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Fairyland LittleFee Discussion Thread - Part 33

Nov 26, 2018

    1. @txchiclady Aw! So adorable! I love her black and white outfit!
      I bring a photo of Robin. :whee:
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    2. She is adorable!!
    3. This sweet girl was a trade that arrived a few days ago. I love how she looks like a little kid.

      (Forgive me, Flickr is being a pain!)

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    4. Very pretty girls...you don't see Madeline much, and I almost never see girl Pipis.
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    5. Hey, does anyone have photos of their Littlefee in Luts or Iplehouse brand outfits? Their clothes are so cute, and I wonder how they fit on Littlefee. Thanks!
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    6. Hi I’m new to the hobby and I am in love with littlefee Reni...was going to see if anyone had pictures they wanted to share? And if anyone knows of a good faceup artist for when I do order one?
      Mallory :)
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    7. I used to have one. It is such a cute sculpt!
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    8. A new pic of my Lishe with her sleeping faceplate...…………….I think the pets are feeling a bit neglected...……..
      [​IMG]Some Attention Please by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    9. Oh my goodness! She is beautiful! I want to order one from Fairyland but I wish I knew what the company faceup looks like. I am going back and forth on ordering her with a faceup or getting someone to do one.
      She is super cute though, thank you for the picture. Those cute little teeth are so precious! ☺️ Love the little scene too!

      What a cutie! Her eyes are so darling! Love her outfit too!
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    10. redmaiko,
      Very beautiful! Such funny eyes! I also want one of them, but not on sale and I can’t find it from hand yet))
      And also - very beautiful clothes! Is this a jacket? Overalls?

      I finally got LittleFee. It turned out that they settled in pairs)) Ante appeared first. This is a purchase from my friend. Beautiful, but too cold makeup for me. What do you think? Such an ice girl. I sent her to the artist for a new make-up, I'm waiting now, I miss her ...

      Now I can join your topic))
      Lada (LittleFee Ante Elf)
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    11. @Master JuliaS Oh, she is cute! I can see why you want to change her make-up if you aren’t going to make her into an ice princess. But she is adorable.
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    12. brightberry,
      Thank you very much! She is beautiful, that's why I bought her. And I immediately wanted to warm this girl)) I bought a wig and eyes. I'm waiting now)) While waiting for another LittleFee bought)) Then she will go after her girlfriend for a new make-up))
      Thank you!) This doll is the first BJD 1: 6 format I have. So this is my first shoe of this size. Very convenient for me)) I want to do more))
    13. A small miracle came to me))
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    14. Your girl is so cute @Master JuliaS! You always have such great furniture too.

      Playing around learning Adobe Lightroom, so here's a pic of Gavin trying to egg Connor into a rematch XD

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    15. Just a quick question to confirm this: FL has never released a non-faceplated scuplt on the LTF line, right?
    16. Do you mean have they ever released just bodies? Nope.
    17. @clochette No, I mean heads. With normal headcaps.