Fairyland Feeple60 Discussion - Part 14

May 7, 2019

    1. Lol, yeah, made big changes this Summer. I have one very spoiled couple. ❤

      Thank you, I adore her.
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    2. Your doll is absolutely stunning. The face up looks so modern and I adore the nose ring.
    3. Thank you
    4. Exactly at what @haliemerson said. I couldn't put my finger on it, but yes, realistic and modern which is what I tend to go for :D
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    5. @IngieBee thats what they told me when I asked why every feeple65 was discontinued, I really want the Chloe in that size, shes very pretty, but that response was from end of 2017 or early 2018 but I remain hopeful for 2020. I cant find the Q&A board anymore so I cant CP the response I got (have they removed it?? I only see the 1:1 CS)

      @teddyboy1der I asked them! I will CP their response

      Feeple60 Momo Full Package is limited and will be pulled down depending on our product schedule / availability to obtain material required to create Full Package outfit set.

      @LadyMissJenni Your welcome :)
      I had asked if it was possible for a centaur or a similar horse body creature for fairyline60/ feeple65 but they said it would be too expensive to produce, which would make the product too expensive to buy and there wouldnt be sales. It would be cool to get an actual mermaid tail and not a seahorse in 2020 .....

      Out of curiousity, how many would be interested in getting a centaur/pegasus/unicorn F60/65 and what would be an acceptable price range? They did say it was going to be too expensive, but I wanted to see what everyone thought because a 1/3 version would be mega cool and interesting, and FL does them the best in looks and engineering
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    6. I hope that comes true, @GreenTeaSlug :D As far as fantasy parts go, I almost got the Ria with the bird feet, I just didn't have the money. She was so awesome! But in reality, I have no fantasy dolls beyond elves though I admire and adore many. Of course I'm not much the target, as I have so little to spend, I almost never buy full sets, but since you asked :D ....
    7. Thank you that's a very kind and high compliment. I love for them to be realistic, so Im glad Deja captures it.

      Took a pic of my two love birds, after moving their tv to the bedroom.

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    8. I love her! What size is she though? I can only find the minifee version of Shushu on the site.
    9. Well, that's the end of their sex lives! LOL
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    10. So I see that the Feeple60 dolls can be bought in the basic versions more or less a la carte. Is that a normal thing, or is this an exception?

      (Basically, I want a Carol. Or maybe a Cygne. How long do y'all reckon I have to make up my mind?)
    11. It’s normal. Take your time.
    12. Thank you! I've sortof gotten used to companies like Soom, who don't seem to have any "normal" dolls, so I was a bit worried.
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    13. Thank you! She’s a Feeple 60! If I’m not mistaken she’s a Nanuri ‘18 head. But everyone calls her big Shushu
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    14. I want to introduce my new girl to you guys. This is Layla Martell, my vampire girl. She’s a tan Feeple60 Ria.

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    15. What a beautiful Ria! :love congratulations!
    16. Thank you!!
    17. It's not my aim to go long periods without posting here, but I'm trying to carve out time for the hobby again.

      Here's my newest girl, meet Fable! ♡ I'm hoping to get her painted in the Fall. She's only been here for a day and I'm totally in love with her. I've been wanting F60 Shushu (Nanuri 2018) since the event last year and kept passing on her (and being annoyed with myself afterwards).

      I'm so happy that I could finally bring her home!

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    18. Congratulations, she's lovely and I can't wait to see her faceup :D
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    19. @IngieBee Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing her painted as well~ Now to finalize her palette in the meantime.*_*
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