Fairyland Feeple60 Discussion - Part 14

May 7, 2019

    1. Lmao...nah, they put it back in the living room..lol
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    2. Hi friends! :D I have my first Feeple coming my way secondhand. I am pretty excited. I was wondering, what size eyes do you guys prefer in your dolls? I have her on a short layaway so I am trying to get some stuff ordered so she won't be naked once she gets here!
    3. @Moorish Congratulations on your first feeple! :D Which sculpt is she? The eye size depends on the sculpt and also your preference of a larger or smaller pupil. Most of them wear 16mm to 14mm (sometimes 18mm depending on how large the eye well).

      My F60 Nanuri 18 wears 14mm, while my F60 Rona and F60 Celine wear 16mm.
    4. She is a F60 Vampire Cygne! I was trying to figure out what eyes she shipped with from FL but I can't find a listing that says the size. I just... don't have many big things to try out to get a good feeler haha. I had been thinking 16mm would be the fit for her as I like larger.
    5. Congratulations @Moorish ! I think FL usually ships them out with 16, but with most of the newer sculpts, 14 fits well. I even prefer to go with a smaller Iris, but 12s are too gappy
    6. I do 14’s in my Cygne, but it’s all personal preference! I can try to get a picture of them sometime if you’d like!
    7. @Aquadoe Ohhh congratulations of finally getting your Shushu! Ah, I adore the F60 version of her so much! Super excited to see what you end up doing with her! :D

      @Moorish Congratulations on getting your first F60! Always so lovely to hear of more Cygnes around (and just more F60s in general haha~)!
      I personally have been using 14mm in my Cygne, but yes, 16mm works too!

      Speaking of, here's a recent photo of my Cygne, Guppy, for the thread! (14mm eyes here)
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    8. Aww thank you so much! If I'm lucky in getting a slot she'll hopefully be going off to the spa soon! ^_^
      Always nice to see Guppy! Such a sassy pose~ :D
    9. @Arkelle , Guppy's eyes are amazing! Those are new, eh? I really like them on her :XD::love

      I've gotten so frustrated trying to find eyes that I like, I'm finally going to try my hand at making some. I've been waiting for my molds to arrive, it's taking so long and I'm like dying to get started!
    10. @IngieBee Thank you!~ Guppy's actually had these eyes for a while now. I originally bought them for a different doll but I made the common mistake of trying them in another doll and falling in love before the doll I actually bought them for even arrived haha~ So glad I did though, these eyes are just so perfect for Guppy! :aheartbea

      Oh! I hope your eye making adventures turn out well! I completely relate to your frustrations with eyes. They are super gorgeous, but I've always found them to be my least favorite aspect of the doll hobby for sure. Plus my favorite type of eyes are the heavily stylized/semi-anime "drawn" look which can be fairly hard to find in the right size/shape for resin BJDs :...(

      But speaking of eyes, here's some extra spam of my Ria, Egret, for the thread! I got the random idea to borrow the eyes of one of my little dragon bjds and try them in Egret since they matched her color scheme and even though it's kind of an odd look I just love it for her for some reason haha~
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    11. Oh that does look super! Egret is almost exactly as amazing as Guppy, LOL. And of course, Gazelle, the three are amazing. Your style is unique. I'd copy you if I had an oz of talent, which is probably why my dolls are rather plain. Lack of vision, LOL.
    12. @IngieBee Aww, thank you so much! You're too kind, really~ :aheartbea They're all so wonderful, I can never decide which one is my favorite! :XD:
      Don't discourage yourself though! There is nothing wrong with just having "plain" dolls! I really admire people who can design their dolls/characters subtly enough to where they feel genuinely believable, you know? I always tend to design dolls/characters that are very unique and memorable, but cartoonishly so. When a character is designed with too much polish and specificity they can come across more like cartoonish "super heroes/villians" and less like believable people. I'm just not very good at designing more simplistic, down-to-earth type of dolls/characters so I consider having that simplistic eye to be a skill and one that I admire, even if some might right it off as just being boring or having a lack of vision.
      That being said, if you do ever want your dolls/characters to have a bit more presence, attention to theming and color scheme is the best way to go about it!~
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    13. Good advice, thank you @Arkelle ! I am in the very long process of doing just that, and I'm getting theme down atm, but forgot color scheme. Thanks for the influence, you may have told me before, but now I have 'color notes' on my phone, LOL, and I'm taking notes!
    14. Hello All :) I bought my first Feelple60 from Denver Doll Erda. I love his face and body. Mine is going to be a female. I like the thickness to the male body.

      My question is does anyone know of anyone selling the fullset wig? Or know where I can buy one that is similar to the one in the fullset?

      Thank you in advance :)
    15. @Reslie , I am pretty sure it is a mohair wig. I don't see it for sale on their site though, but they have this one. He isn't that old a sculpt, so you might try contacting them or one of their dealers, such as Denver doll emporium, to see if they have one or could inquire for you.
    16. Thank you. I hadn't thought of asking Denver Doll. I appreciate it :)
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    17. I don't think it is a mohair wig to me it looks like heat resistant fiber. Luts has a similar one. It doesn't have two tones but the cut looks close to me. You can find it here: SDW-130 (Sweety Gold)
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    18. Oh that wig is very pretty! Thank you.
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    19. Sorry, malvinas was right, it just looked so soft :love
    20. Hey all! How often do they release tan skin for feeple 60? :D