Fairyland LittleFee Discussion Thread - Part 33

Nov 26, 2018

    1. Hey, txchic...looks like the link you posted isn't working. Let me know if I can help.

      Love seeing everyone's kiddos!

      He's a cutie. I'm sorry you have had a setback with your foot, I know how that feels. Hopefully this is the last of it. Here is Fiona, my LTF Juri 13...I need to take some updated pictures of my group, I had to go way back to find a picture of her.
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    3. So sorry about your foot, but I'm glad you posted the pic and started the flurry of little juris! I was kinda "meh" about the fp until these began posting. and I love your little guy's wig.
    4. @clochette @Vindalootoo Thank you both! Hoping I will have a walking boot in a few weeks...and glad I enabled some juri spam! :)
    5. Is this photo Niya, the Littlefee cat ? [​IMG]
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    6. I'm trying to remember what the faceplates were that were littlefee vampires. Does anyone know their names or own any they can post a picture of?
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    7. @Bubble Gum Goth There were Vampire Elf Chiwoo and Vampire Elf Rolly. I have Chiwoo, but the stubborn girl is still blank. I have tried to give her a face up 3 times, but every time have some issue with sealant. :vein No idea why as I haven't had issues with others.
      I think those are the two you are referring to?
    8. My girl Arishka and her favorite bear.
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    9. Yes! Those are the ones! Wasn't it the Rolly that was sleepy eyed one? I also have a few stubborn faceplates that refuse to take a personality, though I love them so much I still keep them.
    10. Both are sweet and sleepy! Here is the photo of my Chiwoo when I first got her (the only pic I have of her :doh). She WILL have a faceup one day! :lol:
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    11. @redmaiko - Sometimes a head or faceplate will have issues, either rejecting the sealant or not taking the paint in the first place. When that happens, I give the face a good cleaning in case it has traces of whatever release agent was used to get the resin out of the mold. Afterwards both the paint and the sealant stay on.
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    12. Okay, yeah, that's the one! Super cute!!! I really need to see the other one now. I was thinking I had loved the Rolly one, but seeing yours... makes me think it's the Chiwoo. I have no idea now.

      Thank you, that will help.
    13. [​IMG] finally got some good pictures of my girl
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    14. @vermont chick Yeah, it's gotta be that. Each time I wiped her I used my usual dawn dish soap to make sure the faceplate is clean, but I think next time I will soak it for a while first.:eusa_pray
    15. I wipe with acetone, then wash with Ivory liquid, rinse well and towel dry. Some people don't like acetone but I've never had problems with it.
    16. Sophie and her new outfit! We were going have outdoor photos but it started to rain. The fascinator is so cute!

      [​IMG]IMG_3204 by Bibi Arreola, on Flickr
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    17. I LOVE that wig. She looks so cute!!