D Love her brows, is that a fairyland faceup? They're getting really amazingly good!
    9. Aww thanks. :) No, she has a custom faceup, but I do agree, fairyland is getting better :)
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    10. wrxgal: She's so pretty! I love the little freckles! <3

      I crocheted a little top for Pandora today!

      [​IMG]20190531_115331 by Tatsu Kitty, on Flickr
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    11. I learned how to knit when I was 10 years old, but I never could keep the tension right, and hated it. Same with crocheting. But my daughter wanted to learn to knit and for her birthday I got her a bunch of yarn, a set of knitting needles and a crochet hook, kissed her and said "You can learn from YouTube!" LOL.

      But I am trying to knit something right now, and I'm finding I have way more patience now as an old lady and am actually enjoying it?! My sister started knitting a few years ago as well, though she was always good at it, and made lots of things, but since we had kids, we haven't knitted much. So must be something to seeing little old ladies knit. You learn as a kid then enjoy it in old age?? Still, I'm not even close to what you made there, @TatsuKitty, that's so cool and pretty!
    12. @IngieBee I learned as a child to crochet from my mom and then got back into it at like age 18? And then I learned to knit in college! So it's been a out ten years of knitting and probably 20 of crochet lol! I love it so much! I ended up making another top for my delf and I will probably make panda another top soon too!
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    13. I figure we're probably going to get another MNF girl soon, then we ought to be due for another F60 as well! I've been waiting for the guys for years, but Erda just isn't what I'm looking for. I'm hoping for a less melancholy looking fella. :) Or maybe we'll get another Fairyline60 . . . wouldn't a BIG Sia (mermaid) be lovely?

      @TatsuKitty what an adorable mouth mod on your Chloe! Combined with the poofy wig and crop top, she looks like such an impish little fae. <3
    14. @Kayble Oh! Your Rendia is beautiful! Her default faceup is super pretty and suits her so well! Thank you for sharing owner photos of her, i've been super excited to see them around~
      I don't want to have too many F60 girls and I'm still still holding out hope they'll make an F60 Risse and/or Hwayu someday...but gosh, Rendia looks so great in F60 size, i'm so tempted!

      @wrxgal Always so happy to see more Ria around! She's so stunning, Eludys does such lovely work~ :fangirl:

      @TatsuKitty I love her hair and that top is super cute! :D

      I haven't been around here for a bit as I haven't had a lot of time to devote to dolls these days, but last week I did finally get a faceup on my Carol, Gazelle!
      She might be rather unrecognizable as a Carol now that she's been dyed and has such a dramatic faceup though, haha~ I dyed her to a dark purple-toned brown which was always my original intention for her. I struggled quite a bit with her sculpt when I first got her and was worried she didn't suit my tastes or wouldn't work for my concept after all, but i'm so glad that I didn't give up on her because she really pulled it off even better than I imagined! I just adore her face sculpt in this dark skin tone. Her facial features weren't modded, but its fascinating how different they appear just due to how light and shadows catch on different tones. Anyway, here she is with her girlfriend, my F60 Ria, Egret :aheartbea
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    15. @Dolly Thank you! I love her so much. <3 I'm still debating on making her another wig, maybe this time with the mohair on the pelt instead of glued but I love the poof of it! She is indeed a mischievous one!

      @Arkelle I LOVE the dye job! So nice and even and the faceups are so cool!

      I got carried away and made Panda another top too. XD I made one for my delf luwen and loved it so much I wanted to redo it in Pandora's size!

      [​IMG]20190602_123433 by Tatsu Kitty, on Flickr
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    16. @TatsuKitty that's awesome. My knitting is as it always was, very inconsistent and bad tension. I have to figure out a way to stabilize my tension. Good thing though, is 1. I really REALLY need to make this doll sweater (it'll be tiny knits, lace weight yarn, and matches a tv character's outfit that I loved instantly) and 2. I'm older and more patient. I know I can't get this immediately so I'm practicing and trying things out with no frustration. To me this is quite amazing, but it must be do to my old age, LOL.
    17. @Arkella I just need an emoji that shows a dazed drooling face with a side of squee, but this is best I can do for your pictures, LOL :wiggle:XD::drool:drool:dance:cheer:cheer:abow: you have such a wonderful style! It comes through in all your dolls!

      Another awesome top, @TatsuKitty :D Gotta get this down so I can make sweaters n stuff for my big girls too! This could really be cool. I'm finding it so relaxing! Unfortunately, I have no time to relax :eek:
    18. @Arkelle thank you! And I would definitely recommend Rendia, her sculpt's features are so soft and pretty! I hope she becomes more commonplace. She looks really different (and much cuter) than minifee Rendia, imo. And your dolls look so gorgeous! It'd be awesome to see a rendia all gussied up in your style. C:
    19. Scarlett (smart doll) and Hugh sharing an ice cream cone on a hot summer's day. I was just messing around with clothes and wigs, and
      didn't dress H. Let's pretend those are swim trunks. :frownyblush:


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