Fairyland Feeple60 Discussion - Part 14

May 7, 2019

    1. @singkititay I ordered special color from Impldoll for the model body for $50 more (and with that $50, I ordered several bodies and items and was charged only once), they matched my sample perfectly. If they still have my neck ball resin, you could ask them to match it again? The body isn't a FL body, but hey, they're not offering bodies, and force us to look other places! At $215 it's an excellent body that almost perfectly matches the original FL60 bodies in size.

      Another choice would / could be Supiadoll. Fairyland heads look great on the double jointed body. A bit taller than the original FL60 but fits in well. Their newest 65cm body is more Iplehouse like, and very hippy lots of width in hips, but a great poser. The first DJ body is very floppy and needs sueding or something :) I still love that body though it's a pain, LOL. I haven't sueded mine yet. I need to get off my lazy a**...........

      I'm sure there are other good matches, but I really have no experience with other brands that match :(

      Luts foot on fairyland body:

      [​IMG]IMG_20180731_172938750 by ingiebee, on Flickr

      And a daylight picture of my Shushu on Impl special order color:

      [​IMG]Morgana by ingiebee, on Flickr

      Here is a CP/Luts head (same color as FL) on a new Luts body. AngelToast gave her a light dusting of white for her faceup, which makes it match very well!
      [​IMG]Juri05 by ingiebee, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Juri07b3 by ingiebee, on Flickr


      Last one is a very good match to fresh FL resin :)
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    2. oh many, many thanks!!! i really appreciate your recommendations @IngieBee . this is very helpful! :love:)
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    3. Shes so cute! Is she modded to have teeth?
    4. yes! I modded her to have the teeth and she also has little elf ears under the hair! <3
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    5. I haven't posted here in a while. Want to share a new photo of Deja, who is now my only f60 girl...

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    6. Lovely dolls everyone!

      I just wanted to see if anyone else has seen the new sculpt? It’s Momo! I really like her fullset.

      Kim SunHwa
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    7. I have and she is gorgeous and is going to be another reason my wallet is going to be empty... :XD:
    8. Momo is beautiful

      they just released her and the summer event items :) (and the new minifee)

      I just purchased Momo, shes going to be my first fairyland because I couldnt resist that princess fullset, it is very pretty

      When I checked out, I was stressed to find that there was no shipping charge, but googling it shows that its free shipping for over $900, was not expecting that it is a nice surprise :)

      She is on the moe body with the long legs, but I dont see information on the eye size. Im guessing 14mm based on other feeple60 sculpts

      Is anyone getting her?
    9. I'm a little heartbroken... I have been hoping & hoping & hoping that we'd get an F60 Momo because I wanted so badly an F60 bunny girl... but now that I see F60 Momo without any fantasy parts, I'm wondering if my dream of a big bunny girl may never come true. Also I see that tan skin is still closed.
    10. @Cauldroness - I thought the same thing - no bunny bits! disappointing. The little version is so cute. :...(
    11. Do you guys also think the Feeple60 event head looks a bit like Rona? Esp. the lips.
    12. On momo im a little confused... Her fullset says she comes with #18 hands (which i cant find anywhere) but she is pictured with #13 hands
    13. @Cauldroness Compared to the fullsets released in 2018/7 the fullsets this year seem less exciting. The butterfly feeple60 is still available and has not sold out, when before the fullsets always sold out in 3-5 days.
      I did ask them about a fairyline 60, and the return of the feeple65 and they said to wait for 2020, so I guess the exciting fairyline fantasy sets will be coming in 2020.

      I am however surprised that the minifee is available to get in tan, but not the feeple60 limited girl

      I do hope for a fairyline60 bunny, but most of all, wish for the impossible centaur/unicorn/pegasus in feeple65 or fairyline60 :love

      @whooganana I had the same problem but I found it on google images, these are the 18 hands :)
      18# hands
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    14. OMG thank you so much for this information. :abow:

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    15. Perhaps a silly question, but does anyone know if the new Feeple60 Romantic Momo (full package) is limited at all? By time or run. I'm a big silly so apologies if it has been said anywhere - I absolutely adore it but probs won't be able to afford her this year, so wanted to know if there's any hopes of her full set being available next year XD
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    16. I have a plan to get a Feeple60 Scarlett, gosh I'm so excited!
      I agree about the boys though! They're all so pretty <3
    17. Gorgeous girls, I adore those teeth, @TatsuKitty !

      Your only f60? I'm shocked, @Nikki'sNewObsession ! But she is beautiful. I love her look, and the sweater, so simple but colors are bold and awesome :D

      Huge congratulations on Momo @GreenTeaSlug !! Gosh I hope you're right on feeple65 comeing out in 2020. First I'll have finished my dolly diet and second, I'm dying for an f65!

      Unfortunately I'm not following anything closely and I have no idea @teddyboy1der

      @SlytherinCupcake I hope you can order soon, She is so pretty!!
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